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      Aug 14, 2001
      Why do so many people have skin problems ?

      1. I have yet to see a person with smooth and healthy looking skin.

      2. I was wondering if some of these skin problems are family based, genetically inherited to the next generations ?

      3. Is it right that people that live in warm areas have better skin then people living in cold climate areas.

      What do you do for your skin ?

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      Dec 5, 2002
      People genrally have skin condition due to lack of sun and polluted environment, hectic lifestyle, diet that is not fresh and is contaminated with additives etc. I have the usual t-zone problem sometimes but my skin condition improves dramatically (the way it loks and feels) when i go to pakistan. But then i tend not to be indoors alot and drinks heaps of water when i am in pak so thats the main difference i think.

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      Aug 14, 2001
      Rhia, thanks for anwering. Yes you are right, about hectic lifestyle and the other things that you mentioned causes skin troubles. I also feel that my skin is a lot better when in pak.

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      Oct 16, 2002

      Saadia aapi i have skin problems too

      me skin used to be so clear and spotless before i came to america

      since i came here moonh pe spots hona shuru ho gayay

      its the worst thing coz i feel it gives ur face a not so clean look

      i think its aab o hawa, diet, exercise, sleeping patterns and stress levels that affect skin....

      i have some friends and cousins tho who have the worst of all the above but still have perfect skin

      i wish my skin could be clear again

      p.s. aur baalon ka toh poochein hi mat mera avatar hi dekh ke andaza lag sakta hay

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      Aug 1, 2000
      use egg yolk on your face as a mask one a day for ten minutes. then gradually use it less and less as yer face gets better. it has vitamin e in it and is very good for acne.

      or try a lemon juice rub after washing your face with warm-hot water. leave it on for 4-5 minutes and wipe away with a wet cloth. leaves you refreshed. finish with a moisterizer.

      carrots have beta carotene in them that colors your skin..and it can last in your system for weeks/months. be careful of your intake. (but they are also good for vision, so don't cut them of completely).

      and sip water all day long. keep a bottle with you wherever.

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      Aug 28, 2001
      Saadia, healthy skin isn't related to genetics. My skin is fine, my middle sister's isn't (she gets zits/pimples from time to time), and my youngest sister's is mashallah very smooth and healthy.

      Stay stress-free, drink a lot of water, exercise, and stay out of the sun for good skin.

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      Jun 16, 2001
      Alhamdulillah i have no skin problem.......n its not only me but all my sisters n most of cousins ......we all have smooth n healthy skin

      best thing is to check your diet ......as everyone tells
      but i think the thing which helps us in this sense is that whenever there is a change in weather.....our family starts taking some special desi items ......dunno what they call kachoor in english but we all used to take it for a week or so at least twice an year.......likein march/april and then in october/november
      n its not only kachoor but some other things too .......the common property is 'bitterness'.......these all r herbs n too bitter but as they say .....prevention is better than cure

      another thing ......we all were always encouraged to eat KARAYLAY for the same reason

      i dunno if you can find kachoor etc. here in europe but 'safi' is a good alternative for that n is available in desi stores

      n i don't use soap for my face too often .......actually i use it perhaps once a week or so .......now i'm too lazy to do things like applying masks etc. ..... i don't evenlook in the mirror daily .......but before marriage everyone in my family was encouraged to use our home made lotion at night before going to bed ...... ..ammi really took effort for us n i think that is paying off now ....

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      Aug 8, 2002
      Saadia, my friends have FANTASTIC skin. The to die for versions Flawless, smooth and simply perfect. Mine is a different story tho.
      I buckled, but i didn't break

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      Mar 25, 2002
      yh i think it has something to do with the our environment and our diet,
      evrytime i go Pakistan i come back with perfect skin but give it another few weeks and my spots are back!

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      Apr 5, 2005
      Sesame Street
      I have nice skin (I hope I didn't just jinx myself). I just make sure to wash off my make-up every day before I go to bed, if not sooner in the day. I used to use Oil of Olay daily face wash, but lately I've just been using soap. Apparently, basic soap (like Dove/Irish Spring) isn't good for your skin but mine is fine.

      I can go in the sun for hours and my skin will tan .... but I won't get blotches or anything like that.

      However, if I eat greasy foods or boxes of chocolate, then I will get a pimple here and there.

      Just wash your face regularly, drink water and don't stress too much. Stress causes pimples too.

      I think it is true that people in warmer climates have better skin. I can't talk about Pakistan since I went when I was 4 years old, but when I was in Mexico last year, my skin was radiant .... it was glowing. Came back to Canada and it is fine .... but dull in comparison.
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      Apr 8, 2001
      My home
      Why do so many people have skin problems ?
      - Skin is one of the vital organs..and its one of the visible ones..so i guess whatever goes wrong with it..we can see it..for eg..if something minor happens inside your body..you won't know..until you can feel the pain..but with skin..anything minor is visible.

      1. I have yet to see a person with smooth and healthy looking skin.
      - i have seen people with healthy skin :-)

      2. I was wondering if some of these skin problems are family based, genetically inherited to the next generations ?
      - i did read some information on this question..and yes some skin deseases/problems are linked with genetics.

      3. Is it right that people that live in warm areas have better skin then people living in cold climate areas.
      -climate does effect us as humans..for eg..i read that the beaches in australia have a higher risk related to skin cancers due to the ozone layer..extreme cold and extreme hot climates both have their effects..over exposure to the sun, wind, or cold leads to dry..cracked skin..and predisposes the person to wrinkling..and extreme moisture and heat can lead to moist skin. Every skin type is different..so its hard to put in words..what climate suits what person..as far as i read..the tropical climate is the best climate for any skin type.

      What do you do for your skin ?
      -I guess i don't do much..i think lot of people in my extended family are blessed with great skins..i try to stay away from sun as much as possible in the summer..and whenever i am out i use sunscreen. I don't use soap and whenever i have to use a product i prefer using the products that contain natural ingredients..or i prefer using home made products (when i feel like doing something)..my philosophy is that instead of using product why not use natural things..so you get the best out of them in terms of nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. so when i use scrubs or masks..i just pick a recipe from net..and make them. Also, i don't wear any makeup..at most i'll wear a lip balm with sunscreen..and a moisturizer. The times i feel that my skin is producing oil in summer..i just dab an oil absorbing sheet over the face.


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      Aug 14, 2001
      Great replies Thanks girls. I might be trying or avoiding some of the things mentioned to get the required skin. My skin is alright but sometimes I get pimples, (mostly one on the nose or cheek) which does not go away for days, it hurts plus it looks very bad.

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