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      Apr 24, 2001
      An accurately mapped-out family tree/genealogy chart? Has anyone in your family made one? How far back do you know your ancestors on either side? i'm referring to, to make it more interesting - not just their names, but where they were born, their professions, childhood tales, personality traits, countries they visited, their favourite books, hobbies, personality quirks, etc etc.

      Briefly talking with an older relative today, i discovered to my surprise he is the only one in the khandaan who has made a family tree. i asked him to scan it and e-mail it to me. 'Afraid i don't really know too many names of my great great grandparents' generation... all i know are the names & a few personal details of my Nana's parents. Not too certain of the details on my Dada's/Dadi's side. i have a few pictures of my Nana's father, my Nani's parents, a pic of my Nani when she was about 8, and that's as old as the family photos go i think. It would be lovely to know more.

      Anyways, just wondering how far back we are able to learn about our families. i always wish i had more details regarding certain individuals in my khandaan.... i would give almost anything for that. i have a few friends who know so much about their grandparents' (and great grandparents') lives - makes me almost envious:~/

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      Yes, that certainly would be awesome to have that kind of information. Unfortunately, I only know as far back as my grandparents.
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      my mom made one a few yrs back, i think going back upto 5 generations previous to hers

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      my family has one....
      it is updated to my father and uncles but our names r not included yet....
      its with a remote relative....

      i dont know how accurate it is, but my cousins and brother (who have seen it) say it is traced back to Prophet Yousuf (as)....
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      yes my dad has made one for us a few times.. lekin we always lose it.... it goes up to his great great great grandparents... its pretty fascinating how all our uncles and aunties are linked to one another... and i can see which cousin has married who... its awesome

      plus u can see how many interlinked marriages we have ...

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      Yeah we do! and it goes way way way back! we can trace our family back to Hazrat Zubair (A.S) who was a cousin of our prophet PBUH, and one can easily go farther back from there because 'shijras' from Hazrat Adam AS, the first human being down to Prophet Mohammad PBUH are preserved and agreed upon among scholars. When Arabs began to expand trade towards the Asian Subcontinent and when Mohammad bin Qasim invaded India in 712 AD Arabs came with him & settled here and that is how we are Pakistanis today.

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      Oct 16, 2002
      Nadia, shijron kee baat to aik hi maamlay mein kee jaati hae... aaj aap ne shijron ka jo mozoo chera hae is ke peechay koi khaas wajha to naheen

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      Aug 1, 2003
      we have a family tree but i have never actually seen it. i would like to though but dont know who has it. i wonder if my name is on it??

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      May 24, 2003
      I don't think we have one, but it would be very interesting. We do always hear stories of the lives up to our great grandparents from both sides, but that's it.

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      Apr 24, 2001
      Desimunda... wow. Five generations? You are lucky that she made that.

      Sadzzz... heh take it from someone who has managed to permanently misplace many important things in her life; hang on to what your father made, it's something that you can share with your grandchildren (and nephews/nieces) one day (Insha'Allah). Besides which, it's also interesting, i think, to see how individuals have moved to different parts of the world through the generations. i dunno why, i find that part so interesting... which countries did people settle in, where did they move from, their reasons for moving (marriage? career? etc.). Besides which, while i was asking someone in my family about our genealogy history, i found out that someone close to me had remarried after his first wife had passed away - i think, in more ways than one, family trees can help you fill in a few gaps in your family's history.

      Haris and Armughal... That's precisely what i mean. i know people who can trace them back several generations (although not as far back as you guys').

      Sadya... yeah i love those kinds of stories! i get my Ammi to tell them to me & i even write em down so that i don't forget.

      Uzzybuzzy... aw. Even if your name is not on it, i am sure it will be on it in a few years' time.

      Irem... lolzz Ji haan Eik bahaut khaas waja hai A desire to learn bits and pieces about where my family has been. i forget how it goes precisely but you know that saying, to understand the future study the past (or something like that). That's my primary motivation... i just want to 'understand' what people in previous generations went through you know. BTW i have a diary of my Nana's that he used to keep, and it offers a little insight into his personality. i guess it's stuff like that that i am more interested in, for my own curiosity's sake, nothing else. In SO many aspects, their lives were so different than mine, and it's interesting to compare the differences & similarities.

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      Originally posted by Fret Wizard:
      Yes, that certainly would be awesome to have that kind of information. Unfortunately, I only know as far back as my grandparents.
      Me too. Actually in one of my sister's university courses, she had to write an essay on our family history. We could only go as far as our grandparents .... that was all the factual information we had. After that, we contacted elder members of my family, my dad's chacha who told us his version of our family history ... nothing backed up by facts ... it was interesting and kewl as Sadzzz would say.

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      Feb 8, 2001
      my uncle made one going back about 10 generations.

      it was quite a large pedigree.

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      relocation, relocation
      My maternal family has one that goes back 500 years.

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      Remind me of the thread Roots. Anyway, I know my Shajra for up to 7 generations.

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      Apr 12, 2002
      no one in my family has one, not that i know of atleast, i actually thought of making one myself a few times but never got around to it, im def going to make one.

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      my family has done a great job maintaining a shajra for many generations, there are details of many people. It was actually published in a book format due to interest in the family. It has not been updated fully so some of my cousins are in it and some are not. We are now in the process of tranbsferring it over to a computerized version where additions of new family members etc can be done properly.

      As the family has grown there is no central shajra holder..i.e. my cousin who will maintain it is only going to maintain the family info down from my grandfather, and not his siblings or cousins. Those would be maintained by those respective branches. computerzing it has an advantage that eventually we can incorporate all the branches every few years so we have a complete copy. right now the shajra includes every single family member 12 generations up, and from then on its just my great grandpa^11 and his father and his father's father up for many generations.

      the shajra has bios of many people including my great grandfather and my great greta grandfather, manyof their cousins etc etc. Not for everyone but for quite a few.
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      Well, my family has maintained our shajra...the lineage of my ancestors go back to hazrat Imam Naqi (RA), hence we are Naqvi Syeds...

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      you guys pirzadas by anychance?
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

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