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      Apr 30, 2005
      Hello Everyone....i am new to GUPSHUP.....
      Actually i applied in PAF as GDP and cleared there initial iq , academic and medical tests and waiting for ISSB Call.......So anyone can give any instructions about further tests.......THANX

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      Jun 2, 2003
      Welcome to GS Usman.
      and many congratulations on getting through the first series of strict screening procedures.

      The ISSB is going to be the major thing. youre fit enough generally and medically to have made it this far, now the ISSB will determine each and every side of you for 4 days to see if youre fit for the armed forces or not. which ISSB centre are you closest too? Kohat, Gujranwala or Malir (Karachi)? from last year at initial stages for GDp candidates the PAF also introduced a flying aptitude test. did you go through that? what was it like?

      As far the ISSB is concerned, the biggest and most imp advice that any ISSB going person should stick to is being natural, honest, your own self, bold and dynamic, energetic and full of initiative and having the abillity to think quick, in a group, on your own, under command and while in command. all these traits might sound far seeming like this, but believe me, we are all rich in these qualities, so the few traits that bring all other qualities above are honesty, confidence and faith in self and God, all else follows. just know that the officers there are extremely smart people. they are sent there to select the future leaders of the nation's forces, the want the very best. and they know who the best is and know where one lacks or excels. no need to be nervous or intimidated by anyone or anyhting at all. take it like a fun trip. the more one makes a deal out of it, the more chances of messing things up. and believe me these 4 days will be a lifetime experience and even when you become an air marshall 30 yrs from now you'd recall the 4 days at ISSB.

      as far as the various tests are concerned, dont take any course certain ppl offer; the are illegal and spoil one's natural temperament and adulterate the instincts one has and when a response is fabricated, the officers know and they tend to reject pretenders right away!
      just get yourself a good instruction book for the ISSB tests, the ones published by some publisher called 'Dogar Sons' or smthng seems to be quite popular. the first day is arrival and lots of form filling with a lot of information giving out about you, your background and stuff. misrepresentation is caught very easily and says alot about a person's character, so being consistent and honest is the best policy. next day there are written aptitude tests and personality analysis type of quizzes that the psychologists conduct and the results of the intellience/ aptitude tests are decalred within half hour and those who meet the mark stay for the remaining 3 days and take the remainign tests while those who fall short are asked to return. then groups are formed of about 8-10 ppl and youre given group tasks full of adventure and fun. then you have a command task one by one. and a bunch of other tasks to be done. I'm not sure of thr order they are all conducted in at the moment. next day there are the physical obstacles; 9 in all, to be done in 2 mins and if repeated, they add more points. after that there's an interview with the deputy commandant a Lt Colonel or Wg Cdr rank officer. again being honest and confident is the key. having a positve mind frame is a must. pessimists are always a liability. now the officer might ask you all sorts of questions, personal, absurd, highly tough and intellectual, keeping the cool is imp too. next day you have more tasks and then during the day your Group Testing Officer (GTO) a Major or Sqn Ldr rank officer, who would be incharge fo the group of 8 or so ppl that you'd be in, would conduct a small informal interview during a task. now all the time, while youre doing any task or filling a form or in an interview each and every move and gesture is noted in the folder the officers carry. they dont know you, they dont ask your names, they know you by numbers you wear on yor chests. so no biases or prejudices there. simple straight performance analysis. then there are aslo some group discussions with the GTO and a Psychiatrist. the last day some are called for second interviews, but that has nothing to do with slecetion or rejection. though many speculate things in one direction or another but there hasnt been enough consistency to prove anyhting as a rule. later youre sent home and after 3-4 days you receive the ISSB decision by mail. Note that those not selected to be sent to the academy at ISSB are NOT considered rejected or failed as even reaching the ISSB in the first place is an accomplishment enough. Candidates 'Not Reccomended' (in that batch) for selection by the board are advised to appear nest session, as the board feels they could make it. Plus, ISSB is not the last obstacle, there's the final medical checkup after ISSB for selected cadets and the toughest is for the GDp cadets. Plus as all ISSB commandants say, not becoming a soldier is not the end of the world. so all have to prepare for the worst yet hope for the best!

      i'm not exactly sure of the order that all mentioned tests are conducted in currenlty, but this is basically all that happens. hope it helps and if you need any further info or guidance at all feel free to ask.

      Best luck and wish to see you in the blue shirt and olive overalls!
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      Very very thanx haris zubairi for giving me some important instructions about ISSB test.......And you asked about flying aptitude test.......They conduct it after final medical checkup at CMB PAF masroor not in initial stages of selection or before ISSB........Thanx again for your response i also want to know what they check stirckly at final medical or what are the Medical standards of GDP's in PAF if u know about that...........

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      London & Lahore
      Haris has given a good quick info, being gone through these tests, i have learnt some things you need to think about. it may not look obvious.. be a good observer of environment. 1 question interviewer asked me what is "Namaz Ishraq" ? i didnt know the answer, but later found out in the mosque on site has a big chart displayed about it. i didnt visit the mosque before the interview but after, so I can imagine why they asked me this.
      other one, dont lie, if you lie then be confident and stick to it. dont make over writing on froms. cause it caused a series of questions more thrown at me in interview. i was hiding something in forms but then i spoke truth in interview - bad point for me.

      rest you will enjoy the stay with nice guys from all over the country.
      group discussion, group exercises, one to one with GTO, and final interview and 3 min hurdle challenge.
      GTO in 1-to-1 will ask you some personality questions, what color you like or hate and why? etc . what will you do if you dont get selected? why you think PAF will hire you and trust u with big investment for training and F 16s?
      read about planes used by PAF, ranks of armed forces.

      be positive, confident, take initiative. Good Luck

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      Jun 2, 2003
      true, the personal questions during the interviews are way tricky and losing nerve or showing stress or even over confidence could smudge the report.

      Usman, so any ideas yet what the flying aptitude test is going to be like? what'll they do, put one in a simulator or shake with some minor G force?
      About the final medical, well it's supposed to be the toughest for Pilots, but generally above everything else, the eye sight will again be of major focus, then they'd screen you with blood tests ect for any diseases, past, present or any tendencies of developing any in future. lungs and heart functioning and the blood pressure seem to be of vital importance. i'd say you start making your body used to some regular exhaustive exercise like long jogs etc so your heart rates and blood presures are in good limits when you take the tests. other than that pretty normal stuff, they want people in good shape not bionic men, so dont stress out at all, you'll make it inshAllah!
      and, even after one's selected there are medical exams every six months or so and those not meeting the standard are transferred to other branches. so staying in shape is also very imp.

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      Jun 27, 2005
      Salam everyone
      I am new at Gup Shup, I have been reading the above threads regarding to the entrance in PAF and they are really very useful, GUD WORK
      can anyone please tell me the initial stages of the test??, -----------coz i m intending to apprear in upcoming entry test to join PAF as GDP, --------------will the test just be based on Intelligense or Phy/Eng as well. ??

      so i can prepare fully for the test

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      Quote Originally Posted by usman_paf
      Hello Everyone....i am new to GUPSHUP.....
      Actually i applied in PAF as GDP and cleared there initial iq , academic and medical tests and waiting for ISSB Call.......So anyone can give any instructions about further tests.......THANX

      best wishes 2 u

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      salam everone:
      Good luck to all of the members who r going for the test!!!! I love my Pakistan!!!!

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      Oct 17, 2005
      what is PAF means is it Pakistan After funeral or its a terrorist test
      gush apnay ko

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      Hey man check this site, it has very good information. Love boy you can kiss me ass.

      Back to the topic
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      London & Lahore
      its quite a while now, how was your ISSB??

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