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      What traits or general culture of a society makes it a 'male dominant society'? Obviously Japanese, Indian & Saudi Arabian societies aren't alike but at one point or another I have read them being described as a 'make dominant society'.
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      Most societies today are male dominated, meaning run by the men. I prefer the term Male-oriented society because dominated is a harsh word (usually associated with force).

      Male-oriented societies don't allow their women to have any independent rights and marry off their females to enhance a family, either with money or prestige, with no thought to what the female wants. Men make the laws. Men are allowed to work for more money. Men can sexually harrass women and it is (surprise, surprise) the woman's fault and dishonor, not the man's. Women are excluded from government and from education because they were viewed as worthless unless in the home and producing babies and waiting on their husband. If a woman wishes to do anything outside of being in a home and raising kids or cleaning, she must get permission from a man (father, brother, or husband).

      Male-oriented societies are usually kept in place using laws and religions as props. Laws made by men and religions were only men are allowed to lead

      The same with Japanese, Saudi, and Indian culture as a whole or at one time, even in the present at this time in different areas. Nearly all countries at one point were male oriented, but most have grown out of that for one reason or another, mostly because it is an archaic way for a people to live excluding half the population based on a whim of birth.
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      And the degree of dominance varies. The Japanese lie at the lighter end of the spectrum while the Arabs are on the extreme high side. In fact Arab society could be called "Male Oppressive Society".
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