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      Jan 2, 2007
      I m 24 weeks pregnant. I can not pray while standing. My tummy hurts whrn i do rukuh and sajada.

      How you guys pray? i dnt know how to pray correct way while sitting? Should i sit on chsir and do sajada on table?

      thanks ladies

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      khatoon-e-khaas from delhi darbaar

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      Sep 9, 2000
      Look it up on youtube or ask the imam at your mosque to show u...but sitting on a chair would be the way to go. U dont need anything to perform sajda on...u semi bow for the rukoo and boe deeper for the sajda. Thats all. Rest is the same
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      senorita miembro

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      ^ That's how I see my MIL doing it (she's old..not pregnant)
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      I also used to pray while sitting just do action n bend till your tumy allows you
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      Yup, sit on a chair.
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      But I would suggest try doing it the way it is. I know it hurts. Know it more because I am half through my 9th month. But still I try to do the proper namaz. Because:
      1: Pregnancy is not a sickness. Its a blessing alhamdolillah. And our body acts the way we teach it to. Practice and it wont hurt much.
      2: Again, people even do exercises in pregnancy. And namaz, of all exercises, is the best postures for body.

      I have seen full months pregnant ladies doing namaz in the normal way, and I got inspiration. I may cut down the namaz (only fard or fard and sunnah) but I can manage Qayam so I just start off namaz standing.

      But then, every body is different. I am not sure how much pain you feel. Maybe you feel more than I did or do. If it is so with you, please do namaz sitting. Because it is ALLOWED. Allah knows that you are going through something which is already uneasy on you. And Allah is all beneficent. So just continue with the way you feel more comfortable. 6, 7, 8 months are difficult. Well at least I found them to be more difficult than first trimester or the 9th one. Maybe you will feel better around the 9th month. Baby would ve grown fully, and bending wouldnt do much harm. All the best anyway, and please keep us pregnant as well as TTC ladies in your prayers
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