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      Oct 6, 2000
      People, have you ever done it? I just sprayed desdorant in my eyes. I was trying to fix the squirt pump of this cursed underarm deodorant. It wouldnt squirt at all although I had just got it from Walmart. Now after an hour of experimentation which meant drills including positioning the can in different angles before spraying. I went as far as shaking the darned thing for continous 7 minutes. The Gilette deodorant wouldnt give in. I gave up the hardwork and thought this baby needs a little attenion maybe so while observing the nozzle of the GILLETTE ALL DAY "*****" realy closely. IT JUST WENT OFF ! Spraying the white cloudy sweet-smelling but at the same time gut-wrenching, which felt like pepper spray in my very eyes. I shrieked with utter pain and incredulity of the incident. I tried opening my eyes but it felt like I was going to bleed blood off my eyes- I shut em. I sat there sighing in pain, as if I somebody shoved killer ants up my nostrils. Friends to put the experience in words is like trying to explain your parents about your bad grades.

      I waited. But no avail. I just got up hoping I could rinse my eyes off. I had my eyes closed, and it was a shock to me how much my own house is so unwelcoming and strange with my eyes tightly shut. I suggest groping your way through the bathroom or kitchen. I stumbled my way through til I though I had reached the living room( bathroom was only a coupla feet away now).

      I stubbed my toe on the cricket bat right when I thought I had reached the bathroom. Arghh! Water helped the cause alot. But I was mad by then. I still couldnt figure out how to vent my anger and frustration which i went throughout this ghastly ordeal.

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      Apr 5, 2001
      Body in Toronto, Canada; Heart in London, UK; Soul in Karachi, Pakistan
      I stopped using Gilette spray back in summer of '97.... I was in Karachi and you know like how in summer there it's really humid? Well I sprayed the stuff on.... and in about 2 minutes the humidity turned it into a layer of sticky mush in my armpit.

      I HAVE never gone back to gillete sprays....
      Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.

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      Nov 5, 2000
      complain to the manufacturers... they might send you a few more defect cans as a present...

      Shakspeer kheta hai...

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      ^ Feline Fatale ^



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      Jul 16, 2000
      The Bundus
      oh my word, that sounds so painful! how are your eyes feeling now?
      A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.

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      Oct 6, 2000
      Luckily there is no sign today of any redness. Like nothing happened I can even wink http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/pagal.gif

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      Shehzadi Sahiba

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      Jun 1, 1998

      sowwy...i found this vewy funny

      now that u've tried deodorant.. try perfume, cooking oil, hair spray, and other such goodies. and then u can tell us which one is the most blinding.

      'tis good to know these things.. just in case one forgets her pepper spray at home.

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      *Subha ki pehli Kiran*


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      Oct 11, 2000
      deep blue sea
      ohh sorry to hear that ghoncho Ugh i would've have reacted exactly the way you reacted. Mad and frustrated! Hope ur feeling better and yeah sue the company!
      Save Pakistan.

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      Oct 6, 2000
      I could have started a protest walk against the deodorant companies. But then stinking people will be a new problems posed to society.

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