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      May 5, 2002
      So, I made rotis after many many months and they turned out ... oh so well. Those nice, thin, small phulkas.
      But, what if I want to keep them soft and intact so that I can eat them lets say next day. Though it is highly unlikely that I will do it or my ammi will appreciate it BUT sometimes one ends up making extra chapatis and so when no on'es around, like no massi; I for one would never throw it.

      So girly pearlies what do you do in situations like these? If ever you have faced such a situation.

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      The Bundus
      Freeze them if you want to use them say much later, and then to heat them up sprinkle some water on the frozen roti, wrap in a cloth and pop in microwave for about 30 seconds. They come out so nice and soft like that. Thats how we do the naans at home.

      Otherwise if they are brown ata rotis, I dont really see any point in keeping them for later, because those can only be eaten fresh.
      A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.

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      Sep 25, 2003
      If I ever think that There may be rotis left over I spread butter on them as they come off the pan. That way if there are any left over I just wrap them in foil and leave them until later or the next day. They taste really good as well.
      To heat up put them under the grill, I think that they get rubbery in the microwave.

      Thats what I do for parathas for sehri. I make them at night and heat them up at sehri time.

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      May 5, 2002
      Exactly Catty. We do the same. Actually we refrigerate rotis, if ever there are any left and when needed take 'em out, place them in a plastic bag and then keep them in the microwave.

      But as Nandu jee said they become rubbery after a while :-D

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      Oct 16, 2002
      lost soul freezing works

      hum log to kabhee kabhar yahi kerte haen aur agaly din fresh hi rehtee hay

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      Nov 13, 2002
      we do freez nans sometimes but rotis

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      Oct 6, 2003
      my mom makes roti and parata...100-200 at a time. Keeps some in the fridge others in the freezer and we just pop them into the oven (toaster ovens are great) and they taste like they were freshly made!

      make sure you use a plastic/ziplock type bag to keep them moist and fresh.

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      Oct 16, 2002
      Originally posted by MehRos:
      we do freez nans sometimes but rotis
      haanji mehroo aapi aap try kerna...
      sometimes we make them at night and then freeze them and then take them for lunch for next day...
      takreeban fresh hi rehti haen...thhora asani se toot jati haen lekin itna khas fark naheen parta

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