Hi guys,

It is my wedding in March 2013 and like a true Pakistani I started preparing in the mid/end of 2012. I was on the search for some bridal dresses for my future wife and after numerous searches all over the United Kindom I could not find anything that I really liked or was relating to what type of wedding I wanted.

I then decided to have a look online and came across www.dressrepublic.com I picked out the two ideal bridal suits I wanted and sent the 50% deposit through by wire transfer. After doing this I thought il check out the reviews online and to my shock the reviews where absolutely horrible! Heres me sitting there investing in over £1000 deposit and crapping myself! I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and here is the final product!!

All parts are unstiched one of the duppatas is ready but the others will need to be finished sewing by our own tailors and this was agreed on previously J

Note: I did try uploading pictures on here but it did not work at all if some one wants to do it that’s fine but for me it kept saying “php request files not found” I did try numerous browsers but I have put them in my online google web album and will add links accordingly!!

I used my HD SLR camera to get the bet possible pictures and in HD therefore the size of most pictures is over 10mb too so would be hard to attach into this. THEREFORE I REQUEST YOU TO VIEW THEM USING THE LINKS

I Do not work for dressrepublic at all this is just my honest review you can ask me any questions you like! Now lets have some fun!

Original pic of the walima lehnga (will add link for other leghna later on in review) = https://picasaweb.google.com/1079776...23057892815522
Choli/Long Piece = As a guy I may be wrong in the terminology for this but this is the long piece of the walima suit that covers the legs etc (it is folded by the way)


Walima Jacket –


This is the jacket type for the Walima (second day) as you can see the embroidery is absolutely fabulous. This is just one half of the jacket I.E left/right side. The other half is identical as this

Walima pic jacket 2


Close up pics of Embroidery 1


Close up pics of embroidery 2


Shirt = This is the shirt, the embroidery once again is lovely and this is not heavy work as there will be a jacket on top of this (detailed photos in following links)


Detailed photos numerous links



Close up pics of shirt neck


Sleeves = Since I decided to use my own tailors to get it sewn I requested everything unstitched. These are the arms of the walima suit, attached to the shirt that will be cut out by tailors.


detailed pics


Dupatta = The dupatta is so heavy!! Lovely embroidery work with the stones etc and is beautiful! Much better than what you would receive in shops etc. In the pictures the dupatta is folded so it is double the size as seen! Meaning very big!! (I feel sorry for my wife) also will attach links for close up pics of the embroidery.

Full pic (folded in half)


Detailed pictures of corner



Dupatta Border


detailed pics of border 1


Detailed pics of border 2



Now for the main day Baraat day lehnga. I am absolutely in love with this! And this is my masterpiece haha! I was aiming for the Mughal Empire/Traditional themed wedding! This was the more expensive leghna out the too but I think it is a lot better too!

Original pic as seen on website =


Jacket – This is once again folded so only took pictures of one side! The other side of jacket is identical as you can see the embroidery is beautiful! In my opinion I have lots of pictures to show you!

Picture 1


Detailed border pic


Detailed pic 2


pic 3


detailed pics of embroidery


detailed pics of neckline


detailed pics of neckline Jacket/embroidery


detailed pics of embroidery 2


detailed pics of embroidery 3


close up pic of stone work


close up pic of stone work 2


Shirt & Neck – Once again not heavy work due to jacket but will let pics do the talking


close up pics of shirt embroidery


bottom border of shirt


Detailed picture of bottom of shirt


Embroidery pics


Sleeves – the sleeves are separate but look lovely with embroidery and then the net etc at the bottom… matches in with the gold and traditional view

Sleeves pic 1


embroidery of sleeves close up


net and embroidery


Close up pic of embroidery on sleeves


choli/long piece of lehnga – This is the long bit that covers the legs etc of the bride. Not heavy work and a bit different from the rest to make it stand out more!

Pic 1


pic 2


pic 3


close up pic of embroidery


Dupatta No 1 – for this bridal dress there are two dupattas! This is the one where the bride will have in her arms etc and this is the most heaviest and biggest dupatta I have seen! I did not open it all up just in case the way it is packaged I have taken close up pics of the embroidery!

Pics of dupatta


embroidery pics


pics 2


Detailed pics of embroidery


dupatta pic (inside the borders of embroidery)


Detailed pics of embroidery 2


Dupatta no 2 = This is the second dupatta which the bride will have over her head. This is a lot lighter n thinner than the other dupatta.

Dupatta pic 1


Embroidery pics of dupatta


pics 2


Once again I do not work for dress republic at all… This is my honest opinion. I believe that if people do buy from dress republic they should always buy it unstiched as have it sewn by their own tailors. The process is very hard as you have to trust them and it can be difficult some people have said the workers are rude but for me this wasn’t the case! I am glad how mine has turned out!

I have had my shirvanis designed by a Designer in UK will do a review of them when they arrive in 2 weeks!