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      Apr 15, 2007
      Every problem have a solution, so does this issue, last year Govt. blamed x-govt for the electricity crisis, this year, still the blame is on the x-govt! how long will this blame game will continue? common man is suffering, load shedding for 12-18 hrs is clear indicator that the Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is good for nothing but doing som e bakwaas in front of TV. His claims that their will be no power cuts after December 2009 has been questioned by his fellow ministers...

      While the nation is suffering from this crisis, advising people to set the thermostat of their ACs at 26. The Army of ministers are enjoying uninterepted power supply, Zardari and Gillani are enjoying their offices and homes.. so why are we suffering???

      In 1993, I was student 2nd year in Lahore, the main sewage line of our area went out of order, the sewage water was every where, we informed WASA 3/4 times and nothing happend, then the elders of our community went to the WASA office and requested the officers to take serious action.. still nothing happend and then one fine afternoon, The young guys went to the WASA offices, dragged the officers and workers out of office and to our colony and gave them good bath in the same sewage water untill police came in, at that time somebody shouted that we will contiune this practice and next time it will be higher officers.. since then i have seen any sewage problem in our area.

      The above was wrong behaviour from our side, but sometime people have to take measures to let the GOVT. knows that we are alive.
      GO Pak- Army, we are with you, crush the terrorists and their sympathizers for good..

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      Jul 22, 2007
      Quote Originally Posted by hanibal View Post
      Every problem have a solution, ...

      since then i have seen any sewage problem in our area.

      Good idea, wrong application. Here is why?

      Sewage problem

      1. Solution was CHEAP (in $$ terms, perhaps $500)
      2. Sewage could be fixed LOCALLY.

      Electricity problem
      Electricity issue is WAY out of REACH of Pakistan's resources.

      1. Solution is expensive in terms of capital costs ($billion 60-100) and operational costs are significant too.

      2. Electricity issue is NATIONAL, Inter-provincial and Global.

      --a. Provinces have to change their rhetoric on hydro-electric and coal based power

      --b. Pakistani nation has to sign NPT immediately.

      --c. We have to beg plead for $billion 60-100 loans to be payable over 30 years.

      --d. We have to beg and plead (and no dada-giri) to get the latest coal and nuclear tech for energy production from the West.

      Unfortunately us Pakistanis cannot compromise on many of our provincial issues (KBD, Thur, Sui), or national issues (NPT).

      So even if we drag our leaders on the streets, loadshedding is here to stay.

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      Mar 10, 2004
      Issue has to be solved on different fronts. We know our govt actions lose race with turtles or snails so we have to take the action in our hands, not the way you (hanibal) mentioned like dragging officers and throwing them into the mess. Let govt do (or not) what it can, we can help the govt in planning. Every other house has splits (ACs) and they turn it on when power is available, may be we need to cut down on use of such luxurious appliances.

      If we do need to show that behavior (dragging people and throwing them in the mess) then it should be the criminals first. People who use kunda system need to be harassed/punished first, they are the main contributor towards govt/private-power-producer's losses.

      Secondly a good size of population has installed UPS which lasts for 2-6 hours before needing a recharge, smaller number of houses have small generators to meet their needs. May be we need to look at other natural resources like air-power, solar-power to help meet our needs.

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      Dec 25, 2008
      Heart is in Faisalabad
      Give people guns and these WASA ppl or electricity ppl will be afraid of the consumers.

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      May 25, 2009
      Quote Originally Posted by sandhu786 View Post
      Give people guns and these WASA ppl or electricity ppl will be afraid of the consumers.
      muslmaan people suffering from loadshedding do not need guns, they need swords like khalid bin waleed to conquer WASA and the bill collectors every month.

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      Dec 18, 2002
      Yeah give every Pakistani able to walk a Gun and soon all the countries problems are a matter of Past

      If u don't have a clue about the root cause of the problem and possible/practicle SOLUTIONS then just stay away

      For those few who hardly suffer from Load shedding r wasting a lot of electricity

      But wasting resources is a national sport anyway in Pakistan ..... Water is just another prime example

      A mixture of high effeciency Photo Voltaic, Wind Turbine along the coast line, Tidal Power Plant along the coastal line and Hydro Power is the only future & longterm solution to the mess created by the mix of non existance management, wasting of resouces, stone age power distribution Network, no check and balance of WAPDA workers (my cousin is an engineer in WAPDA in Gujranwala and big time Rishwat Khor) etc.

      So it's not one front where its burning but many ..... but atleast start where u can get at 1st. The Workers, the Network, educate PPL to eneryg saving live-style, Properly Manage existant recources and build up new resources

      one step would to sponser Pakistani students for studies in the field of Energy Sector and Electrotechnique especially in Germany, Spain and USA (California) and bound them to get back to Pakistan to build that sector ..... make it lucrative for them in Pakistan so they turn to National Service etc.

      Surely there r many other steps that can be taken without going to beg western powers for billions $$ ...... damn if u can steal the A-Bomb technology then why not blue prints of a wind turbine or High Effective Solar Panel ?????? Maybe India has to do it 1st so that we take it as a challange and try to top that

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      Apr 15, 2007
      I always thought that members visiting GS do have ability to comprehend the essence of posts.. but i have seen a totally different picture here..

      I gave an example of case, where the people took law in their hands because of the behavior of govt. officials, they conveyed the message that we are not dummies and neither they are in the land of Peer/faqeers or sardars where they can do and treat people as per their wishes and mood...

      The crisis was predicted in 2004, article below tells us what was said in 2004,
      Pakistan: Power crisis feared by 2007

      by staff reporter
      The country may plunge into energy crisis by the year 2007 due to rising electricity demand which enters into double digit figure following increasing sale of electrical and electronic appliances on lease finance, it is reliably learnt Thursday.
      “The country may face energy crisis by the year 2007 following healthy growth of 13 per cent in electricity demand during the last quarter, which will erode surplus production in absence of commissioning of any new power generation project during this financial year,” informed sources told The Nation.
      As per Pakistan Economic Survey 2003-04, electricity consumption has increased by 8.6 per cent during first three-quarter of last fiscal year. However, a top level WAPDA official maintained that electricity demand surged up to 13 per cent during last quarter.
      rest of the article is at Pakistan: Power crisis feared by 2007 | Energy Bulletin

      Now, what was the responsible people were doing all these years??? I agree Mush was an a$$hole, but what did this govt. have done so far to over come the crisis, i even doubt that they know the intensity of the crisis, One top offcial ( prime minister ) is Peer, it is his duty to be not to aware of the problems of the people and if somebody comes with the problem refer him to Allah and thats all.. belongs to Southern Punjab, where almost all the families have played and/or playing important role in the Politics of Pakistan and Punjab, Nawab Zada Nasrullah Khan, Farooq Laghari, Khar and Doltanas are the prime examples, and yet that part of Punjab is light years away from the developed Pakistan... how come the Prime Minister from the same area can have any feelings or awarness for the situation.. His house is having un interepted power supply, he sleeps in airconditioned room where temp. is set at 20...

      The other prime figure is a Wadera, who have learned from his fore-fathers that other than Waderas and Goras none of the person living on the planet earth is Human, so no point in listening them or trying to solve their problems they always have these, they have been born these problems and they are going to die with it, again the area from which this Wadera President belongs to is under developed region of Sindh and Pakistan, he nor his wife did anything for the development of his area..

      Both the figure heads from the backgrounds where they have track records of centuries for not to provide any breathing space to the persons who are not either peer or wadera...

      then come our GOVT officials, the civil servants, the back bone of the govt. machinery... these people are living in GORs, they have made sure that the either they have power generator installed at their house either at the expense of the Tax-Payers or from the money they had mode from corruption... and if these govt. officials have not installed power generators in their houses, then they have used their influence to get alternate power supply lines.. so they shall not be affected from the power-cuts...

      We the common persons, rich or poor are either forced to buy generators or live like scum bags, not been able to sleep, not been able to goto work, result getting frustrated with every passing moment..

      The short-fall is of 2000-3000 MW, which is somewhat 25-30% of the generation capacity.. why the hell power-cuts are 10-12 hours long?

      If there is real power shortage, why the govt ( which claims to be the govt of people) is not suffering from the same, why we the people have to pay the taxes and get power cuts in return, why all these ministers are enjoying in their comfortable bedrooms and we the common people of Pakistan are suffering from their incompetence..

      Why these snobby govt. officials ( another responsible party) is been given the facilities and/or any salary when they cannot even perform at Par???

      This is the time for the nation to think... this is the time for the nation to ask govt that are capable of doing something for the people or they just want people to pay taxes!!!

      Somebody up there mentioned that Guns are solution, if the siutation continued, the factories will run out of business, then every un-employed person will only ask for one thing.. kill these retard Bas*ards... then giving a bath to any WASA official will seem to be far more better solution...

      If the situation continues, People should go to strike, they should be on the roads, they should collect all the trash of their houses and dump in front of GORs and houses of ministers , MNAs and MPAs... only this way they will work the solution out, otherwise, who cares of dead man....
      GO Pak- Army, we are with you, crush the terrorists and their sympathizers for good..

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      Jul 1, 2009
      1. The govt. should install more power plants, especially non-oil power plants such as Nuclear and Hydro electric Power plant.
      2. Other methods to produce energy such as wind mills, bio-gas should also be used, where ever possible.
      3. We should use less energy. We can save energy by using minimum electrical appliances, turning off lights not in used, using energy saver bulbs.
      4. The use of bicycles should be promoted
      5. Public transport is more economical the private transport.

      The collective efforts by people and govt. can solve the problem.

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      Aug 11, 2001
      Planet Vulcan
      When this was feared in 2004, Musharraf was busy thinking of how to please his masters, indulge in civil war, and suppress the media, politicians and judiciary. The grave energy problem wasn't concerning him at all I guess, and his supporters were totally devoid of that and were chanting mashallah greatest leader since quaid-a-azam non-sense every time he pulled one of his shananigans.

      We really need some concrete energy reforms, and this time we need to make sure they are viable and effective. Also that PPP poewr and energy minister raja pervz ashraf claiming it will be gone by dec 2009 is probably suffering from the same mental disorder of forgetting things just like his masters Zardari and will prolly go 'yeh koi hadees tu nahee thi jis par amal karna zaroori hai'

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      Jul 5, 2009
      Every problem have a solution

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      Aug 18, 2002
      South of Boston, MA
      YEs indeed every problem has a solution, and this needs utmost priority along with the law and order situation of Pakistan, not forgetting the corruption involved at all the levels.

      1. UPS needs to go ASAP. they are causing the biggest loss of Electricity for nothing. They are storing and wasting electrical energy which is supposed to be utilized in future. Also they dont give you the right output. Perhaps in lay man's terms, if 1kWh is required to charge one UPS at full capacity, then it would in return roughly 20% of it in return... So this is one of the main reason of the loss.

      2. Pakistan has one of the largest line losses in the world. Its primarily cause of the old and weak infrastructure, and lot of KOONDAA.

      3. All the electrical power plans needs to be run at full capacity. Its been noticed and highlighted many a times that many power plans are not working at full capacity.

      4. Most important I think is the awareness of public, this includes my first point. Many ppl leave mobile, laptop and other chargers connected to the outlet, by this means much electricity is lost. This includes TV,CD players,monitors and all other appliances as well. When not in use, ppl should be encouraged to remove the cable from the outlet.

      5. Focus should be made on other electric sources, e.g. Wind,Coal,Solar,Nuclear. Wind and Solar the easiest to get as both does not require immense time for installation and are rather simple as well. Pakistan is MASHA ALLAH blessed with enough open grounds and sunshine throughout the year. Areas of Sindh and Balochistan can be used for this purpose easily.

      6. The govt needs to make example by themselves, by slashing electric power usage for their luxuries.

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      Dec 25, 2008
      Heart is in Faisalabad
      I think we have network of rivers that no country has. We should harness not only hydroelectricity, but we should also make use of gas in Balochistan.

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      Mar 10, 2004
      ^ wow, you are a genius.

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      Dec 18, 2002
      As long as incompetant and corrupt PPL run everything in this Country it's bound to go backward and sad things is signs r obvious for this

      The average Pakistani seems to surrendered to keep his daily live on track with demand from his family

      Bcoz when u strip off PPL of their freedom in every aspect of daily life u can bend them so much that they r unable to even think about a revolution and thus a better life or atleast be treated as Human being

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