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      ~Dream Quasher~


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      Dec 22, 2000
      Always a problem in any refugee camp.

      Living in Peshawar my childhood, I don't think the profession was in discretion. Maybe the reporter didn't have the right access.

      Inside a Peshawar brothel

      .... the oldest profession operates with discretion bordering on invisibility.

      But I had been told in the refugee camps around the city that some destitute women coming over the border from Afghanistan had turned to selling sex to support their children.
      The younger - just 22 - had arrived a couple of months earlier from Afghanistan - from a village north of Kabul. She pulled nervously at her clothes, her head modestly covered with a white voile shawl as she told me her husband and parents had been killed in the war.
      The price for her shame is thousands of rupees. A pretty young woman like this can earn more than a $150 a month, a fortune compared to any other work. But some older women are reduced to selling sex for less than two dollars
      I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
      - Robert McCloskey

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      Oct 23, 2001
      Ahmadjee, thank you for sharing that article. It truly was an eye opener. Its astounding how helpless and useless one feels after reading such stories, I hope Allah gives these women and rest of those who are suffering valor and forgiveness, because SADLY society will never as stated in the article.

      It’s a double standard though in that who is to blame for the loss of innocence, humility, and sanguinity that one day life will be fair and normal, surely not the innocent women. Is it the Taliban, because perhaps if these women were given the opportunity to obtain an education they would not have to stoop to this as a means of survival, or is it the U.S. who has put them in this position by killing their guardians or husbands?


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      Dec 17, 2001
      What is the point of this thread.?

      or is it some sadistic voyerism into curious vicarious pleasure

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      Jun 10, 2001
      If education was the key problem here, why do we have prostitution in the West and other countries where there are no Taliban like rulers? Where there is education, freedom and equal opportunities for all? For example, how many prostitutes are there in Peshawar compared to New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bombay? No, I do not doubt their difficulties and their problems, may God protect us all.

      If you take your personal home-camera and roam around the streets of some western city, you will find more young girls prostituting and stripping their cloths of just so they can support themselves to get the education they desire then going around Peshawar or Kabul finding women prostituting just so they or their children can live.

      Compare the two, what is more important here, desired education or survival? The answer, not so good.

      We don’t see any special reports on that do we? I call it hypocrisy.

      There are many women from Afghanistan in many cities of Pakistan working hard and washing dishes making their lives. The only difference is that these women make $1 day, while the women who choose to prostitute more.

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      Nov 28, 2001
      Boston, MA
      http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/eek.gif Whaa??

      Prostitution is an unfortunate, cancer on HUMANITY.

      As long as there are men, there will always be prostitution.

      I'm not being specifically hard only on men, because it is always a two way street with both sexes responsible.

      I guess I'll do the umpopular thing and lay out the cold, hard facts:

      Prostitution cuts through all cultures, societies, races and religions. The frequency or legality may vary but the despicable "profession" is existant in every country, corner of the world and will continue as it has continued through time.

      The man for whom law exists - the man of forms, the conservative -is a tame man.
      - Thoreau

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      Nov 1, 1998
      I don't think prostitution is the only way out.

      Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!

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      Jul 14, 2000
      relocation, relocation
      Very unfortunate, these Afghani women have been used horribly, some as young as 13 years old....in fact the traditional red light areas used to despise them for undercutting the buisness!

      One famous madam in Peshawar is so powerful when she was arrested by this clean officer, she got out within 24 hours after making one call to the Secretariat..and got the officer transferred to swat the next day!!
      How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?

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      ~Dream Quasher~


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      Dec 22, 2000
      Pakistan is not strong enough economically that it can give safe haven to the influx of refugees that enter its borders.

      The humanitarians of UN or others think that giving something to them to eat & keeping their lives going will take care of the problem but they are wrong.

      The women or men can survive easily if they work hard but like any other human these refugees want more in life than just bread. Consequently, they do things, which they wouldn't do under normal conditions.

      Prostitution is not the only evil that progresses within these communities. They become more violent to each other & stealing becomes a pass time! They start appriciating 'free stuff' & lose their sense of integrity.

      Surely not all ....
      I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
      - Robert McCloskey

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      MaN WiTh tHe pLaN

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      Dec 18, 2000
      Such a degradation of women http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/frown.gif Makes me go really http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/frown.gif Really sad that they have to resort to this kind of things to survive.

      Another http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/frown.gif


      ~Survival of the smartest~

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