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      Apr 14, 2005
      maybe this belongs in the health forum.. i dunno

      but i cant think straight at the moment so I'll post it here..

      how is it that when men get sick, they cannot cope with anything at all? They mope like 2 year olds.. actually, even my 2.5 year old doesnt give me that much drama... she'll whinge and moan a lil, but nothing a lil distraction cant solve... where as tha man... dont get me started

      when im sick, the only thing... the ONLY thing i am exempt from is cooking/cleaning.... actually not even cleaning. Cus when im sick, i want everythign clean so i will go about picking things up, washing things. I still bathe the bubz, look after all her needs.. everything.

      Whereas the man... life just stops. Period.

      Obviously, men and women are phsyically different. But considering, they are a lot bigger than us (in most cases.. maybe not in the older desi generation where women are about 10kg heavier).. why do they not cope better than us?

      men, pls explain
      happy happy happy... happy happy happy

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      Sep 7, 2008
      i think they have their own way of seeking revenge from women who moan about monthly cycles and see how they like it

      or...... the poor little boy wants some TLC.. say aawwwwww

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      Now there is a 3rd kind , check my avatar. We are looking for more ...
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      Aug 14, 2009
      chhajje waali ke chhajje ke neeche
      love to be pampered...thats the time when wives are kinder and gentler i guess so they exploit it to teh fullest haha. women get attention 24/7 i suppose! bhaiyo, saHeeH farmaayaa na maiN ne?
      tum apne Hisse kii thoRii sii Biryaanii mujhe de do
      haDDiyaaN le lo tum, boTii dilbarjaanii mujhe de do

      a mazaaHiya she'r by: ME

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      Apr 14, 2005
      ^ yeah i doooooooont think so.

      when we are sick.. we're still doing stuff... not bed-ridden... and most women dont drop dead at "that time of the month" either.

      we work, we take care of the bache laug... along with the big bacha too. So, no i dont think this justifies the moping at all.

      And TLC.. that can be given regardless. Just ask for it
      happy happy happy... happy happy happy

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      Because I am sick. I demand TLC. And I deserve it. That simple.

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      Feb 14, 2009
      A little headache or sore throat is not 'sick' for men, maybe?

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      Quote Originally Posted by sadzzz View Post
      Whereas the man... life just stops. Period.

      men, pls explain
      Now please keep in mind that what goes on in your own world or what you may have heard of, is not necessarily what happens everywhere else.

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      Not really true I have to say, my husband even if he is sick will still go to work, he will do the work in the home, this weekend he had fever, headache and a bad stomach, monday he went off to work, where as I would have taken the whole week off.

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      just another member.....

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      in a dark, dark room, down a dark, dark stair.....
      I've seen both.
      Hubby hits the bed and moans for his mother......
      Brothers keep going with their daily routine.

      Guess it depends on how you have been brought up. Ammi was a nurse so she didn't let a viral infection or cold/low-grade fever keep us down.

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      Sadzz - I totally agree. My brother and my dad are the same way. Whinos!

      Hubby acts like he is in WWII when it's allergy season

      I think it's the guilt factor in women.

      Women have too much of it. Even though we are dying of pain - it would kill us if we didn't take care of the children's needs first.
      A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

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      Feb 19, 2005
      i agree with you sadzzz... sometimes they just do too much drama even if they have flu..
      Majbori ka dosra naam 'Shukriya'

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      Jun 26, 2007
      i think some men are like that because males in general and brought up to be the "tough guy", so they like the babying any chance they get. they like the pampering and they like to act like they're dying when they just have a fever. i don't have a husband but i know many men like that. if my future husband acts the same way, i don't think i'd really mind, if he wants to be babied, i'll baby him :-) (only if works both ways ofcourse)

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      Dec 30, 2008
      I remember a nurse telling me that she had noticed how men are usually the bigger babies when it comes to getting blood tests. Perhaps this was JUST her own experience...............but it was funny.

      Although I'm none too fond of needles myself but for the most part, they're bearable.

      It could have to do with upbrining. Is some desi families, the one and only son, is the laadla and pampered rotten. And in other desi families.....sons.....(regardless of their number).......are generally pampered and spoiled and babied. So they get used to this treatment.

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      Sep 24, 2009
      Well there are both kind of men, the ones who wouldnt utter the world and the ones who would let hell loose. Its all about how lucky you get in getting the Mr Right

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