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      Nov 6, 2008
      Okey i never thought i am ever gona have such a weird craving... so today i have had a craving for palak paneer and makai ki roti

      i was working on new task given by my manager related to production dashboard, while i was punching in numbers, all of the sudden i had this craving for saag/palak (to me both are same thing..do explain me the difference)

      I need (good tried and tasted) recipes for palak paneer or saag whichever taste better and makai ki roti

      plz keep in mind i have never ever tried these two recipes before so please do explain all the steps if u can and the quantity as well.
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      Nov 23, 2007
      At home
      palak, methi, sarson are all types of saags.
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      Dec 30, 2008
      I've wondered that myself. And I've searched on the Internet. And this is what I've found. When you cook palak........the only vegetable you are using is SPINACH...and to this you might add meat, aaloo, or paneer. But spinach is the sole green that you will use.

      on the other hand refers to a salan which contains a MIXTURE of spinach (palak) and OTHER GREENS such as mustard greens, (methi), brocolli rabe. So basically PALAK is only spinach whereas SAAG is a mixture.

      In my opinion, I like the taste of Palak better. The saag stuff is just too mushy and tastes tooo strong for me. I especially like it when my mom cooks it using frozen packaged spinach. I like palak paneer as well. My mom just cooks palak the regular way and in the end she throws in paneer cubes and cooks them in the salan.

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      Nov 6, 2008
      and how do u prepare it "regular way"?
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      Dec 30, 2008
      Quote Originally Posted by annymou5 View Post
      and how do u prepare it "regular way"?

      What I meant is that just cook the palak in the usual way that you cook it and throw in the paneer cubes at the end. My mom cooks it with garlic, onions, the usual masalas, and tomatoes, which she fries up. And then she adds the frozen chopped spinach and lets that cook up. Somtimes she adds yogurt to the mixture. But I've heard her say that you have a choice of either using tomatoes or yogurt. And after the oil rises a bit to the surface, she adds the paneer cubes and cooks them for a few minutes. Tada, she's done. Hope that made sense. I'm still learning how to cook But you're the expert chef, known for your cooking in your family, so just cook spinach in the style that you're used to and add paneer

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      Nov 6, 2008
      but Red the embarrasing thing is that i have never ever cooked palak or saag and makai ki roti ..... thats y need some gud recipe...

      i am off from work now.... so on my way home i am gona buy some palak and makai ka ata.... and will come back here to check if some was kind enough to share a proper recipe....

      I have two hours to break my fast so i hope its enough to cook all of this
      It's better to give than to receive. Especially advice. ;)

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      Dec 30, 2008
      There's nothing embarrassing about that Annymou We can't know every recipe in the world right? If I find anything for makai ki roti, I will post it. But for right now, here's palak paneer.

      From your local desi market, you can either buy paneer that is not prefried, or you can buy paneer that is already prefried (I prefer pre-fried because it saves time). But if you buy the one that is not already fried, then FIRST fry up the paneer cubes until they are a little bit light golden. Then drain the cubes on a paper towel and set it aside.

      Now here are the ingredients:

      1 medium onion, chopped
      1 teaspoon chopped garlic or use garlic paste
      1 teaspoon garam masala
      1 teaspoon red chili powder
      1/4 teaspoon haldi
      Salt according to your taste.
      1 teaspoon ginger (optional)
      1 lb frozen spinach
      I chopped tomato OR 1/2 cup yogurt.

      Saute onions in a pan with 3 tablespoons of oil. Add and fry garlic, garam masala, ginger and chili powder. Then add spinach and tomatoes. Lower heat and cook 20-30 minutes; until spinach cooks down into a almost paste-like consistency. Raise heat and "simmer" until the oil floats to the top. Then add the paneer cubes.

      Anny, tomatoes ki jagah u can also use 1/2 cup yogurt. My mom likes to use 1/2 yogurt instead of tomatoes. Lekin I prefer the taste of tomatoes. Some people think its better to add 1/2 cup yogurt instead to reduce the iron quantity in spinach and also because yogurt has a more thanda/cool affect on body. If you decide to use yogurt, then pehle spinach ko bhun lo phir baad main add 1/2 cup yogurt. So, first cook the spinach until it become a paste-like consistency, then add the yogurt. It's up to you, you can pick tomatoes or yogurt. It's a fairly easy dish to make. Once you make it, you'll b comfortable enough to do it again and again

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      Nov 6, 2008
      thanks so much Red.....

      even though it was kinda late but i'll try this recipe nxt time....

      can u ask ur mom if she knows how to make Makai ki Roti ?
      It's better to give than to receive. Especially advice. ;)

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      Nov 29, 2005
      Im from Joizee
      Any not sure where you live, but here in NJ, in the local supermarket like Pathmark they sell something similar to makai ki roti in the mexican food section. Its little round corn rotis (not tortillas), you can check the ingredients, it should be only corn/salt/water.....i tried them previous weekend with saag n they were pretty good.

      As for saag, this is how I make it. I don't use mustard greens as I hate the strong semi bitter taste of em. I use one 20 oz pack of frozen brocolli and one 10 oz pack of frozen spinach. I place in a pot and cover with water and bring to a boil. To this add just 3-4 cloves of garlic chopped, salt, pepper, chopped green pepper. Let it boil till tender and water is pretty much dried out. Once tender mash it up with a spoon or masher. Add 1 tablespoon of wheat flour to about 1/2 cup water and mix well. While the saag is on low heat, stir in the flor mixture, while mixing rapidly so lumps arent formed. On the side take 3-4 more cloves of garlic, slice them thinly. Fry the garlic in about 3 tablespoons of oil till brown. This is the "tharka". Add this to the saag mixture. Mix n serve.

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      Dec 30, 2008
      Makai ki Roti

      2 cups: Maize flour (corn meal)
      1 fistful: Plain flour
      1 tsp: Oil
      Salt to taste
      Water to knead


      Mix maize flour (corn meal), oil and salt.
      Knead in a soft pliable dough, adding very little water at a time.
      When the dough is very smooth and soft, bread a lump.
      Shape into a ball, flatten and pat with palm, to make a thin roti.
      Use dry plain flour to help. Or roll with a rolling pin.
      Take care to dust with flour and lift and turn to avoid sticking.
      Place on a heavy iron or earthen griddle and roast till crisp.
      Repeat on both sides. Repeat for all rotis.
      Cover and line with napkins to keep warm.
      Drizzle with ghee or butter if desired.

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