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      In the subcontinent people do not name their sons Mohammad as a first name, as it is widely believed that it is wrong to be called Mohammad. It is thought that the name Mohammad is to be used only for the Prophet Mohammad, arguing that whenever the name Mohammad is taken, it is necessary to say sallal Allah ho elehe wassalam, regardless of whether the name is taken to mean the Prohet or someone else.

      comments please?

      May we all be forgiven for our sins, intentional or otherwise. Ameen

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      I would say it is the opposite, and people do try to attach a name of the Prophet (SAWW) along with the name of the child.

      And, in many cases, in Pakistan, especially, the first name is NOT the calling name, rather it is the middle name which is commonly used to call someone.... and in such cases people usually prefix the name with Muhammad... like

      Muhammad Adnan Khan
      Muhammad Jamil Ambrohi
      Muhammad Nawaz Sharif http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/smile.gif

      Kher... the point you are saying is also valid, which is that people do not prefer being CALLED as "Muhammad", because, yes, that name has a high level of sanctity, and secondly because there are just soooo many people in any group whose first name is "Muhammad".

      However, I have seen people who just named their kids as "Muhammad" followed by the family names... in which case, the kids are called as "Muhammad". The unfortunate part is when these kids are also given a nick name (totally unappropriate in this case). One such kid whose only name was Muhammad + family name, was, thus, called "Didoo" http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/rolleyes.gif

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      First there are people that I know, esp. from Bangladesh, who prefer to be called Mohammad ... and BG is in South Asia. But your question is valid regarding Pakistan.

      One of the explanation is the meaning of the name "Mohammad" itself, "The one who is praised the most"

      I don't prefer being called Mohammad, as I believe their is only ONE who truly deserves the Name! And that's our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saw) ...

      If someone calls me Mohammad as its a tradition in the west to be called by the first name, I don't mind. But if I have to deal with the person on a daily basis, I explain to him the reason why I would rather use Ahmad ... and most of them understand and appreciate me telling them!

      I don't think its "wrong" if someone likes to be called Mohammad.

      P.s: Yes, my full name is Muhammad Ahmad http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/smile.gif and no I don't have a nick name ...
      I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
      - Robert McCloskey

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      i think many people do name their sons Muhammad in Pakistan.
      My brother's name is Muhammad Yasser and one of my cousin's name is Muhammad Ali.


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      Everyone in my familys offical name is Mohd. XXX. And no it is not considered wrong to name some one Mohd. How did u get that impression?

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      May be i explained it wrong. You see i named my son Mohammad. Thats his only name. and everyone says what i did was wrong. They feel no one should be named just Mohammad as that is reserved specifically for the last Prophet.

      I believe this contnetion to be wrong and that is the reason of my naming my son the same. there is a tendency to sanctify things that really dont have much significance as far as the religion is concerned.


      May we all be forgiven for our sins, intentional or otherwise. Ameen

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      Papa smurf..

      Its a beautiful name, and perfectly legitimate. Nothing wrong with naming your child Muhammad.
      Folks who oppose the solo use of 'Muhammad' as a name should do the same with 'Ahmed', the name given to Prophet SAW by his own mother.

      Folks dont take half as much care when referring to one of Allah's numerous names, even though its mandatory to use 'abd' as a prefix to any of Allah's name, eg Abd-al Rahman, Abd-al Malik, Abd-Allah. We routinely see people being referred to and called Rehmaan, Malik, Rahim, Ghaffaar. Care should be taken in this case. However, 'Muhammad' does not fall in the same category, and can be used without any suffix or prefix.

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