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      Someone say FOOD ?!?!?

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      so.. iam in my 5th month and i've been having really bad headaches, toothaches and backaches.. i try really hard not to take any pain killers.. (cuz of all the scary stories ive been told by my mom and many other auntys such as baby bporn with defect...(astaghfarullah))

      however for the past month i've been taking atleast 1 tylenol a day
      (cant stand the pain)..so i even asked my ob and she said that i shouldnt be worried about anything...

      so now my question is do i listen to the ob or mom?
      or any similar experiences or advice?
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      jhanjariya, trust your OB on this one. acetaminophen which is the active substance in tylenol has undergone pretty rigorous testing and is the pain reliever most recommended by OB's for women in pregnancy.

      advil on the other hand has not been proved to be as safe as there haven't been as many tests done on ibuprofen.

      if you're having really debilitating headaches then take the tylenol. try not to overdo it though, resting will help you as will getting proper sleep. one pain reliever that was a godsend for me during pregnancy was a hot water bottle. i used it to ease my back and legs and it was obviously better than taking any pills.

      good luck!

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      ^ I agree.

      In addition, I've been having pretty bad backaches since the 2nd-3rd month. The doctor says my placenta is at the back and that's where all the pressure is going. You may have a similar issue. Many women have found relief with body pillows specifically designed for pregnant women as well as back braces.

      Gums and teeth become more sensitive in reaction the increase of certain hormones during pregnancy. My MIL said that when she had her babies when she was in England, dental care became entirely free during pregnancy because they recognized this was a large issue. I wonder if there is something you can do to help your toothaches?

      Make sure you're drinking enough water. Dehydration (particularly during pregnancy) is often a cause of headaches.

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      Tylenol is considered safe but Aspirin is not. Just take what you need to get through teh day.
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      i have migrine and it gets severe in my pregnancies , so i used to take panadol in my all pregnancies , 4 tablets in a day , 2 in morning and 2 in evening .... u can also take panadol , it is safe in pregnancy

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      i am pregnant and i also get severe headaches and it is getting worse. dr told me to take panadol (2 tab) 3 times a day for 3 days (initially when it started ) and then told me to take 2 panadols whenever and as soon as the pain starts . she says that panadol is abs a safe med to take during pregnancy .

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