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      Dec 23, 2009
      GS is becoming my new Google. I'm writing this question here before I even googled it. But this is what my sister showed me today and asked me the same question, but this is like the first time ever I've heard this!

      This was the text accompanying the picture:

      This was a miracle happened around 90 years ago narrated by Sheikh Al-Zubaidi.

      A person tried to demolish the Dome of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) – Masjad Al Nabawi (Gumbad-e-Khizra).However, when some one climbed over the dome to start the demolition, a sudden Lightning struck him and the climber died at the spot and no one was able to remove his body from the top of the dome!!!
      It was also said that a pious man from Madina heard a voice in his dream that no one can take out the dead body from the Dome and that he should be buried their as a warning and a lesson for those who may think of attempting to demolish it in future!!!
      Finally, they decided to bury the man right there on the dome and to cover his body with a green box so it won’t be visible to p eople.

      Is this true?
      GS - It's all about enjoying the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

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      Apr 12, 2009
      Land of Sun shine!
      I have no idea. I am gonna be looking forward for an answer here too.

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      May 2, 2009
      Obviously not true.
      You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or who says it. ~ Malcolm X

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      May 21, 2009
      cant say anything ......i dont think so its true how can u bury someone on the roof of a doom

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      Dec 23, 2009
      I looked up google, but it wasn't of any use. People just seem to be either totally convinced, saying "Allah huakbar" etc or totally not convinced and just fighting over it.

      Found this other picture though:

      I highly doubt it would be a dead body... what is it??
      GS - It's all about enjoying the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

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      Oct 17, 2001

      makes u wanna believe but then again ............... looking forward to hear the actual answer myself

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      sa-Nafooz's Avatar
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      Aug 20, 2009
      dont we have people living in madina here on gs? maybe they can go check and find it out personally for us?
      "Verily when He intends a thing, His Command is, Be, and it is. So glory to Him in Whose hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him will ye be all brought back"(36, 82-83)

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      Oct 25, 2009
      a humble Earthling
      never heard this one before !

      been to madina quite a few times. never noticed aisi baat. neither did anyone there ever narrated such a story

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      Dec 23, 2009
      ^ yeah same here. Though I was very young when I lived in KSA and I can't remember my visits to madinah but if this was a true miracle, I'm sure I would have heard of it.

      Also, when I was googling it, people only refused the narration and the miracle bit but everyone agreed that the pic wasn't photoshopped. And it doesn't look photoshopped to me, there's definitely something there (perhaps it was temporary) ??
      GS - It's all about enjoying the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

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      Sep 22, 2008
      As far as I remember, prophet was very kind and forgiving,

      Isn't it??

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      Dec 23, 2009

      Allah and his Rasool saw are forgiving. No doubt. But the history also tells us how punishment was brought over those who repeatedly committed sin, even after the prophets of that time warned them over n over again. Remember the people who were turned into monkeys?

      There are various other examples of azaabs like these that Allah swt brought upon corrupt tribes, as a warning for the rest of the world.

      This "miracle", however, still doesn't seem convincing. There would be an uproar among the muslim community if someone was to leave a dead body on the top of the mosque! Secondly, have u seen the size of the mosque Mashallah?? Even an idiot would know that one can't destroy it with hand-held tools, so its highly unlikely someone would have climbed up the roof with that intention!
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      GS - It's all about enjoying the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

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      Haters gonna hate

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      Dec 30, 2005
      the only explanation can be
      1) a maintenance door or something for structural purposes
      2) Rasulullah (saw)'s grave is directly below it so to stop workers from walking over the grave..etc

      Not to even mention it's AGAINST sharia !!!!

      and the story people usually connect with this 'myth' is a true story (Allah knows best) ::

      It was a peaceful night in Damascus in the year 1162 A.D. He had just gone to bed after completing his mid-night
      prayers. As he descended into deep snooze, a noble saint with face shining came to him and pointing towards two
      men with blue eyes, said, “Protect me from these two”. He just could not absorb it anymore and woke up trembling
      in distress. He performed ablution and offered prayers and again went to sleep. The same saint interrupted him
      again asking to protect against the evil of the two men. He woke up again and offered prayers and went to bed. The
      dream repeated for the third time and he just jumped out of this bed asserting, “It’s too much of slumber!!” He
      immediately called for his noble vizier Jamal Ad Din and shared his dream with him. The vizier advised him to keep
      the matter undisclosed and immediately head off to Madina.
      The man was Sultan Nur Ad Din Zangi, who ruled the Muslim lands bordering Crusader States in Palestine during
      tenth century. The noble saint who came in the dream was Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) himself. The
      Sultan departed for Madina with a few men and loads of luggage on speedy camels. After sixteen days of journey
      the royal caravan entered Madina. The Sultan went straight to the Prophet’s Mosque and offered two raka’s of
      prayers. After while he gathered Medinaites and began distributing valuable gifts. Then began the royal feast for all
      the inhabitants under strict orders from the Sultan that no one was allowed to miss. Meanwhile the Sultan kept
      careful eye on all the attendees to recognize the faces of the two men whom Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon
      Him) had pointed to. The feast passed on but all in vain. The Sultan asked curiously if anyone was left out from the
      feast, the crowd denied. It was after repeated insistence by the Sultan that he came to know about the two
      westerners staying near the mausoleum of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). They had a public
      reputation of being celibates purely devoted to prayers all the time. They were brought before Sultan who took no
      time recognizing them; they were the same blue-eyed men shown in his dream. The Sultan inquired about their
      identities and motives. They cunningly produces the story that they were pilgrims from the West, had come to
      attend annual Hajj but the strong desire to stay nearer to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) held them
      in Medina. The Sultan went into their room where all he could find were some scattered books. This situation left the
      Sultan in serious puzzle amid frequent requests of pardon by the Madinaites defending the two men being very
      pious who would regularly visit Jannat al Baqee Graveyard and would generously spend in charity during drought
      years. The embarrassing situation remained until an idea struck Sultan’s mind and he quickly removed the prayer
      mat where there was a rock. He removed the rock and in his extreme shock and anger found a tunnel dug deep
      leading to Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) grave. The Sultan immediately arrested the two men and
      forced them to disclose the reality. The two men revealed that they were Christian spies dispatched and funded for
      a special mission by Christian Kings to enter prophet’s grave and take his body away. The Sultan infuriated by the
      plot, had those evil spies executed . Moreover under his orders, a channel dug around the
      Prophet’s grave and filled with molten copper to protect his grave from any further mischievous attempts forever.
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      Dec 23, 2009
      ^ everything u said makes sense

      and oh my! I didn't know of that story!
      GS - It's all about enjoying the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

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      Feb 8, 2010
      i have been there and that is a small door or window.the dome is not that big and cropping the image to show the window makes it look big.infact its very small.
      people who have seen it know what i am talking about

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      Dec 23, 2009
      ^ what's the door/window for?

      So they can clean n stuff?
      GS - It's all about enjoying the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

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      Feb 8, 2010
      following pic would explain more.that small door is not as big as human.
      Mubarak Baad on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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      Jul 2, 2007
      It does not look like a permanent piece. Maybe an auto dome washer like we have automatic window washer on high rise buildings.

      If you look at the satellite picture, looking from left to right (which lines itself with the picture of post number 5) you do not see that structure.
      madina - Google Maps

      In fact in post number 5, you can see ropes going to and coming from that thing, making it look like something the is used to polish the dome.
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      Feb 8, 2010
      here is another pic with a stair so that explains the size of dome
      File:Green Dome of the Holy Prophet.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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