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      Oct 26, 2010
      i had my c section in dec and i still feel pain in my stomach because of stitches is it normal to have pain even now???

      and i havent had periods since then is it normal too and what r the possibilities of getting pregnant and wat precuations to take or now to avoid having pregnancy for next 4 yrs or so???/

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      Sep 17, 2008
      Do you have constant pain in the stitches? Having pain after 5 months due to a c-section is not normal.

      not having your periods after 5 months is also not normal unless you are pregnant again which I think you would know in 5 months.

      Please consult your OBGYN ASAP.
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      May 16, 2001
      possibilities of getting pregnant are just as much as they did before you had th is baby.. in fact what I have heard is mostly women are very fertile after the child birth.. go figure!!

      re the contraception.. didnt your doc/midwife go over this at your 6 weeks appt? usually thats the time you start your contraception.. if bf, then in pills your only option is progestin only pill (mini pill) but you can also look into IUD for long term contraception.

      my mom was pregnant with my brother, while bf my sister, and she didnt even know about it for four months.. my sister and brother were 11 months apart! so please go see your obgyn and in the meantime take the home pregnancy test!

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      * Time Eases Many Things *

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      May 16, 2001
      and no its not normal to have pain in stitches after five months.. I had my baby in November via c section and I dont feel a thing now.. Alhamdulillah

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      Sep 3, 2007
      I constant pain in the stitches isn't normal. But once in a while when i am changing my baby and he kicks at the stitched area...i hurt a little.

      If you are breastfeeding thn its normal not to have ur periods ( some lucky ladies dont have them for up to a year.) I didnt get mine for 5 1/2 months. But that doesn't mean u r not pregnant, as GTG said u could get pregnant as easily as u did before.

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      Jan 9, 2007
      Toronto, Canada
      yup, i was sore in the stitches for a few months after the C sec, and yes, esp when he'd kick me. get checked out for it anyway to make sure all is normal, but in my experience the same happened.
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      Mar 4, 2010
      My husband is an anesthesiologist and he says that some people have incisional pain for more than 6 months after surgery. There are many research trials that he has worked on about this as well. But just to settle your mind, you should get it checked by your doctor.
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      I think I was still having the occasional twinge at that stage, but not real pain.

      I didn't get my period until after I stopped nursing, over a year later.

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