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      Oct 16, 2002

      Have you ever noticed how much smuggled maal from China is available in Pakistan. Its crazy. Not just in the baara markeet Peshawar, but all over Pakistan, you can find Made in China stuff for cheap, from electronics to cloth to cosmetics. And its darn good stuff too!

      Does anyone have more info about how it gets here, what the volume of smuggling is that's going on, who benefits, who loses, is the govt doing anything to control this? I just find this phenomenon very interesting. And ofcourse I'm thinking maybe I should look into starting my own smuggling ring j/k


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      May 23, 2003
      can i be ur partner n we can "export" it to us
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      Chinese products are of course popular because of their low low prices. For the most part, their quality isnt that bad either. Regarding how it gets here, its mainly via Afghanistan and Iran. Transit between Afghanistan and Pakistan plus Iran and Pakistan is simple and visa free, and as a matter of fact, at many points, you dont even know where Pakistan ends, and the next country begins. In Chaman, there is this particular road, where two neighbors are living in different countries. The house on this side has a Pakistan flag, and the neighboring house has an Afghan flag, and this is the only thing that tells you of the border, otherwise, theres no borderline as such.

      Goods ranging from cars to needles, charas to liquor are smuggled across the border into Pakistan in trucks, which are randomly checked by the FC (frontier corps). Id say about 50% are caught, and 50% are able to pass through, either by bribing officials, or by taking long back roads.
      One thing you have to note though is that not all such products are of chinese origin. Many also originate from Russia and other CAS.

      The government has FC and Anti-narcotics force patrolling the area to check for smuggling, but corruption and difficult terrain of Baluchistan and NWFP are hurdles in curtailing smuggling in an effective way.

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      Oct 15, 2001
      Karachi, Pakistan.
      Originally posted by Akif:
      In Chaman, there is this particular road, where two neighbors are living in different countries.
      Wah..i just found this phrase to be fascinating :~)

      irem: i do not have much info on chinese products apart from the fact that they are real good imitiations and not bad in quality too.

      i am using a couple of chinese products myself aur ab main apne aap ko thora thora chinese mehsoos karne laga hoon :Pretty:

      waaang zoe waang zoe waang zoe :Pagri:
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      Chinese products sure are a very reasonable alternative these days. sometime around BakrEid there was a comedy program on TV, i think with Omer Sharif, and one of the guys was cursing another and saying that the Bakra he had sold him had no gosht so the seller replies saying "to 500 rupey main china ke bakre main plastic hi nikley ga! gosht nahin".
      but seriously, the chinese products are cheap, they run well, and you get just about anything! i think mostly the chinese stuff comes in legally and the govt has no interference over it. the smuggling area is basically the Chaman area bordering Afghanistan. thats where you get it all, like Akif said. drugs, liquor, cars you name it. ive always wanted to go there and have heard gret tales of how ppl can get the best stuff for the cheapest prices, for instance ive heeard ppl bring in O meter land cruisers from there for just 1 million rupees or so, have them registered here by paying bribes etc and enjoy the grand 4 wheel drive for a fraction of its legal price in the country. same about the myths ive heard about electronics and laptop computers. is there any truth to it? and is it safe for the buyers, do the FC arrest only the sellers? and do the products work okk...?
      Irem, Khanzada, lets go and check out the place

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      Karachi, Pakistan.
      ^no they catch ganday manday buyers as well! You chitter!

      The chaman area is rife with deals however noone will be able to guarantee their veracity or jeninness! secondly, it's not so easy to get 4 wheelers or other grand cars just like that. Firstly, the sellers have become shrewd enough to understand the prices prevailant locally (here) and so have jacked up appropriately so much so that there is not a grand difference in prices (after accounting for the psycological costs and tensions in life due to bribes and what not). For cars, there are specialized period when the govt somehow allows 'em cars to come in...that's when the ppl with capital with them, make hay. they will buy a large number of 'em 4 wheelers and other great cars...bring them in...and will sell to poor ppl like us

      border jane ka faida nain bhai...hum ne to pehle he warn kar dia tha :Pretty:
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      Chinese products are reliable, yes....but the stuff being smuggled in is not.

      The folks who smuggle in all these gadgets are not your fly by night qabaili illiterates. Many of them are qualified, intelligent, and creative. They know which IC to replace in a Sony trinitron swivel base TV set, and which generic shock and strut would fit a Land cruiser. What they normally do is, bring in these items from across the border, remove some of their most prized components, and replace them with used, or generic /cheap alternates. Now the product may work fine with such a replacement, but it is likely to go bust sooner rather than later.
      THe reason I particularly mentioned a sony swivel base TV set above is because I know of an incident related to this set. This person I know bought 3 29" Sony tvs, all swivel base, with remote swivel action. Their market retail price is above 30,000 each. He bought them for about 10,000 each. All 3 worked when he bought them from Chaman. However, when he came back to his hometown, all 3 died out within a week. The reason cited by a mechanic was that one of the main ICs inside all 3 sets had been replaced with used ones, and they had all burned out.
      They are such cheaters...sometimes they even mix in cheap talcum powder with a million dollar bag of heroin

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      thanx guyz

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      but is it affecting our economy in any way. I agree with Akif though that not all the stuff that is smuggled into Pakistan comes from China, the CARS are another source. Having said that, why can't we manufacture medium to low value export -oriented (and which can also be utilized by our local conusmers) products. I mean to this date, if I am not wrong wehave not been able to make needle in our own country and I found out we even import underwears from Bangladesh

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