( Maa'n ki Dua... Jannat ki Hawa)

"And the paradise is under the feet of your mothers." (Prophet Muhammad)

A woman becomes complete when she becomes a mother. Enjoying her power of creativity and grade of superiority over " man " and even heavens she experiences those precious feelings and senses, which nature gives only to woman. There is no doubt that as a mother, she is superior to Man and is the nucleus of her family!
Nature has kept a specific feeling of comfort, protection and affection between a mother and a child. This bond between her and her children prevents her offspring from many social, medical, and psychological drawbacks. According to the latest report of WHO, those children who pass their childhood while their mothers are with them at home, are more self confident and relatively have less risk of scaring of nightmares during sleep. Also according to confirmed pediatric studies, "working mother" or a "Job-less father" is definite risk factors for child malnutrition and emotional instability. It's truly said that the Future destiny of the child is always the work of the mother.

When a man enquired of the Holy Prophet: " Who has the first claim to my good treatment? "

He said " Your mother. "

The man said " And then who? "

"Then your mother." The prophet replied.

The man asked: " And then? "

" Then your mother. " Again the prophet replied.

The man once again asked. " And then ? "

"Your father. " The prophet said. ( Muslim, Bukhari )