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      I dont have a bank account in pakistan, now i want to open one so that i have access to money and able to deposit it while i'm there, i want to be able to transfer money from the uk directly into the account aswell.

      people outside pakistan would know about this, which banks would u reccomend that allow this? i've heared of Habib bank

      What about debit cards such as switch, or visa/master?
      do they issue u with them? do most places accept these cards?
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      I think Standard Chartered,American Express,ABN Amro are all good reputable banks and ofcourse there is Habib Bank,Askari...well those are all i remember!

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      ^ Just out of curiosity - do they still have Barclays bank in Pakistan?

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      ^ ^ not any more...

      Standard Chartard and City Bank I would suggest from personal experience. all banks are offering debit and credit cards, but you must show your tax returns.
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      I have heared about dollar accounts in Pakistan. But it is also possible to open an account in Euro or Pound Sterling?
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      Originally posted by Umer:
      I have heared about dollar accounts in Pakistan. But it is also possible to open an account in Euro or Pound Sterling?
      I opened a foreign currency account recently in Habib Bank A.G zurich, Karachi. I also opened a Charter One Bank account here in Michigan which doesn't charge any money for international or domestic wires. They have a Habib New York Bank thru which the money is sent when I send using my charter one account. The total fee I pay is $7.50 only for the transfers which is charged by the HB AG. Zurich, the receiving bank.

      I used to pay more than $50 bucks not too long ago. My local bank would charge $22, the routing bank bank would charge another 10 and the receiving bank would chage another 15.
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      im not an expert on these matters but my parents bank at standard chartered and citibank. i think those r good banks.

      i bank at standard chartered and its good.

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      I wired money from US bank to Habib bank Pakistan and routing no was wrong .....now my US bank requested Habib bank Pakistan many times to return the money there is no reply......any suggestions!

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      Nowadays, a race is going on among all the banks in Pakistan.

      State bank of Pakistan (Govt of Pakistan)
      National bank of Pakistan (Govt of Pakistan)
      Alfalah bank (Abu Dhabi Group)
      Union Bank (Dubai Group)
      UBL (Abu Dhabi Group)
      MCB (Mansha Group Lahore)
      ABL (Another Lahori Group)
      Askari Commercial bank (Askari Foundation)
      MY Bank (Gul Ahmed textile group)
      Habib bank ( Aga Khan Group)
      Soneri Bank ( Aga Khan Group)
      Habib AG Zurich( Habib Brothers)
      Metropolitan Bank
      Prime Bank
      Dawood Bank ( Dawood group)
      Bank of Punjab (Govt of Punjab)
      Standard charted bank
      ABN Amro bank
      Citi Bank
      HSBC bank
      Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank
      American Express bank

      These are the few banks I can think off; most of the banks have credit cards, Atm/debit cards, and online banking.
      Most of the banks have an option of opening up a dollar/pound and euro account.
      If you want to open an account as a Pakistani citizen, you need to have a CNIC (Comp national identity card) 500 rupees or a check, a referral (an existing account holder has to refer you)
      Pakistanis with dual citizenship should have their "origin cards" instead of CNIC.
      Foreign nationals can also open an account, but they have different criteria

      In terms best service it depends, Alfalah bank has pretty good service, MCB is having problems with their financial system, Citi bank SUX, Standard charted is ok, habib AG Zurich is good in terms of Dollar accounts, for local banking, choose any of 'em, cuz all of them have same Lousy service.

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      There is another small bank called Meezan bank. They let you open a dollar account with very low min. balance. And if you have an account with HSBC the charges are very low for wire transfers. I don't know if they have any branches in other cities, I opened an account in Karachi. One branch is in Mariott, KHI. There's another one on University Road, across from the Planetarium.
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      Given the changes in the Banking World since the last post... Would anyone know which banks in Pakistan allow non-residents to open an account ... last time I tried I was asked for a salary cert. even though I don't work in the country and it was to be a saving a/c.

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