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      Nov 14, 2012
      I fell in love with a suit I saw a model wearing on the runway on a website and I got a quote and it cost me 144 for stitching plus shipping. I was so happy because this suit was stunning and I've never seen anything like it here in the UK in shops.

      Well it took 4 weeks to make and it finally arrived today. I am upset and underwhelmed. It looks so cheap compared to the picture.

      Do these places/website make their own versions of this suit or is this suit the actual suit the lady wears in the runway?

      He said it took so long to make as they needed to do the embroidery and bodywork on the suit as it had a lot of crystals etc. The material looks so cheap.

      I'm so upset . Has anyone had a similar experience? I could upload a picture if people want to see what I wanted and what I actually got.

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      in a dark, dark room, down a dark, dark stair.....
      definitely load a picture......but it is difficult to determine a fabric type from just the photo.....

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      Feb 23, 2013
      You're better off ordering originals, a replica is after all just a replica, and not a very good one at that.

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      Nov 14, 2012
      Quote Originally Posted by HQ Designs View Post
      You're better off ordering originals, a replica is after all just a replica, and not a very good one at that.
      It didn't say it was a replica anywhere.

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      i buy online from fb vendors often...

      originals and replica

      I would say try Naina's.. she really is amazin! she makes the dress exactly like you want and will let you know what material she will use and what kaam etc...

      another vendor i love is Azme couture.. she is really amazin, but the price is a bit high (too high sometimes)
      Fatima couture is also reliable and price wise really doable
      Kaprey shaprey is one of my favs! love her work!
      rangdey hinaly is also a good one, but i aint keen of her prices (she quotes really toooo high)
      and the last one i tried was style couture.. not a fan of!! prices are really high and at the end the designd didn't look like the model...

      a big NONONO is destyles (never ordered, but saw the reviews) and Pak rivayat... damn her tailors are like 10 year old kids! my dress had a sepperate upperbody ...and the body ened wayyyy above the picture-___-... she stitched the dress wrond (back side was the front side and front side was the back... and i wear a Small/Medium size.. she sew the dress XL sized! wthell -__-... kapra quality was reallyyy awfulllll aswell

      hope it helped
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      Guys please please don't order from Pakistan! It is really tempting I know seeing the beautiful dresses pictures they display and claim to make one exactly like it...these facebook group companies are usually fraud companies that take your money but send you something for less than half the cost it takes to make including shipping.

      I was sucked into that and bought something from a online retailer on facebook who put up pictures and said she will send it "exactly as is" I paid $300 plus $40 for shipping for two outfits. When they arrived in the mail, i'm not kidding you guys I wanted to throw up...they were sooo disgusting! the material was made with the worst cloth ever, you know the material they make like little toddlers salwar kameez, with cheap patti work....oh and the picture showed a light baby pink color, the color was EXACTLY like Pepto Bismal shocking neon pink for one of them, and the other which was a beautiful light peach in the picture came out to be a neon orange color...im not even kidding, the color that hindu swami's wear! The work was cheap bead/pearl work (I hate pearl!), These types of clothes wouldn't even be sold on the streets of pakistan.

      I knew I had been scammed and she wouldn't reply back to my complaint email, but shockingly the seller (Naheed) replied back and of course after being shocked that I didn't like it, told me I could mail them back and she will issue me the full refund along with my shipping charges.

      Like a retard (again) I mailed it back which cost me another $40, but I really didn't want to keep the clothes, and I took the risk to mail it back. The post office apparently doesn't give you a tracking number if you send it through the cheapest mailing option which was the $40. I couldn't afford more, and of course she claimed she never received the outfits, and accused me of keeping them and then asking for my money back! I was like uhh why would I WANT to keep your ugly clothes??!!! I worked so hard for that money and now its gone! She then deleted me and blocked me from her facebook group, and stopped replying to my emails. Ughhh my blood boils everytime I think of that incident!

      I feel that pakistan clothing companies knoww that they can make a HUGE profit by taking our money from dollars, pounds and making an outfit with the cheapest material in rupees, so they take advantage of that fact. They even quote you a quite high price in shipping claiming thats how much it will cost to ship it to you from Pakistan, yet they are keeping profit from that as well...Be careful guys! its not worth it! Replicas usually NEVER EVER come out exactly the same way you think it will look like...

      The SADDEST part about all this is that these people scamming us are MUSLIMS!! I mean don't they feel bad?! it's such a big sin to steal peoples money and conning them to overpay...it makes me sick!

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      100% agree, I stopped ordering after having few bad experiences, my biggest complain is that the vendors claim that they use pure chiffon and all but the materials everytime has been very cheap. I rather not wear latest trendy kapre than wasting my money.

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      I only order from someone I trust because unfortunately I have no other way of getting clothes and spending money on the ready made stuff here is not worth it.

      Who did you order from OP?

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      Quote Originally Posted by S and S View Post
      I only order from someone I trust because unfortunately I have no other way of getting clothes and spending money on the ready made stuff here is not worth it.

      Who did you order from OP?
      from pkgarments.

      so is it not worth buying from pakistan websites as they rip you off?

      Why was i so naive . For 144 i could have bought a gorgeous suit from here. I am GUTTED.

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      Quote Originally Posted by nadii86 View Post
      from pkgarments.

      so is it not worth buying from pakistan websites as they rip you off

      Why was i so naive . For 144 i could have bought a gorgeous suit from here. I am GUTTED.
      That's too much of generalization based on a single experience, don't you think?

      If I was going to make an online purchase, I'll check for the reviews of other buyers. If there are no reviews but I still wanted to experiment, I would rather make a small purchase first. There are lot of genuine providers on FB. They might not create original pieces and are probably going to create a replica of the catalog image they show you but they'll let you know. The price bracket of an original designer dress is quite high. Much higher than what you paid.
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      hey guys who unfortunately had bad experience with your clothes...you can now share them on facebook!!! Someone made a group called: "Bad online sellers, overcharging prices" and you can join and talk about your experiences..also read about other facebook sellers reviews who you were hesitant to buy from..

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      Princessville, ultimate destination Jannah, inshallah
      Whilst on the subject of companies to avoid ladies I suggest you avoid please please please avoid SHARIQ TEXTILES that represent lawn labels such as Rivaaj etc.

      Reason being you will recieve your suits BUT they won't send you out the amount of fabric advertised. I was told and read the suits had 1 metre for a certain part, was sent 1/2 instead.

      I contacted them time after time, and was told I should have checked and measured the items on arrival and expected the delivery bloke to wait whilst I measured 4 suits! Erm yeah right dudes, like a UK delivery blokey is going to wait? AND I should have then refused the delivery, and would basically lose delivery costs.

      So I suggest you DO NOT ORDER from them. Bunch of FRAUDS.
      Be patient (in adversity); for, verily, God will not let the reward of the righteous be wasted.
      The Holy Quran, Chapter 11, Verse 115

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      Apr 6, 2013
      Dear All


      It is very interesting to read your comments/experiences regarding clothing orders from Pakistan. As a vendor who is also providing clothing to clients worldwide, I apologize on behalf of my competitor. It is really unfortunate that some people are greedy and go for short cut. Instead they should do the right thing and make long-term clients.

      Having said that, some times, the clothing by itself is also not same as advertised as well and the vendor/supplier can not do anything about it.

      *advertisement deleted*

      Kind regards
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