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ismaili/aga khani

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Islam vs Agakhanism/Ismailism

1535 views and no new comments????

Aga Khan want' his own country, relocating millions of Ismailis from Africa to Asia.

Agakhani missionaries using the same tactics as Christian missionaries in India. Christians missionaries are converting poor low caste hindus and poor Muslims. Agakhani Missionaries are also converting poor Muslims in ex-soviet states. 1/4 of Tajikistan has already converted to Agakhanism. Aga Khan is using AKDN to promote his religion. AKDN is spending millions of dollars not only to develop but also to convert poor Muslims into Agakhani cult.

Tag: Fake Imam, Ismailism Cult, White Imam, Persian AgaKhan I, Agakhanism Another Cult.

I am not calling anyone Kafir, I will let the reader decide.

Anyone can say whatever they want to on internet. I challenge Aga Khan and AgaKhani community to debate on Islam vs Agakhanism in person, you name the place and time. (I know Agakhani will never debate with Muslims)

I got tired of "a-town boy" and "cuteGirl"s (and their sympathizer's) ambiguous answers and retarted logic so I decided to answer most of the simple questions about Agakhanism. (I haven't got into complicated Questions, Question about Aly Aga Khan playboy Image?, Question about the lineage for Karim Aga Khan? Other Agakhani practices similar to Hindus during Dandia and during Golden Jubliee, making sajda to Aga khan, etc)

1) Agakhan and Agakhani have wrong Aqeeda. (Agakhani say they are Muslim and they recite Kalimah, but either they don't know what it means and if they do..they don't practice it).

(Allah (swt) is the only one and trues GOD, he is as-samad, and each every creation depends on him including human being, all the power belong to Allah and Imams have no power. Our success in this Duniya, in the grave and in Akhirah is in fulfilling the order of Allah and following the Sunnah of Rasulullah (saw)

La Ilaha Ill Allah Muhammadur Rasool Allah (There is no god only Allah, Muhammad is the Rasool (Messenger) of Allah) is also known as Kalima Tayyab. Kalima Tayyab is the testification of faith in Islam. A person cannot be considered to be a Muslim if he/she does not believe in the words of this Kalima. To become a Muslim, a person must say this Kalima with total belief. Another point about this Kalima is the name given to it, which is Tayyab. Tayyab means Purity. By uttering this Kalima a person is purified from disbelief. An impure person becomes pure. This purification is spiritual.

The Messenger of Allah added, "There will come out of Hell (Fire) everyone who says: 'La ilaha ill Allah,' and has in his heart good equal to the weight of a barley grain. Then there will come out of Hell (Fire) everyone who says: ' La ilaha ill Allah,' and has in his heart good equal to the weight of a wheat grain. Then there will come out of Hell (Fire) everyone who says: 'La ilaha ill Allah,' and has in his heart good equal to the weight of an atom (or a smallest ant)."
When the death of Abu Talib approached, the Messenger of Allah came to him and said, "Say: La ilaha ill Allah, a word with which I will be able to defend you before Allah."
[Sahih Bukhari]

LA means NO
ILL means ONLY or BUT

La ilaha illallah-
There is no (god / gods / created being / ideology / system / desires of anyman woman child or other being) that deserves to be worshipped. (By you)
This is a part of Shahadah which is known as negation

ill Allah-
Except Allah (The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, The Ever Living Creator, The Infinite source of knowledge and Power, Life and Death, The Most High GOD to be worshipped by one and all)
This part of Shahadah is known as affirmation

Mohammad Rasool Allah-
Mohammad is Allah's Messenger (Therefore we of humanity should follow his Noble example in all affairs)

Everyone who recite "La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah" made a covenant with Allah (Swt) (that you will leave your logic and your thinking and you will follow Allah (swt) and his Rasool (saw)), and in so doing you make the whole world your witness. If you violate this covenant, your hand and feet, the minutest hair on your body and every particle of the earth and the heaven before which you made that false declaration, will render evidence against you in the court of Allah where you will be in the dock in such a helpless condition that not a single defence witness will be available to you.

No Advocate or Barrister will be there to plead your case.
In fact, Advocates and Barristers, who in the courts of this world used to play ducks and drakes with law, will themselves be standing there like you in the same helpless condition.

That court is not such as would acquit you on the basis of wrong pleading, perjury and production. Of forged documents. You can hide your crimes from the Police of this world but you cannot do so from the Police of God. The Police of this world takes bribe but Allah's Police is not corrupt. A witness of this world can give false evidence but Allah's witnesses are inviolably truthful.

The rulers of this world can commit injustice but Allah is not a ruler Who would do any injustice. And then there is no escape from the jail where Allah imprisons the culprits.

It is a great folly, nay the greatest of all follies to enter into false covenant with Allah.

While making the covenant, think thoroughly over it and then scrupulously fulfil it, otherwise there is no compulsion on you that you should willy-nilly make a verbal affirmation, because an empty and hollow assertion is quite useless.
2) Does Ismaili have Azan (Call for prayer) custom? No Azan

3a) Do Ismaili Offer all five namaz?: No Namaz, they perform Dua 3 times a day. [The Dua used to be in Gujrati (from 1830 - 1991) but now it is in Arabic]

They perform Dua standing, no ruku and no sajda (5 AM, 1PM and 8PM)
(I have posted the the Agakhani Arabic Du'a in this thread, those who are interested can read about it)

Many Agakhani/Ismaili believe that
"Salaat/namaz was a innovation of the Holy Prophet and there is no reference of Salat/Namaz in Quran. (They also don't believe in the miracle of Miraj (Rasulullah ascension to Heaven))
-- No Agakhani will tell you this on your face because of hidden munafiqat in their heart. If you don't believe me, read it yourself on ShiaChat.

Agakhani Arabic Du'a






3b) Do Ismaili offer Jumma (Friday) namaz? No Jumma Salat (They offer their 15 minutes Friday Du'a at 8pm in JamatKhana)

4) Do they face Masjid Haram while offering it (namaz)? No,They don't offer Salat/namaz, so this question is invalid... Ismaili don't feel it is Important.

5) Do Ismaili make waadu before Dua? NO - (not important, no concept of Ghusal or Wadu in Agakhanism)

Agakhani don't pray Salat/Namaz like Millions of Muslims pray. Agakhani have neglected the one of the biggest gift from Allah (Swt) to Rasulullah (saw). Even Qadiani would disagree with Agakhani on the subject of Namaaz.

6) Do they fast during the month of Ramadan? Only one Friday in Ramadan (1st of the lunar month is Friday).

Agakhani don't fast. It is a fact. They don't even know what Ramadan is? and Fasting is all about?

Ramadan (Arabic: رمضان‎ Ramaḍān, Arabic pronunciation: [rɑmɑd̪ˤɑːn]) (also written Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan, Ramdan, Ramadaan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured; from dawn until sunset.[1] Fasting is meant to teach the Muslim patience, modesty and spirituality
Even Shia'H fast.....Agakhani fast one day in Ramadan on chaandraat. How can someone fast without performing Salat/namaz, without modesty . We call it Faaqah in Urdu.

Agakhani celebrate "Laylat al-Qadr" on 23rd Night of Ramadan and they dont' even know what it means.

I know how Agakhani celebrate it.... Don't lie..

7) Do Ismaili give 2.5% zakat to poors? NO, Agakhani don't pay zakat.

Agakhani give 10%-12% of their annual income to Agakhan

8) Do Agakhani perform Hajj? Aga Khan never performed Hajj.
Agakhani dont' even know how many different type of Hajj (ifrad, qiran and tamattu) can be performed.

How can someone perform Hajj without praying Salat/Namaz and following the ritual of Hajj???

Seeing their hazir Imam is more rewarding then going to Mecca for Hajj. I guess this the Hajj for Agakhani/Ismaili. (but they won't tell you this)

9) Do Ismaili go for Ziarat to Madina? No, When Makkah is not important to them, then i think madina too is useless (may God forbid)

10) Do they celebrate other Eid like Milad and Ghadeer? No

11) Do Ismaili circumcise the males? Not sure

12) Do Ismaili follow "Halal" code while choosing, slaughtering and eating animal? Not every Ismaili, some do eat pork and drink Alcohol. (I have seen some agakhani eating Pepproni Pizza and others drinking beer or Alcoholic drinks.)

13) Do Ismaili read Qur'an, also do they read its translation? No, they don't know how to read Arabic. They consider Agakhan as Walking talking Quran.

Even Shia'h and Qadiani recite Quran. I have not meet a single Agakhani who can read Arabic. Agakhan and his white family dont' know how to read Quran. This is my challenge to Agakhan if we can read sura Baqrah

14) Do Ismaili revere month of Muharram? They used to but their last imam stopped it.

15) Do they do matam or other mourning ceremony in Muharram? They used to but their last imam stopped it.
So now Husain (as) is of no importance to them, then why they call themselves as Shia?

16) Do Ismaili celebrate Eid Fitr (Ramdan Eid)? yes they do, this is kinda strange because they do not fast in ramadan but nevertheless celebrate eid. Some Agakhani come to Eid salat but don't perform Salat just come for FUN.

17) Do Ismaili celebrate Eid Adha by slaugtering animals? No, they don't perform Hajj.

18) Do Agakhani dress in Sunnah? Agakhani Men wear suit during du'a and women can wear what ever they want. Agakhani women don't have to hear Hajab since Agakhan and his family don't care about what Allah has reveled in Quran.

Quranic Verses about Hijab:
“O you Children of Adam! We have bestowed on you raiment to cover your shame as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness, that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition.” (Quran 7:26)

“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear therof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers, or their brothers' sons or their sisters' sons, or their women or the servants whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex, and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O you Believers, turn you all together towards Allah, that you may attain Bliss.” (Quran 24:31).

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran 33:59)
19) Do Agakhani/Ismaili believe in the 3 questions of the grave? NO, They believe their Imam will save them in the Grave and on the Judgement day.


If Anyone has any question/s about Ismailim/Agakhanism please feel free to conact me, send me a PM with your question. I anwser them as soon as I can.

I have got the reply by one of the Islamic Scholar. He said Agakhan unofficial said that he is going to be the last Imam of Ismaili faith, he suppose to be introducing 5 time Salat/Namaz and he wants his followers to follow real Islam. - I will believe it when I see it. One of this son is Gay other married Rick Perry's Daughter.

Aga khan (AgaKhan) new love Rose de Witchestein (Ismaili Spiritual Leader)

The above picture is from internet site and there are other I can't post due to the nature of the pictures.
Here is the link to the original article
Aga Kahn, enamorado de nuevo? |Noticias
Translation of the article:
Almost three years after its separation of the beautiful German Gabriele Homey the Thyssen (October of 2004), Aga Khan has been shortage accompanied for the first time by its new friend Rose de Witchestein, the woman who, according to say, has conquered their heart. And it is that from last the two months, the pair does not separate and shares his time between Paris, London and Costa Emerald, where one is enjoying summer vacations at the moment. During its stay, Rose was presented/displayed the daughter of Aga Khan, princess Zara.

Aga khan (AgaKhan) with Hot babes (Ismaili Spiritual Leader)

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1. Aga Khan I = Hasan Ali Shah Mehalatee Aga Khan I (1800-1881), 46th Imam (1817-1881) from Persia.
Spouse(s) Sarv-i Jahan Khanum
Children Aga Ali Shah (successor)

2. Aga Khan II = Ali Shah Aga Khan II (about 1830-1885), 47th Imam (12 April 1881-1885)

Spouse(s) Maryam Sultana, Shams al-Muluk (wore yashmak (Borqa) - (Son Sultan Mohammaed- Aga Khan III)

Children Muhammad Shah (successor), Shihab al-Din Shah, Nur al-Din Shah

3. Aga Khan III = Prince Sultan Mohammed, (1877-1957), 48th Imam (17 August 1885-1957)

Spouse(s) Shahzadi Begum, Cleope Teresa Magliano, Andrée Joséphine Carron, Yvonne Blanche Labrousse

Karīm al-Hussaynī (grandchild, successor), Giuseppe Mahdi Khan, Ali Solomone Khan, Sadruddin Aga Khan

--->Prince Ali Khan (half White)
Father Aga Khan III
Mother Cleope Teresa Magliano

Spouse(s) Joan Gusinness (aka Tajuddawlah Aly Khan) (m.1936-1949)
--- (2 son Karim Al Husseini (Aga Khan IV) and second sond Prince Shujah Uddin Amyn Mohammad Aga Khan
Rita Hayworth (m.1949-1953)
----(one daughter: Princess Yasmin Aga Khan)

As Aga Khan and Agakhanis claim that Aga Khan is Mazhar or Allah (swt). If Agakhan IV is GOD (or Mazhar of Allah) then Aly Khan is father of a GOD. Right?
So Father of GOD (father of Aga Khan IV) had licit sex with all these girls he dated and this is acceptable to Ismailis???

4. Aga Khan IV = (75% White)
Prince Karim Al Husseini (b. 1936), 49th Imam of the Ismailis (from 11 July 1957)

Father: Prince Aly Khan
Mother: Princess Tajuddawlah Aly Khan

Spouse(s): Princess Salimah Āgā Khān (aka Sally Croker-Poole (fashion model)) [1969 - 1995]

Children (All Children are 87% white):
Princess Zahra Āgā Khān (Married practicing Christian)
Prince Rahim Āgā Khān (Gay)
Prince Hussain Āgā Khān (Married the daughter of Rick Perry - Governor of Texas)
Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan,

Begum Inaara Āgā Khān (aka Gabriele zu Leiningen) [1998 - divorce pending since 2004[1] ]
Their son, Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan, was born in March 2000. On 8 October, 2004, an announcement was made that the Begum and the Aga Khan were to seek a divorce.


Quote Originally Posted by nGenius View Post
Agakhani claim that they are linked to Isma'il ibn Ja'far (Arabic: إسماعيل بن جعفر‎ c. 721 CE/103 AH - 755 CE/138AH) was the eldest son of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (sixth Imam of Shia'h). But one can draw a conclusion after study the history of Aga Hasan Ali Shah (Aga Khan I) the he came to India from persian and he had no connection with any imam.

Those of you who don't know Imam Ja'far as-sadiq (r.a), Ja'far al-Sadiq was born in Medina to Umm Farwah bint Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr. Imam Jaf'far was also related to Kalifah Abu Bakr (R.A) through his mother.
Imam Ja'far as-sadiq (r.a) was a polymath: an astronomer, alchemist, Imam, Islamic scholar, Islamic theologian, writer, philosopher, physician, physicist and scientist. He was also the teacher of the famous chemist, Jabir ibn Hayyan (Geber), and Imam Abu Hanifa (founder of the Hanafi school of thought.) and Imam Malik ibn Anas (founder of the Maliki school of thought.)
Agakhani trace Agakhan lineage to Hazrat Ali, cousin of Muhammad, and his wife Fatima, Prophet Muhammad's (saw) daughter which is an insult to Islam and prophet Muhammad, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Hassan and Hussien (r.a) because how can Aga khan, with his Playboy image, who's life is against the Sunnah (life style of Prophet Muhammad) can be connected to Hazrat Ali (r.a). Nauzubillah min zalik, Allah (SWT) had to pick a playboy gambler, fake prince as an Imam, Allah (SWT) couldn't find any decent person to be a spiritual leader.

The Aga Khan has officially Declared himself, before his followers, as the "Mazhar of Allah on earth". The word "mazhar" means "copy" or "manifest". Consequently, these Ismailis who call themselves Muslims do "sujood" before him. So even the primary axiomatic principle of Tawheed is being fundamentally and formally violated by them. My student of Deen believe that it is insult to Rasulullah (S.a.w) and religion of Islam to link Aga khan (and Agakhanis) to Islam.

There is misconseption that Agakhan is from Gujrat India. As you can see from the picture above that he doesn't look like India and Gujrati.

Agakhan is not Gujrati. Aga Hasan Ali Shan (aka Aga Khan 1) came to India from Persia and with the help from British () AgaKhan 1 and few of his Persian followers were able to convert thousands of poor Muslims and low caste Hindus into Ismailism - Agakhanism. This is one of the reason Agakhan family still try to dress in Indian clothing, women wearing Sari. Muslim in India was against British occupation and wanted to do Jihad against British forces. British used Agakhan 1 and Mirza Ahmed Qadian to divide Muslim in India

Funny thing about Agakhan is that in early 2000's he was attacked while doing his morning jog by 2 homeless men in Paris, France. The news was on in front page in Paris newspaper but was removed from media next day. If Agakhan is "Mazhar of Allah" or "GOD" than why he got beatup by 2 homeless people in Paris, France. If he is "GOD" couldn't he stop them? Why would Agakhan "GOD" has gay SON?

I respect aga khan's humanitarian effort (AgaKhan hospitals and educational institutions) but he is not a Religious Leader and he doesn't practice Islam.

Here is some information about "Agakhani cult"



A History of The Agakhani Ismailis - Akbarally Meherally

Islamaili (Aga Khani) and their difference of belief from Muslims.? Read think & Comment


Who are Ismaili (Aga Khani) ?

Islamili (Aga Khani) and their difference of belief from Muslims.

1. The Ismailis (followers of the Aga Khan) all professedly believe that the Qur’an was time bound and was not meant to be a Universal message for all times. They believe that their spiritual leader, Karim Aga Khan, is the “walking – talking Qur’an” and his “religious pronouncements”, whatever they may be, are the “guidance” for the present times. The fundamental article of faith that there will not be any NEW revelations or “wahy” after the Qur’an, is being completely violated by the Ismailis.

2. The Aga Khan has officially Declared himself, before his followers, as the “Mazhar of Allah on earth”. The word “mazhar” means “copy” or “manifest”. Consequently, these Ismailis who call themselves Muslims do “sujood” before him. So even the primary axiomatic principle of Tawheed is being fundamentally and formally violated by them.

3. The Ismailis are not instructed to offer the Islamic Salaah, observe Saum or perform Hajj. They have replaced Salaah with certain shirk-infested Dua’as (thrice a day). They are told that their Hajj is a personal “Glimpse” (Deedaar) of Karim Aga Khan.

4. The Aga Khan and his appointees ‘forgive the sins’ of the followers on regular basis. Ismailis are misled into believing that they will not be questioned on the Day of Judgment for the sins that are already forgiven in their Jamatkhanas (community centers). Forgiving of sins is the exclusive prerogative and privilege of Allah (swt) alone. Qur’an 3:135.

5. Against this backdrop, most of the poor (spiritually poor) Ismailis who are not introduced to al-Furqan are confused and misguided. Hence, Ismailis are very easy prey to missionary efforts by various Christian groups and Baha’is. I have known a couple of young ex-Ismailis who are today preaching “Pauline Christianity” to Ismailis as evangelical missionaries.

6. Karim Aga Khan’s own daughter Zahra having married a practising Christian has opened the gates for young Ismailis girls to follow the footsteps of a family member of their beloved Imam-e-Zaman. The parents of the Ismaili girls who wish to marry outside of Islam have no recourse but to let them go.

7. The Aga Khan has made Halaal for the Ismailis that which Allah has made Haraam for the Muslims. Taking of interest (usury) is not forbidden by the religious instruction classes run by the “Tariqaah” board of the Ismailis. As a matter of fact, the much publicized “Venture Capital” program (details on the website of FORBES Magazine – search under “Aga Khan”), of loaning funds on interest by the AKFED (Aga Khan Fund & Economic Development), has been a great success. Similar entrepreneurial projects are now being actively promoted and introduced to poor Muslims of Tajikistan and neighboring areas.

8. The Muslim Ummaah and the various Muslim leaders are not fully aware of these Un-Islamic acts and beliefs of this community of less than two million members, who claim to be the Ismaili Muslims. Surprisingly, their leader Aga Khan claims himself to be a spiritual leader of 15 million Muslims and a Direct Descendant of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam).

9. Earlier, one did not have authentic books on Ismailism, but it is not so anymore. There are two authentic books as well as one comprehensive web site exposing the inner practices of the Ismailis and the Proclamations (Farmans) of the Aga Khans. Hence, now you have no “hujjah” argument or excuse left before Allah (swt) for not taking up the task of inviting the misguided “Ismaili Muslims” towards the Deen of Allah (swt) and not safeguarding them from committing unpardonable sin of Shirk.

10. The Aga Khan in collaboration with so many Western powers and aid, has set up the world-wide Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) which runs several institutions and service companies both in the profit and not for profit sectors. This network is very actively operating in Pakistan, India, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Bangladesh, and has now started concentrating its efforts in Tajikistan and the neighbouring areas where there is a concentration of Muslims who have not known or openly practised Islam for the decades. By taking up economical, social, educational and rural development efforts through NGOs (Non-Govt. Organizations) within the AKDN, the Ismailis and the Aga Khan have gained wide acceptance amongst these countries and masses.

haris.sharif says:

The aga khan is a fake spiritual leader. His family helped out the british in colonial india (as traitors and spies) so they rewarded them with titles and lordship over some common people. He still works for them because his messed up version of islam lets him make all the rules and beliefs. absolutely ridiculous and disgusting that people think he's a 'spiritual leader'
his second wife pictured divorced him for being a playboy.
his organization gets money from the govts and people and his 'charity' work involves advertising himself and making money off loans with interest to poor people. his family made none of their billions themselves, it was all handed to them by mislead people and the rulers they served.
AGA Khan is converting thousands of poor Muslims into Ismailism in Central Asian republics--

During the period of Imam al-Mustansir billah, Nasir Khusaro was designated as a hujjat of Khorasan and Badakhshan. He came from Khorasan and launched mass conversion in Central Asia. When public pressure against him escalated, he found refuge in Yamghan, in the court of Ali bin al-Asad, an intellectual Ismaili prince in the mountainous region of Badakhshan. Thus Yamghan became synonymous with prison, where he died.

The descendants of Syed Khamush Shah Shirazi entered China soon after the reduction of Alamut in 1256 and spread in Sikiang, Kashgar, Rashkam, western Mongolia and Chinese Turkistan. In the 5th generations of Syed Sohrab Wali was a certain da'i, called Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, who had gone to China. His descendants also entered Russia. In 1930, another da'i called Syed Shah Ghulam from Chitral had gone to China and was killed by the government. The amil represents the office of the Mukhi in every village. They utter Ya Ali Madad by putting their hands on their knees. When the guest departs, they utter Khuda Hafiz by putting their hands on their knees in the same manner. In 1937, Abdul Shah had to go on an official visit to China. Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah had told him to deliver waez and impart the Ismailis in China, which he did successfully. The Present Imam also made a tour of China between October 19, 1981 and October 29, 1981.

The Present Imam's visit to Moscow in January, 1995 marked a milestone in the history of the Imamate and a significant new phase in its international development activities. This visit, Imam's first ever to Russia, was organized in response to an invitation extended by the Russian government in 1994. Almost from the moment the official motorcade conveyed Imam from Vnukovo Airport to the State dacha, through Moscow's snow-lined streets, in sub-zero temperature, began five very full days. During his stay in Moscow, the Imam held a series of meetings with officials at the highest levels of federal and local government. His busy schedule included meetings with the Mufti of the Muslims of Central European Russian, Shaikh Ravil Gainoutdin and with the Orthodox Patriarch of All Russia, His Holiness Alexy II at the respective headquarters of the institutions headed by the two religion leaders. In an event unprecedented in the known recorded history of the Imamate, on the 29th January, 1995, the Imam went to grant a didar to members of the jamat of the Central Asian tradition of the Ismaili tariqah. Gathered in Moscow's Olimpiski Stadium, were members of the jamat living in and around Moscow and others who had come from various countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, many of whom traced their origin to the Central Asian Republics and Afghanistan.

Tajikistan belongs to the larger Badakhshani Ismaili constituency and represents vividly the spiritual and cultural heritage of Ismailis. The current Ismaili population is found in the Badakhshan province and other parts of Tajikistan. Many Ismailis have also migrated to Kyrgyzstan (Osh and Bishkek), Kazakhstan (Alma Ata) and Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersberg, Saratov and other cities). The Present Imam became the first Imam in the known recorded history of the Ismailis to have traveled to grant didar in Tajikistan and Kyrgyz Republic at the invitation of their governments between May 22, 1995 and May 31, 1995. The Imam visited Dushanbe, Khorog, Roshtkala, Murghab, Sijd, Ishkashim, Rushan and in Bishkek.

The foundation stone ceremony of the Ismaili Centre was performed in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on August 30, 2003 in presence of the Imam, President Rahmonov of Tajikistan, the Mayor Ubaidulloev and other distinguished leaders. The Imam launched a landmark cultural center in Dushanbe, marking a milestone in the 1300-year history of the jamat in Central Asia. The landscaped complex that will initiate a revitalization of cultural, educational and contemplative space and urban regeneration in Dushanbe, will also be the first permanent place of gathering and organization for the jamat of Central Asia.

Politically, the Gilgit Agency is sub-divided into various areas like Yasin, Punial, Gupis and Ishkoman. The Ismailis resided thickly in Hunza state, where the Present Imam toured between October 20, 1960 and October 24, 1960. Presently, there are 55 Jamatkhanas in Gilgit Agency, 125 Jamatkhanas in Punial and Ishkoman, 147 Jamatkhanas in Gupis and Yasin and 111 Jamatkhanas in Hunza State.

There are about 1,60,000 Ismailis in Chitral, or its 35% population belongs to the Ismailis. Till 1949, there were no Jamatkhanas in Chitral. Prayers were offered within the houses. In 1949, however, Jamatkhanas were built throughout the area. There are now 264 Jamatkhanas in Upper Chitral and 167 Jamatkhanas in Lower Chitral. By: Ibrahim Machiwala
Article Directory:

Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S. Ali is an popular Ismaili Scholar, Written many books on Islam and Ismailism, Ismailis in Central Asia is taken from Encyclopedia of Ismailism, also read 101 Ismaili Heroes
Thank you for Reading this: Please don't forget to read my post about Irshad Manji (Lesbian, Agakhani)

where do I start with Irshad Manji? Lets start with the general statement that Manji has no credibility whatsoever, she's yet another anti-Arab, anti-Muslim fraudster on the zionist payroll. Thats the cliffnote version. by DrMaxtor

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    More carthorse than racehorse ... the Aga Khan's £100m yacht

    Last updated at 14:57 30 March 2008

    With a £100million price tag, the Alamshar was intended to be a superstar among super-yachts, 165ft of exquisite luxury powered by engines capable of blasting it to more than 60 knots - and on to a new transatlantic speed record.
    But the vessel's billionaire owner, the Aga Khan, has reportedly been left hugely disappointed by claims that his eagerly awaited new possession cannot reach half the expected speed - and is now considering launching a major legal battle against the British dockyard that built it.

    Off the pace: The Alamshar during tests off Plymouth

    Not happy': The Aga Khan
    The 70-year-old, who leads the world's 20million Ismaili Muslims, ordered the vessel to be built specifically to take the record.
    But sources say the Alamshar, named after a racehorse he owns, attained only 30 knots during sea trials off Plymouth - so the Aga Khan has hired a firm of top international maritime lawyers to handle any potential claim against boatbuilders Babcock Marine, who own Devonport naval dockyard where the Alamshar was built.
    Although no High Court writ has been issued, the disagreement could lead to a multi-million-pound payout.
    A source said: "This was supposed to reach 60 knots but it can go only half that speed, so the Aga Khan is taking legal advice. He's not a happy man."
    The row is the latest setback to have hit the Alamshar.
    Last year, during an earlier test, the turbine blades in its three Rolls-Royce gaspowered engines - which were originally designed for Sea King helicopters - burnt out.
    They were replaced with engines made by Rolls's US rivals Pratt & Whitney, which were used to drive water jets.
    At full power the Alamshar was hoping to break the world speed record for super-yachts, currently 65 knots, as well as beat the transatlantic record of two days, ten hours and 34 minutes - an average speed of 53.1 knots - set in 1992.
    The Alamshar, codenamed Project 305, is made of aluminium and at 400 tons is a fraction of the weight of other yachts of its class.
    It has been built under a veil of secrecy but luxury will not have been sacrificed in any of the three bedrooms or the stateroom.
    The Aga Khan's vast assets include homes on five continents, three private jets, several yachts - one worth £56million - an airline, hotels, factories and 600 racehorses.

    Read more: More carthorse than racehorse ... the Aga Khan's £100m yacht | Mail Online

    Read more: More carthorse than racehorse ... the Aga Khan's £100m yacht | Mail Online

    Read more: More carthorse than racehorse ... the Aga Khan's £100m yacht | Mail Online

    Read more: More carthorse than racehorse ... the Aga Khan's £100m yacht | Mail Online

    The Begum Aga Khan LL.D, (Begum Inaara Aga Khan or Princess Inaara Aga Khan), (née Gabriele Thyssen), Begum Aga Khan, the wife of the Aga Khan IV, (49th) Imam of the Nizari branch of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims.

    1. Aga Khan I = Hasan Ali Shah Mehalatee Aga Khan I (1800–1881), 46th Imam (1817–1881)
    2. Aga Khan II = Ali Shah Aga Khan II (about 1830–1885), 47th Imam (12 April 1881–1885)
    3. Aga Khan III = Prince ,(1877-1957), 48th Imam (17 August 1885–1957)
    4. Aga Khan IV = Prince Karim Al Husseini (b. 1936), 49th Imam of the Ismailis (from 11 July)

    Nizārī - Aga Khan IV
    Druze - Mowafak Tarif
    Dawūdī - Burhanuddin
    Sulaimanī - Al-Fakhri Abdullah
    Alavī - Ṭayyib Ziyā'u d-Dīn
    Atba-i-Malak Badra - Amiruddin
    Atba-i-Malak Vakil - Razzak

    Ali · Ḥassan · Ḥusain
    as-Sajjad · al-Baqir · aṣ-Ṣādiq
    Ismā‘īl · Muḥammad
    Aḥmad · at-Taqī · az-Zakī
    al-Mahdī · al-Qā'im · al-Manṣūr
    al-Mu‘izz · al-‘Azīz · al-Ḥākim
    az-Zāhir · al-Mustansir · al-Musta′lī · al-Amīr · al-Qāṣim

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    How came the FAKE (Shah Karīm al-Hussaynī - Aga Khan IV) Imam son doesn't have beard...but the one conducting the Ismaili cult wedding has beard.

    Prince Amyn Aga Khan (Does she look Muslim?)

    Agakhan new love Rose de Witchestein (Old enough to be his daughter)

    Almost three years after its separation of the beautiful German Gabriele Homey the Thyssen (October of 2004), Aga Khan has been shortage accompanied for the first time by its new friend Rose de Witchestein, the woman who, according to say, has conquered their heart. And it is that from last the two months, the pair does not separate and shares his time between Paris, London and Costa Emerald, where one is enjoying summer vacations at the moment. During its stay, Rose was presented/displayed the daughter of Aga Khan, princess Zara.

    I think I have answer all the question about Ismailislm in this thread - Click Here!

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    hey how are you? why are you so much against ismailies??
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  4. nGenius's Avatar

    I am not against them. I just want them to realize that they are following an imposter, agakhan is a fake Imam. Agakhani should follow real Islam [Allah and Muhammad (S.a.w)] instead of Agakhani Cult and Aga Khan.
    Updated Feb 24th, 2010 at 07:01 PM by nGenius
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    This Memorandum consists about the micro-minority known as Ismailis the followers of Aga Khan. Its supreme pontiff is Prince Karim Aga Khan. His followers consider the Aga Khan as man god and an incarnation of Hazrat Ali (RD.) as well as the incarnation of Rasool Allaah (p.b.u.h.) This means that Aga Khan in his capacity, as Imaam is holder and bearer of Noor-e-Elahie and Noor-e-Hidayat. Brushing aside this blasphemous claim of Prince Karim Aga Khan and his followers; I solicit your kind attention to the facts that: Prince Karim Aga Khan along with his followers are engaged upon to carve out their own pro-Zionist, Ghali Shia Ismaili State in the North of Pakistan. This includes Northern Areas of NorthWest Frontier Province, Jammu and Kashmir. In the North of Pakistan this includes: Pul-i Khumri, Darr-i Kiyan, Badakshan, Pamirs, Certain areas of Tajikistan and other central Asian Muslim States.

    I have traced the historical background of the Aga Khans, from Aga Khan-I to Aga Khan IV each one of whom has always endeavoured to gain territorial control to establish their own State in the territories now included in Pakistan and the north of Pakistan.

    I have also traced the activities of Prince Karim Aga Khan-IV under the garb of various N.G.O's. Viz. Aga Khan Foundation, Aga Khan University Hospital, Aga Khan Education Services network, Health Services and Network of Health Units, Aga Khan Rural Support Programme and similar many other N.G.Os.

    Financial Support to these programmes is in terms of Billions of Dollars donated to Aga Khan, by various Governments, International, pro-Zionist N.G.Os. an exhaustive list of which has been submitted herewith under the caption of Financial Support. In addition to this many philanthropists have donated millions of Rupees locally from Pakistan.

    I have also submitted a very brief, abridged survey of doctrine of the Aga Khan Cult and its Cult practices, under the caption of Aga Khan Ismaili Cult and Cabalistic Doctrine.

    In the light of all these facts and points, I earnestly request your honour to revise the Protocol and honours awarded to Prince Karim Aga Khan as a head of the State, while in fact he is a very doubtful personality acting antagonistically to interests of Islaam.

    Let us pray to Allah the Al-Mighty; in His infinite and eternal mercy bestow upon all of us the necessary courage, steadfastness and his choicest blessings.

    Your brother in Islam,


    1) Creation of Israel-II, Agakhan Ismaili State in the Roof of the World, in the North of Pakistan, including the certain northern areas of Pakistan. Certain area of: Central Asian Countries, Afghanistan and Jammu and Kashmir.

    2) Ultimately to create inroads into the Islaamic Ideology by way of Ghali Batini Agakhan Ismaili Cult Beliefs and Practices.

    3) To Protect, safeguard and preserve :-

    (a) Geographical Frontiers of Pakistan.

    (b) Ideological Frontiers of Islaam.

    (c) Islamic Culture and Civilization.

    All these are the victims of grave and critical dangers, precarious perils, alarming portentous hazards by the inimical and hostile forces, countries and communities, in alliance, connivance and collusion, whose method of approach, mode of operation, style and technique consist of fraud, deception, fabrication, maneuvers, dirty treachery, crooked trickery, conspiracy, machination and evil motives.

    The Question: -
    Is Pakistan drifting towards Ghali Ismaili Agakhan Cult Ideology and carve out a State on the lines of Israel?? Study this memorandum and be a Judge yourself.

    I N T R O D U C T I O N

    When a Nation becomes the victim of conspiracies with well prepared parameters, coolly calculated strategies, efficient planning, meticulous fabrications; the collusion and connivance of the forces, persons, communities and nations, who are in depth inimical and hostile to the very existence of Islam and Muslims. These forces in common are highly enthusiastic, alert and zealous to strike, assault and attack by way of external invasion and internal subversion; to create catastrophes and devastation in these targets. Precisely this is the most opportune moment to think and ponder by the loyal, patriotic and dedicated Muslims.

    Muslims at this moment is in the tight grip and clutches of a situation, where ominous dark clouds are hovering all over Islamic World as a whole. The devastating storm of gloom and panic is gathering strength and potency day by day. Inimical forces, external and internal are in red alert to attack and invade the Ideological and Geographical Frontiers with the sole and only aim leading to the total annihilation
    and total destruction.

    Every loyal, patriotic and dedicated Muslim Citizen in particular and Muslim Ummah at large, shall have to be extra-vigilant in relation to the connivance of the enemies, their nefarious designs, conspiracies and
    subversive activities.

    The only way out is to get prepared for a long drawn out Jihad to defend Islam, to save Muslim Ummah, to salvage Islamic Culture, Islamic Civilization and Islamic Ideology. In pursuance of the commands of Allah the Al-Mighty, RasoolAllah (p.b.u.h.) carried out the long drawn out Jihad for the period of twenty-three years. RasoolAllah (p.b.u.h.)
    conducted this Jihad diligently, meticulously, honestly, and valiantly. During these twenty-three years, RasoolAllah (p.b.u.h.) perfected the methods of strike, assault and invasion on all the evil forces inimical to Islaam.

    This is the only glittering and glorious lighthouse for all of us, for all the times to come. This Jihad is compulsory and is applicable to each and every Muslim of the Ummah. This is the only one and unique Jihad, which is infallible, and the perfect one. As per promise of Allah the All Mighty, is the only way to success in both the worlds resulting into the eternal joy and salvation.

    All of us must identify, understand, study, research, analyze and work out these mischievous and malevolent aims and objectives. These evil designs are well fabricated and planned. These subversive conspiracies are devised by the quasi-religious, quasi-political micro-minorities, loyal to their alien external masters. These micro-minorities, in league,
    connivance and collusion, strive to gain political control by means of external support and internal mischief, subversion and sabotage. Such Micro-Minorities can never achieve their ends through normal Political Process and Electoral Procedure, therefore, only way open to them is conspiracy and subversion.

    This memorandum studies, enlightens and illuminates the involvement of a minority, to be specific, a micro-minority. Its ominous design is to carve out a pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, / Israel-2, state in the north of Pakistan including the vast areas of: - (i) N.W.F.P., (2) Northern Afghanistan, and adjoining areas of Central Asian Countries, (3) certain areas of the state of Kashmir and Jammu.

    To pin point, this Micro-Minority consists of Aga Khan-IV and his followers, Agakhani Ismailis. In the annals of the history many secret societies and subversive movements had flourished but there is no parallel example in the history of the World in relation to this unique and evil Ismaili Ghali Batini Shiite movement.

  6. nGenius's Avatar

    A G A K H A N S.

    Agakhans, the successors of the Assassins are proud of their origin from Qaramatis, Fatimids, and Assassins, a brief survey of which you have just observed in the previous pages. These Agakhans are four in number so far the Ismaili Imams are concerned.

    AGAKHAN - I. Aga Hasan Ali Shah: It is erroneously believed or so presented to the public that Agakhan is a title bestowed by the then Shah Fateh Ali of Iran.

    Quotation :-
    "..... he was known by the pet name of Aga Khan.....which he
    adopted as his hereditary title" Reference:- The Aga Khans by Willi Frischaauer, a Bodley Head Publication, London.

    The Agakhan I, can be studied in two Periods
    (i) Persian phase and
    (ii) Sub-continental i.e. Indo- Pakistan phase. In bare out
    line these two phases are :-

    PHASE (i) :-
    This period is the period of rebellious activities in collusion,
    and connivance with the then British Empire. Shah Fateh Ali
    the king of Persia died in 1834. Succession feuds took place.
    Mirza Muhammad Shah succeeded. The British had given to
    him Pound 30,000/-and British troops had helped to defeat
    his enemies in a crucial battle that ensured the succession.
    Unfortunately for the British this Mirza Muhammad Shah
    became an ardent enemy of British and of the Agakhan I who
    were in collusion and Intrigues.

    The British Agents instigated Agakhan-I to raise the standard
    of revolt. Initially he had some success but finally was defeated and was hounded out of Persia. He reached Girlish in 1841 where there was British garrison. Persians and Russians had always seen the British hand behind Agakhan, Agakhan was well received by the British allies viz. Major Henry Rawlison the British Political agent at Kandhar, and by William Macnaghten, the British minister and envoy at Kabul. Agakhan was accommodated and monthly allowance of Rupees 2000/- was sanctioned for him. These British Military and political dignitaries, who were at war with the valiant Afghans, sanctioned Rs.25 per head per horseman. Agakhan fought always with the British army against the Afghans. In the later half of the year 1842 British and in the line Agakhan also had to leave Afghanistan and reached Quetta on 5, October,1842.

    Deep collusion and connivance of the British and the Agakhan I, is evident out of these Episodes :-

    Episode (1) :-
    British was facing grave resistance by the rebels. Major Rawlison and Agakhan in collusion worked out an intrigue. Rawlison explained to Aga the importance of certain forged letters in the Name of Shuja the then King of Afghanistan. Rawlison wanted the Agakhan to forge some letters with King Shuja's signature. Letters were to be sealed and addressed to Rawlison clearly indicating how close King Shuja was to the British. Then dispatch of these letters was so arranged that these letters fell into the hands of the rebel. The purpose behind was to put a wedge between King Shuja and the rebels. Agakhan as the most obedient servant of the British did this. Unfortunately for them the result was nil, but history properly recorded this crime of forgery by this man-god, the Imaam.

    Episode (2) :-
    General Nott the Commander of British forces in Afghanistan,
    after receiving reinforcement under the command of General
    England engaged the rebels. Agakhan along with Major
    Rawlison was in charge of a cavalry force to charge the rebels,
    the valiant freedom fighters. Gen. Nott had also made a
    reference about the gallantry showed by the Agakhan I.

    PHASE (2) :-
    In December 1842 Agakhan reached Sindh. Aga met the Ameers of Sindh who were at war with the British. In January 1843, Agakhan I, met Charles Napier, the Commander of British forces at war with the Ameers of Sindh, and offered his services. These services consist of
    (i) Espionage for British against the valiant freedom fighters of Sindh.
    (ii) To protect British Interests in Sindh,
    (iii) and to fight against the Ameers where and when required by the British. This is evident in these episodes that took place in that period. :-

    Episode (Sindh) (1) :-
    Major James Outram was the political agent in Sindh stationed at Hyderabad. He had collected certain evidences against the Ameers. On this basis Napier proposed Military Action against these Ameers. Napier proposed a treaty with most stringent condition. The Ameers collected themselves in grand Durban. Aga also attended. The opinions were divided. Certain Ameers refused to yield and Came out of the fort of Hyderabad and pitched the tents. Their intention was first to remove Maj. Outram and then to proceed to Napier for the final war. Agakhan came to know this. He immediately approached Maj. Outram and informed him about the morning attack. This episode provides the required casus belli. In February 1843 battle of Miani took place, Agakhan and his cavalry fought by the side of the British. Ameers were defeated and the Sindh lost its freedom and fell in the clutches of British Slavery. Pound 70,000/- was the share of
    the booty for Napier.
    Note: Can there be a greater treachery against Sindh?

    Episode (Sindh) (2): -
    The Jherruk incidence :- One Ameer Sher Muhammad had escaped the onslaught of Napier. He discovered the treachery of the Agakhan, and decided to attack the Agakhan settled at Jherruk. Richard Burton, a lieutenant of the Bombay army in his
    correspondence with John Bull Writes: - " Some weeks Agha
    spent in his new kingdom, leading a life after Sancho Panza's
    own heart; perhaps exceeding in the drinking and love making
    lines. The Belochies.... had threatened to attack.... Agha
    laughed at their beards. Were they not hogs of Sunnies? Had
    he not dishonoured all their mothers? And had he not done
    the strangest possible things to their fathers' graves? Whose
    dogs were they that should dare to face the death dealing
    scimitar of the [Iroonee]....Sher Muhammad had found other
    allies and they promised to deal with the Agha for his
    espionage for the British and treachery with the Ameers of
    Sindh. on 23, March, 1843, Agha was relaxing, ....drinking
    cups and bottles were arranged in a line.... down came the
    Belochies...500 in number.... dashed into the town, cut to
    pieces every beardless man [at the times young Persians, like
    young Turks, shaved their beards] they met, and although
    they failed to secure the august person of the Agha, they did
    not fail to appropriate the contents of his cellar and harem....
    It was some weeks after he recovered his wives; and when he
    did, he did not appreciate the value of the goods in question."
    The attack proved that Aga Khan was coward."

    An interesting portrayal of the Agakhan-I in a letter to Ellenborough by Charles Napier "He is a God, his income immense. He lets none of his sect kiss his hand under less
    than twenty rupees, and he is the greatest rascal possible; that is a clever brave man but being a God makes a virtue out of any sin he likes to commit. I speak truly when saying that his followers do not and dare not refuse him any favour he asks, wives, daughters, slaves, money, houses, furniture, all are his...."

    "Fighting Britain's battles, however gallantly, did not take the
    Agakhan closer to recovering his Persian rights and property"
    writes Willi Frischauer in The Agakhans. Relations between
    Persia and Britain were normalised and cordial. The British
    betrayed Agakhan. He was granted the Title of His Highness
    and monthly stipend of Rs.1000/- enhanced to Rs.3000/- but
    never allowed to return to Persia at the behest of Persian
    authorities. On 21, August,1874, in the ending decade of Agakhan's life, in a letter to the Governor of Bombay, Sir Phillip Edmund Woodlouse, depicts that :-"........ I have fought and bled, sacrificed relatives, followers and property in furthering British interests... And I beg that permanent acknowledgement of my services has been secured to my family by the British Government...."
    Note :- Agakhan begs for his pension to the British Government.!!


    AGAKHAN II.:- The period of Imamat of Agakhan II lasted only for four years. He was very fond of horse racing and hunting. Real power rested with his wife Servi Jahan Kajum known as Lady Ali Shah. Lady Ali Shah was a very clever lady, her evil genius is evident out of this: -...."Aga Shah [Jungi Shah] and his son were murdered and word was put around that the culprits
    were Fida'is, as fanatically devoted to the Agakhan those of
    Alamut had been to the Old Man of the Mountain. *Lady Ali
    Shah was said to be at the head of Motopunth, a secret Ismaili
    society not unlike that of Hasan bin Sabbath’s. 'Assassins’*.
    Aga Jangi Shah's murderers were arrested but when they were
    found poisoned and dead in their cells before they could be
    brought to trial, it was announced that they had committed
    suicide.... Some said they had been murdered on the Agakhan's orders as they may not incriminate him....."
    * emphasis ours.

    A very interesting episode in the life of Aga Khan -II :-

    Quotation :-
    ".........: hence, at a marriage ceremony, he is a dispenser of
    blessing; and at a recent marriage, this son, who blessed the bride and bridegroom, displayed his vicious propensities by criminal intercourse with the affianced female who was a beautiful girl (aged 13), and thereby, through his brutishness
    she was rendered unable to help herself, and was carried home
    to her parents."

    Quotation :-
    "........I inquired if he knew Aga Khan. His reply was ,--"Yes,
    most certainly I do. and a worse man does not exist. He claims
    to be an apostle, and asserts his right to deflower the bride is
    a great pity such a wretch has not long since been hurled from
    power," &c. &c., This was on Friday, the 9th, Sept.1864.
    Reference :- Karim Gulamali in ' AN APPEAL TO MR. ALI
    -page 2-3.
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  8. Aussindian's Avatar
    It is easy to criticize any religion -
    If there are so many followers, then their message must have some good.
    If he's going out with some one 'old enough to be his daughters - so what, the first prophet Mohammad also got married to some one ' old enough to be his grand daughter'.
    If they want to be known as Muslims - that's fine. Why do you condemn them. Let God judge them.
    If they say that 3 Dua's are enough, why do you insist that 5 prayers are mandatory in Islam.
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  9. nGenius's Avatar

    first of all, just because people are following Agakhanism doesn't mean it's a correct and true religion.

    "their message must have some good."

    What do you mean there message is correct? There is no middle ground.

    If I give you a glass of Milk but in the glass I mix a drop of urine. Would you drink it? it is just one drop.... offcourse you wouldn't drink it because that glass of milk is contaminated.

    Heaven's Gate also had many followers. was it correct and real religion?
    Parsis (Zoroastrianism), KKK, Hare Krishna, Children of God, Branch Davidians, Scientology also have many followers. What part their religious message do you agree with?
    If he's going out with some one 'old enough to be his daughters - so what, the first prophet Mohammad also got married to some one ' old enough to be his grand daughter'.
    How dare you compare Aga khan (Sharabi/Kababi, fake Imam, an Imposter) to Rasulullah (s.a.w)? Rasulullah was send as mercy to mankind.

    Aga khan is a self proclaim prince, an imposter, white fake imam. Nauzubillah min zalik, this Imposter claimed that he is a "Mazhar of Allah", a "Living God" or "Manifest (Mazhar) of God Allah (swt).

    You ask yourself, ALLAH (swt) wanted to guide people, couldn't he found someone better??? Agakhan is misguiding people and taking them to hell fire.

    Agakhan is innovator, with gambling, his shaddy businesses deals, using ADN Network to convert millions of poor Muslims in CIS states into Agakhani cult. Thanks to Tablighe brothers, who go to these countries and make effort, and because of their effort and will of Allah (swt) many of people in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are reverting back to ISLAM.

    Don't make stupid ignorant comments unless you know about Islam and Rasulullah (saw).
    Ismailis don't know anything about real Islam. They only know about their stupid cult. Before making statement about Rasulullah (saw), you have to know (read) about the life of Rasulullah (saw).
    Rasulullah (saw) marriage to Umm-ul-Momineen - Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) was the will of Allah (swt). Allah choose Hazrat Aisha (r.a) for Rasullah (s.a.w).

    "The most notable of these early Muslim women scholars, the Mufti writes, was Hazrat Ayesha, the youngest wife of the Prophet. He describes her as being an expert in Quranic commentary. Besides, she, almost with some other wives of the Prophet, narrated numerous Hadith reports. She is also said to have delivered numerous fatwas or opinions on jurisprudential issues ( fiqhi masail) and thus was among the first female muftis (muftia). On certain matters on which there was no explicit reference in the Quran and the Hadith, she is said to have exercised her own judgment or ijtihad, which made her one of the first Muslim mujtahids. Some other wives of the Prophet and certain other sahabiyat also gave fatwas, and male companions of the Prophet or sahaba are said to have consulted them. In that sense, they served the function of Muftis.

    Hazrat Ayesha, the Mufti goes on, was also one of the few early Muslims who had a deep understanding of the ‘secrets of the faith’ ( asrar ud-din), including of the causes (asbab) and the pronouncement (hukum) on certain issues ( masla). Several wives of the Prophet would teach other Muslim women about religious matters. For her part, Hazrat Ayesha also taught numerous male companions of the Prophet after his demise. Some of them would recite hadith narrations to her, which she
    would correct. They would also ask her for her opinions on various fiqh issues."

    If they want to be known as Muslims - that's fine. Why do you condemn them. Let God judge them.
    we have to torrerate each other, and respect each others relgions. I respect, Hinduism, Judism, Christianity, but I dont' have to agree with them. As far as Agakhani are concerned, I think they should call themselves Agakhani and not Muslim since they don't follow Quran & Sunnah.

    If they say that 3 Dua's are enough, why do you insist that 5 prayers are mandatory in Islam.
    3 duas are an innovation in Islam, for 1300 years Muslims are praying 5 times a day. Do you think they were all wrong? Rasulullah (saw), Sahabah (R.a), Tabian and Taba-tabain were all wrong and Aga Khan and Agakhani cult is correct?????

    "Every new matter (kullu muhdathatin) is an innovation (bid`a), every innovation is misguidance (dalâla), and every misguidance is in the Fire"

    Updated Mar 4th, 2010 at 12:04 AM by nGenius
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    I am waiting for your reply. Where are you?

    You should read - ‘Are the ‘Ismailis’ able to come to such agreement with the Muslims?

    Updated Mar 3rd, 2010 at 03:24 PM by nGenius
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    u relised u spoke to urself ONLY ryte? u dunt stop to disgust me!anyone who sees the lame ass pics u hav put wid him n some blondy cn guess is so photoshoped...u know it too but u use it to manupulate ppl...tht desperate?tht low u fall?
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  12. nGenius's Avatar
    You couldn't and had to reply. Thanks for the comments. I know the pictures are pretty lame. Sorry, I couldn't find better pictures then these.

    Here are some pictures of hypocrate Agakhan praying.....but he doesnt' want his followers to pray to Allah (swt).

    Facts are there and anyone with few brain cells can realize that Agakhan is an impostor and can never be an Imam or GOD.
    Updated Apr 13th, 2010 at 11:30 PM by nGenius
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    Anyone has any question about what I post above and would like to have discuss this please feel free to contact me. If you would like to have relgious discussion, please bring your Agakhani Scholars so we can have manazara about which one is the true religion, Islam or Agakhanism.
  14. nGenius's Avatar
    Green Agakhan Country flag. (A man without a country but has flag)

    Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe : Karim Aga Khan, prince des années 2000

  15. nGenius's Avatar
    Now proof this wrong.........from Sports Illustrated [Here is the picture of the FATHER OF YOUR GOD (Agakhan)]

    Aly Khan
    Sporting Prince
    The Fast Horses
    Dazzling women, New Career.

    Here is the picture of White mother of ALY Agakhan

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    My open challenge to any Ismaili/Agakhani or any of their sympathizers to bring their evidence, let' have a manazara about which one is the true religion, Islam or Agakhanism.
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  18. nGenius's Avatar

    2018 Aga Khan Country Design by United Nation.

    Special Eid Mubarak from AgaKhan, his Son Rahim Aga Khan and Kendra.

    Kendra with her EX-boyfriend Andrew

    After divorcing Prince Hussain Aga Khan, Kristin White (formerly Princess Khaliya Aga Khan) aka Umme Ismaili posing in sexy dress.

    After divorcing Prince Hussain Aga Khan, Kristin White (formerly Princess Khaliya Aga Khan) aka Umme Ismaili posing in sexy dress.

    Updated Oct 2nd, 2013 at 11:14 AM by nGenius
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  20. resham76's Avatar
    why don't u stop wasting ur time and energy here and do something useful. no one is reading or is interested in ur crap that u have posted here dude!!! ur only talking to urself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by resham76
    why don't u stop wasting ur time and energy here and do something useful. no one is reading or is interested in ur crap that u have posted here dude!!! ur only talking to urself!
    Did you read the whole thing? Did you enjoy it?