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      Mar 22, 2009
      i want to make the spring rolls myself, and samaosa, can you guys tell me how you made the keema filling, and veg filling, and also how yo make the pastry...
      i would prefer the ready made pastry sheets, but dunno how to then make it with the sheets, do i just unwrap a sheet, and put some filling in and twist into a triangle shape....helpppppppppppppppp


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      Jun 1, 2007
      erm ok , for samosas you can buy sheets dont know what compony but they usually have some chinese writing on them , you can get from your local tesco and asda.

      there are usually instructions on the back of the pack on how to roll them , its not hard.

      for the keema filling , add all spices , ginger garlic , and water to keema , put on stove , when water dries up add a little oil , try to use as little oil as possible , bhoon it add peas to it if you want , and when peas are cooked ur filling is ready.

      with any filling you make , make sure its dry and has little oil in it , as the samosa sheets are thin and you dont want oil to be leaking .

      you can also make puff pasties, you get ready to roll out filo pastry in asda / tesco . let it defrost roll out like a big roti ( square shape ) until its an even surface. cut into little squares , add your filling ( chicken and cheese , or sausage ) fold up to make a little square , press ends together . add grease proof paper to an oven tray , greasy it with a little butter or oil and put the puff pastries in for 10/15 minutes .

      they shud puff up and be ready to eat,

      yum im sooo hungry.

      hope this helps atleast a little.
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      Nov 2, 2009
      here is what my MIL does...its easy and tastes awesome

      she makes keema but does not put a tomato in to reduce the water in it so its easy to fill the samosa. when its done and has cooled, she mixes in finely chopped onions and some lemon juice.

      you dont need to mess with any pastry sheets. If you can get your hands on tortillas, you can cut them in half to make half circles. then you can seal one side using egg whites, fill it, then seal the open seam. let it dry well for an hour at least so the egg "glue" dries.
      when you deep fry it, you cant even tell its a tortilla and it tastes amazing.
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      Dec 1, 2007
      ^ tortillas work great. thats what my mom uses!

      for paste- you can also use an atta/water glue.

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      Oct 6, 2003
      Interesting. I never heard of using tortillas! I've always used those Chinese egg roll wraps you can get at the supermarket. I fill it also with keema and onions because my picky family won't eat anything else.

      But for mysef, I put green peas, cabbage, bean sprouts, shredded carrots all cut long and thin then stir fried slightly so it's still a bit crispy. Because the inside is so healthy, I can justify a little frying. We only have this a couple times a year. Too greasy.

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