1. Stop talking, you cannot listen if you are talking.

2. Put the talker at ease. Hlp him feel that he is fre to talk.

3. Show him that you want to listen. Look and act interested. Do not read your mail while he talks-Listen to understand rather than to oppose.

4. Remove distractions. Do not doodle, tap, or shuffle papers. It might be quieter if you would shut the door.

5. Sympathize with the talker. Try to put yourself in his palce so that you can see his point of view.

6. Be patient. Do not start for the door or walk away.

7. Hold your temper. An angry man gets the wrong meaning from words.

8. Go easy on arguments and criticism, which will put him on the defensive. He may calm up or get angry. Do not argue because even if you win, you lose.

9. Ask questions. This encourages him and shows that you are listening. It helps to develop points further.

10. Stop talking. This is first and last, because all other commandments, depend on it. You just cannot do a good listening job while you are talking.