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      Aug 4, 1999
      How many of you have experienced trading via an online brokerage in Pakistan? What has your experience been like? How would you rate the company?

      I have experienced 4 different online brokerages, and the experience has been a mixed one so far. Average at times, good at others. But thats pretty much at par with online brokerages in the USA that I have used.

      My first experience was with www.akdtrade.com. AKD is the pioneer of online trading in Pakistan. Apart from being the (perhaps) the largest offline brokerage and arbitrage it is the first to have introduced online trading. Their speed is good, their management is knowledgeable, and their service is above average. They began with browser based trading. I think they have moved on to a software based solution, of which Im not sure. Their website provides mediocre help to investors and traders, and is not that badly organized. Id give it a 7 out of 10.
      Min required deposit...Rs. 250,000

      Second experience was with www.kasbdirect.com. KASB is another big name on the KSE, and while they fell behind AKD in starting up online trading, their software based solution was much more streamlined than that of AKD. However, they have always lagged behind AKD, because of the fact that a software based system does not give traders as much mobility as does browser based. You cant trade from libraries or net cafes, of course, unless you install their software.
      That said, kasbdirect.com provides much more in resources than does akdtrade.com. Id give it 7 out of 10 as well.
      Min required deposit....Rs. 50,000

      Third experience was with www.fysltrade.com. A relatively small name in the market, Fawad Yusuf securities have used a barebones browser based system to attract online traders, who basically dont need, or want, any help. Their website provides nothing other than the ability to buy and sell. Id give them 3 out of 10.
      Min required deposit....Rs. 10,000

      Others that I have researched, but not used, are www.cliktrade.com, www.livetradeonline.com, www.ecltrade.com, www.amztrade.com and www.adamsecurities.com. They all get 3 out of 10.

      All of them claim to be the 'fastest' online traders, but fact is, the speed depends on market volume, and if the volume is huge, it doesnt matter if youre on dialup or a T3 line, and vice versa.

      Commission rates vary, based on the company, number of shares, type of trade, period of holding and the price of the share. kasbdirect.com is the only company that provides flat 5 paisa per share commission rates. Rest all vary based on the above factors. The commission rate ranges from 1 paisa per share to 20+ paisa per share.

      My overall take on online trading in Pakistan is that the system is still maturing, and is at least a year or so away from providing reasonable service. If you wish to take a step in this direction, my personal recommendation is kasbdirect.com.

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      Apr 29, 2004
      I have tried akeel dadi's brokerage and found it to be quite useless compared to ameritrade and etrade.

      First of all I dont really see how people can buy or sell online in Pakistan when the entire market depends on dhiyaan. Also majority of the trading is in badla hours, and if I remember correctly AKD did not offer any trading during those hours. I now use my broker who gets daily tips from karachi and buy and sell on my behalf.

      PPL touched 290 today, damn.
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      is a drop of dew -- and yet
      And yet...

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      Oct 16, 2002

      290? wow, cool! last few days it was going down. didnt it go down to 269 from 277?
      my mom has PPL stocks. do u reckon she should wait or sell them? do u think its going to go up further? i heard it will not cross 320 no matter what.

      Akif bhai, i have never done online trading, but that would be so convenient.

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      Aug 4, 1999
      Ashtray...almost all brokerages offer badla trading. Im pretty sure AKD does too. It may have imposed limitations, but im sure it offers the service. However, this is a service for the daily trader, heavily banking on borrowed money, so its not a worthwhile service to avail anyway.
      Theres really no tip to be given out in todays market atmosphere...its just a streak of luck. You keep on hitting new highs, so long as others agree. But you never know when others might stop agreeing

      Irem, If youre into short term trading, then no stock is worth holding overnight in the current market. If youre in it for the long haul, then dont worry about whether PPL hits 290 or 390. Let it stay. Its a good stock, and apart from its monetary value, it promises good yields in terms of dividends. However, if your mom got in at the IPO level, then this is as good a time to sell as any. And there are no rules (or no one) who can restrict the price of a certain stock to a certain ceiling. PSO touched 520 today. Who would have thunk it.

      Online trading is good if you are a frequent trader. If not, you can simply go with an offline broker.

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      Oct 16, 2002
      Hmmmmm yup she just has 500 shares which she got for 27,500, the whole IPO stocks thing a couple months ago. Hmmm....so right now she is getting almost 4-5 times the money, which is really great. My cousins sold theirs earlier and so they only made double profit and are regretting it coz they could have sold them for much more now.

      Mom was going to sell her PPL ones coz they had started going down, but it seems like its going up again now so if they are going to go up further then she might as well keep them isnt it so that she can sell them for more money later? But I guess its safe to sell them now, since who knows, they might even go down.

      We are all into short term trading. But I'm really thinking of getting a crash course on this whole stock market thing and getting into it as a hobby coz it seems very lucrative. But I dono.

      PSO touched 520? DAYUM!

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      Apr 29, 2004
      Hold on to PPL, i think it closed at 306 today. With oil reaching new highs with no breather in sight, PPL is one of the better stocks to hold, even if the price drops it makes no difference long term, better than any interest paying scheme. It will be worth more over the long haul. One can easily retire on these high dividend paying stocks of Pakistan.

      Akif you may be right about badla. However, I really dont like the recent KSE moves. Although I like taking big risks, they are still calculated. Is there any way to get money inflow numbers for say the last two months for KSE?
      So our life
      is a drop of dew -- and yet
      And yet...

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      Aug 4, 1999
      I agree with the KSE. It needs restructuring, big time.

      Money inflow, for the entire market? I think it would in the trillion rupee range. With OGDC and PTCL marching up with a total of more than a 10 trillion rupee market cap between them, the market has seen upwards of a trillion rupees pumped into it over the past 2-3 months. The total market cap hit the $40 billion mark. While I dont know how long the market can sustain this level, I think its a major benchmark, and has already worked psychological wonders in the international market, with foreign investors showing increased interest in local ventures. BP thinking of buying out PSO is one of the biggest deals that seems to be on the drawing board. Whether or not that ever materializes, it has enough capability to create a whirlpool of activity in the market.

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      Apr 29, 2004
      Well that is what I was trying to ascertain, is this all Pakistani money or has some international investors moved in? Note that KSE has been mentioned a few times on CNBC and I have also read a few articles in international business papers. It is on the radar, how much risks others are willing to take is another issue. Obviously there are probably safer avenues of investment available in India and south america, but KSE has beaten everyone % wise and it is a lot easier to manipulate if one has deep pockets.

      Someone the other day mentioned that the entire move is a planned thing by Aqeel Karim Dadi and Shaukat Aziz. Wallah Alam.
      So our life
      is a drop of dew -- and yet
      And yet...

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      Aug 21, 2005
      Akif --- that was really helpful regarding online trading-- thumbs up.
      If u know other KSE brokers offering online trading plz do post it.
      Continuing the discussion -- in my opinion an online trading brokerage should have
      1. Minimum investment requirement to open the account like AMZ.com
      2. Preferably -- without software (though both systems have pros and cons)
      3. If software is rerquired then it must be PDA / PocketPC phone (Windows Mobile 2003 or 5.0 or Windows CE) compatible like http://www.kimeng.co.th/pda.asp
      4. It should have "Stop Loss" for Buy order and its counter part "Make profit" for Sell order
      5. If "Stop Loss" can optionally be made "Trailing Stop Loss" then it would be SUPERB, but i have`nt seen "Trailing Stop Loss Order" in any KSE online trading site
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      Mar 10, 2004
      Hello Jam Asif, welcome aboard.... if you really wanted to introduce yourself then you should goto Cafe or General forum

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