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  • Blah
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  • Lonely
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  • Relieved
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  • Rushed
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      Nov 1, 2005
      Perth, Aus
      Salam u Alaikum guys,

      I'm very interested to go to Autralia for my undergrad in Accounting and Finance. With Allah's Grace, I've quite a good intermediate record and Australia is on my list for further education.

      I would really appreciate if anyone of you can give me info about university life in Australia, part time job opportunities and some info regarding the city of Sydney and Perth. I'm interested so far in the Curtin University of Western Australia in Perth and University of Sydney, in Sydney. How is the environemtn for the int'l students especially Pakistani students? What do most of the Pakistani students do after they are done with undergrad graduation?
      Any info, I will really appreciate in advance and also if anyone can let me know about scholarship information as well.

      Thanks very much,
      Umer Sheikh

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      Dec 23, 2006
      GTA, Canada
      ^^ Why don't you just stick to US, don't they have better institutes there? Or how about London School of Economics
      Khush raho apnay kharch pay

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      Nov 1, 2005
      Perth, Aus
      Good question,

      The US Embassy is taking quite a while to respond plus Australia to me seems to have more opportunities.


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      Dec 14, 2005
      I am also interested in Australia for my masters degreee .( New Wales University , sydney ) . I
      f u really need soem info related TO Pakistanies there , u can visit tht site www.aeo.com.pk .... also u just need to do IELETS for australia ..thts all requirement , If u want or need som consultants info ...U can have tht as well ...AEO
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      Dec 6, 2004
      Pls note that Uni's in Oz are not very good. Most of people come here due to immigration. If you are planning on getting immigration to Australia by studies please make sure you check the latest immigration laws @ www.immi.gov.au as they are getting stricter day by day.

      For Accounting Macquarie University is the best in Sydney. Overall Uni of NSW, Melbourne Uni (The Best in Australia) are very good too.
      Melbourne is less expensive than Sydney although lemme tell you that Oz is an expensive place altogether even for groceries etc.

      I did my Bachelors in the US and Masters here in Oz. The standard of Education and resources are much better in the US.
      Oh, everything's too damned expensive these days. This Bible cost 15 bucks! And talk about a preachy book! Everybody's a sinner! Except this guy.

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      Nov 1, 2005
      Perth, Aus
      Homer J,

      Thanks very much for giving me insight for a good university for the accounting major. I would agree that US is much better but it's taking quite a big amount of time to process the student visas from Pak and I don't want to waste my time.

      Anyhow, do you have any info about Curtin University of Technology regarding it's reputation and info about University of Sydney as well. I'm more interested in knowing the reputation for business schools of these unis and what about living expenses in Perth and Sydney as well and part time job opportunities.

      I'll really appreciate your help.


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      Nov 1, 2005
      Perth, Aus

      I'm taking some help from AusPak consultants in Lahore and thanks for mentioning the other website as well. Also, I'm thinking that I won't need to take IELTS exam since I did my entire high school plus 3 semesters of my bachelor's degree in the US. So, InshAllah, it shouldn't be a problem but the more info I get from people who are in Aus or who are like me as prospective students, the better it is.
      Thanks for your insight as well.

      Umer Sheikh
      Lahore, Pakistan

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      homer_j_simpson's Avatar
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      Dec 6, 2004
      Umer Bro,
      You will need to take IELTS. Not for the admission but for the VISA mate. For the student visa of Australia or Permanent Residensy you have to pass IELTS (Its extremely stupid but true).

      In the Order of Importance and basically all of these are great Business school.

      Melbourne Business School.
      Macquarie Graduate School of Management (Macquari Uni) or Australian Graduate School of Management (Joint venture of Sydney Uni & Uni of NSW)
      Please note:- Accounting is not part of a Business School as evident in some cases in US in any of these Uni's I believe

      My Ex goes to Curtin Uni of Technology Campus in Sydney. I dunno much CUT in Perth but have heard its good in WA ......but the one in Sydney is not that great.

      Sydney Uni is a perfect example of Naam baray aur darshan chotay...It used to be very good but the standard of education has gone down a lot...

      As far as living is concerned Perth will definitely be much cheaper than Sydney but youhave to remember that Perth is a very small city compared to Sydney with lesser Job Opportunities...Moreover, If you one of the people who like too look at desis and Foreigners then Perth will not be a good idea (BTW not many Pakistanis in Australia anywhere)

      Just remember Sydney is expensive but has the most opportunities cuz its the biggest city by a long stretch in aussie. Your 2nd option must always be Melbourne, followed by Brisbane (Queensland is an awesome state, is cheaper and cleaner but less people)
      Oh, everything's too damned expensive these days. This Bible cost 15 bucks! And talk about a preachy book! Everybody's a sinner! Except this guy.

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      Aug 11, 2001
      Planet Vulcan
      If you did your Olevels and had a B or better in english, i think ure exempted from that IELTS exam, but its easy anyways, just like the TOEFL

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