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  • Drunk
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  • Embarrassed
  • Energetic
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      MissLaila I know what he was thinking first of all He was thinking God creat her and second she is normal woman just like you who have heart and emotions who deserve something she want or any woman like you could wish for. why does it bother you anyways . Are you trying to say those womans who are not perfectly beautiful doesn't deserve any man or any thing good . you need to growup and last thing for you watch out woman you are also a avrege looking woman and I am gonna say same thing to you when ever I saw you with you houseband :P oh my Gosh what was he thinking

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      I wonder if LAILA knows what she is commenting when she terms Samina is words & description which are quite flagrant in many ways!!

      HUMAYUN SAEED is a public figure---hence bad or good comments are expected on showbiz personalities.

      In showbiz, no one can be more close to Humayun Saeed then me!! and I think he is one of the BEST person I have ever come across in my showbiz life of 40+years. He is a highly dedicated--and most professional & committed person in productions and in acting. He is honest and always helping his colleagues.

      His acting traits & performance won him LUX STYLE AWARD for three CONSECUTIVE times.....at Karachi, Dubai & Karachi. He was nominated for the latest LSA at Genting-Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia but he missed that out due to some very controversial decisions of the jusy itself.

      This forum GUPSHUP is a wonderul vent to speak out your thoughts on showbiz personalities BUT...I thought direct attacks on others then the showbiz personalities...do not augur well and should be avoided.

      As far as Mrs. Humayun Saeed is concerned...she is a wonderful lady...a neice to me.

      Best Regards to all,

      -Raju Jamil

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      I think that this debate on Humayun Saeed and his wife..is baseless and childsih!

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      Thx for brining this thread back into competition once again

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      I have closely known Humayun Saeed Family since early 2002...we have done several TV serials together at Malaysia and Dubai..and many cities in Pakistan.

      HUMAYUN SAEED and his charming, elegent and most articulated and talented lady wife--are one of the best couples and a happy family I have known.

      Lets not get into..the details of beauty and silly issues. We must appreciate HUMAYUN SAEED for giving us good entertainment on TV media.

      Thank you all.......

      -Raju Jamil

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      Releasing from Sunday-19th August'07 on PTV-One the joint venture of Humayun Saeed Productions & the ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) of Pakistan Defence Forces the mega serial.. bound to be a blockbuster “WILCO” is in the final stages of completion at Islamabad.

      Directed by the able son of Pakistan Film Industry’s big name; TALISH, our AHSON TALISH, the serial is star studded by Pak Showbiz Media’s big names; Humayun Saeed (as Major Saram), Adnan Siddiqui (as an Army Captain), Zainab Qayyum (a.k.a Zee Q) as Major Saram’s wife, Qura’tul Ain (a.k.a Ainie..a VJ of AAG Channel) as Imran Abbas’s wife, Imran Abbas as Major Saram’s brother, Seemi Raheel as Major Saram’s mother, Captain Lubna (an Army doctor at Rawalpindi) plays the second female lead as Capt.Adnan Siddiqi’s wife, Leyla Zuberi plays Capt. Lubna’s mom, Raju Jamil plays as Leyla Zuberi’s father, Aslam Shaikh of VIBE TV plays an Army Officer, TWO ARMY Officers; a Major & Captain also play a major role in the serial besides many other Army Jawans and the famous TV/Film girl Tehreem.

      Recorded on locations at; Siachen, Kargil, Muzaffarabad, PMA-Kakul, Abbotabad, Bahwalpur-Head Maralla, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Pano Akil Cantonment and at THAR, it WAS a challenge to HSP (Humayun Saeed Productions) to risk many a situations braved by our GREAT PAKISTAN ARMY at -45’C temperatures with nothing around but snow…with lowest oxygen intake at places like Kargil & Siachen.

      The story--à Wait till you see the 13 episoder poised for release on PTV-One from 14th August-07.

      How it all started?

      Way back in early 2004, while I was visiting Islamabad I paid a courtesy visit to the then Chief of General Staff at the GHQ (Lt.Gen Shahid Aziz..elder brother of my Cantt Public School-Karachi mate Rashid Aziz Shaheed of ’71 war), and the idea for producing a serial on PAK ARMY was floated which caught the eyes & ears of the CGS and the then DG-ISPR Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan Khan was forwarded the suggestion. That followed a series of meetings between SSK, Humayun Saeed & Raju, it was finally decided to seek a suitable writer for the series alongside a good directed. Humayun chose Muhammad Ahmed for the script and Marina Khan for direction.

      After a few meetings more at Islamabad & Karachi with DG-ISPR, one liners were approved on the concept of the serial…but Marina on account of her overseas visit to Canada, had to leave the project and AHSON TALISH entered.

      Finally the casting recommended was approved by the ISPR and camera was opened two years back..after rekki BY Humayun & Ahson of the proposed locations.

      ISPR/PAK ARMY gave full support to the project by means of their blank ammos, choppers, gun boats, tents, jeeps, guns and even tanks…during recording.

      Three ARMY officers; a Major serving at INFANTRY at Sialkot, a Captain serving at Artillery at Lahore and a Doctor enjoying Captain’s rank LUBNA, gave outstanding performance by playing major characters in the serial.

      Recording started with a big crew/unit comprising of Technicians, Cameramen, Sound Recordist, Assistant Director and Make Up artiste’ . The crew and the cast traveled to places where—at one point, Aslam Shaikh playing an army officer and Asim… Assistant to the Production House—almost died of severe winter bite loosing their breath at Kargil and had to be brought down to 5000 feet below by a chopper. They survived and went back at -45”C to complete their work.

      The final shoot of the series ended by late June when camera closed.

      =Raju Jamil

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      Quote Originally Posted by MissLaila View Post
      Omg she looks horrible,....and so much older than him! What was he thinking???
      heey laila can u post the pic again? i cant see it

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      I think this thread has gone far enough. If there is something substantive to discuss, please let me know and I will reopen it.

      Please avoid posting baseless insults and trash.

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