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      Altaf marries the next MQM chairperson?

      Salman Hussein
      says the MQM is trying to give political dimension to its supremo's


      The surprise wedding of MQM's self-exiled supremo, Altaf Hussein, with
      Faiza Gabol, a cousin of former Sindh Assembly speaker, Nabil Gabol, has
      generated almost as much interest in Karachi as did Ms Benazir Bhutto's
      1987 marriage with Asif Zardari in Sindh.

      Observers also find the marriage politically significant and some have
      already tipped Faiza as the next chairperson of Mutahidda Qaumi
      Movement. "I can become a bridge between the Mohajirs and the Sindhis,"
      Faiza told a cheering crowd on the telephone. The crowd had gathered at
      Nine-Zero, Altaf's house in Karachi, to hear their exiled leader and his
      new bride.

      Sources say since the murder of Azeem Tariq, the MQM chairman, Altaf
      Hussain has not been able to nominate his successor. Even Dr Imran
      Farooq, the party's secretary general, who remained underground for over
      five years before surfacing about two years back, has not been elevated
      to that slot. The vice-chairman, Saleem Shehzad, too, has little chance
      of returning to Pakistan and could not be named as the slain Tariq's

      However, there are other senior leaders like Aftab Sheikh and former
      senator Nasreen Jalil who could be elevated to this slot. Observers
      disagree on the reaction of the rank and file to a possible nomination
      of Faiza as the party's chairperson. While some say that the cadres
      would accept it, others point to the fact that Faiza may not be
      acceptable to an ethnic party.

      Interestingly, while Faiza's surname makes her out to be a Sindhi
      Baloch, in reality she is neither. Her parents are Punjabi Maliks and
      originally belong to Sahiwal in central Punjab. Her father, Malik Faisal
      has been an MQM worker and runs a construction business. There is a
      marital connection between the Gabols and Faiza's family and her
      maternal grandmother was a Gabol.

      Independent observers believe that the political twist that is being
      given to the marriage is an after-thought. It was a normal wedding but
      then someone thought of making political capital out of it, they say.

      According to exclusive information available to TFT Altaf Hussain first
      took the decision to marry Faiza in 1996 during the PPP government.
      However, the matter was postponed because of the murder of Altaf's
      brother. The moving spirit behind the decision was Altaf's
      sister-in-law. She thought that he should get married and lead the
      movement. The issue had to be postponed again following the killings of
      many MQM militants during the operation against the party. The matter
      was taken up again after the February 1997 elections and went on until
      the murder of Hakim Said when it had to be postponed yet again because
      of the political turn of the events. The MQM broke away from its
      alliance with the PML and the Jatoi government nearly fell because of

      Then came the military coup in October 1999. "It has been one thing
      after another," says an insider. Finally it seems that Altaf, 48,
      decided to go ahead and marry the 28-year-old Faiza. At that moment, it
      appears, it was also decided to give the whole affair a political
      dimension. However, from the way the new bride spoke to the MQM workers,
      it seems she has taken to the world of politics like a duck to water.

      To her advantage, the Gabols seem to accept her. "She is among the Gabol
      family and this is a fact," said former speaker of the Sindh Assembly,
      Nabil Gabol, while talking to TFT. "She is my cousin and it would be
      naive to disown that fact," he said. Some observers say Faiza looks all
      set to play a role in politics and may even attract a good audience in
      the interior of Sindh, particularly among Sindhi or non-Mohajir

      There are also reports that she is expected to be in Karachi at the time
      of the municipal elections in urban Sindh and would be accorded a
      welcome similar to what would have been given to Altaf Hussain. The MQM
      is planning to gather a million people to receive her and also use the
      occasion for a show of strength by taking over the city.

      TFT has learnt that the news surprised the various intelligence
      agencies, which are now busy collecting details and trying to find out
      the people behind the move. In this regard the name of writer Fatima
      Surraya Bajia's family has also reportedly emerged. Others instrumental
      in facilitating the marriage include the MQM's old advisor, Ahmed
      Maqsood Hameedi and former finance advisor, Sardar Ahmed.

      The way the wedding was kept secret also shows that the MQM's
      organisational strength and the ability to keep things under wraps is
      still intact. Until the performing of the nikah ceremony, the news was
      not leaked from the party headquarters in London. In the past, the MQM
      has shown how secretive the party can be. This was proved when Dr Imran
      Farooq emerged from hiding after six years.



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      Indira Gandhi allowed sanjay Gandhi to marry Meneka Gandhi b/c she was from sikh /punjabi race & army is dominanated atleast inhigher echeleon by them in70sArmy was the only fear of Gandhi though unfounded in a country like India where NO BODY IS INCINTROLlol he he he

      Houe of sauds managed to consiolidate power whole of Arabia peninsula by marrying rival kingdoms.

      Akbar wisely married into the ony challenger to his miuliutary Rajout ,by marrying Jodha Bai

      Looks klike it Works!!!!!


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      Someone is too keen on Altaf Hussain ? Array bhai, is ka khulasa kiya hai?

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      Who is Altaf Hussian?

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      Originally posted by Insaaniat:

      Who is Altaf Hussian?

      He is leader of Mohajir in Pakistan consisting of 20 -25 millions Indian Muslims who had to leave India for 'shelter' refuge >refugee>Mohajir (arabic)in Pakistan after partition of India dileaneted by British Surveyor Radcliff under Mt.Batten last Viceroy of British India & later appointed by India Gov.General of India for about First 6 months of post independent Bharat (india minus Pakistan)

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      any one knows the where about of faiza gabool ? :P

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      Quote Originally Posted by Azad Munna View Post

      He is leader of Mohajir in Pakistan consisting of 20 -25 millions Indian Muslims who had to leave India for 'shelter' refuge >refugee>Mohajir (arabic)in Pakistan after partition of India dileaneted by British Surveyor Radcliff under Mt.Batten last Viceroy of British India & later appointed by India Gov.General of India for about First 6 months of post independent Bharat (india minus Pakistan)
      I object this post , It is not fair to use these words for the most learned and most honorable Urdu speaking Pakistanis . This was your establishment which promoted this cheap Altaf and also promoted ethnic hating in Karachi and Sindh to weaken PPP and JI .

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      A thread from 16th Feb, 2001?