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Surah 16 AN-NAHL – The social structure and system

Proclaim in the name of Allah the Gracious, the Merciful.

1] That goal of peace is set by Allah for the benefit of mankind but you the people cannot hasten its accomplishment without support of each other. The sovereignty of the universe belongs to Him alone and His rule is far beyond the resistance of the rulers the ignorant people impose upon themselves.

2] He sends as the missionaries with the revelation of His program to any of the nations that needs it from among His servants so that they in turn alert the other nations that there is no ruler other than I so that they become consistent with My rule for the good of themselves as human community.

3] He alone has given rise to all the galaxies in the cosmos including this galaxy for the set purpose. As a sole ruler of this kingdom He is far beyond resistance of those whom ignorant people impose upon themselves as rulers.

4] He evolved man from a sperm and an ovum that come together and progress to a stage that he is able to clearly argue his standpoint.

5] And the cattle, he gave rise to them as well and for you in them are many benefits such as making things you wear or eat their meat and the like.

6] How pleasant they look and how happy they make you when you bring them home in the evening and drive them to pasture in the dusky morning.

7] They carry your heavy loads to far-off townships that you could not otherwise reach without painful toil, that is how your Lord takes care of you through His blissful program.

8] He likewise brought about horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride and put on show and He is the evolver of things which are yet beyond your stage of knowledge.

9] That is how it is made obvious for you the proper way of life is that which leads to rule of Allah for the good of mankind and all other ways lead away from that way to harm and destruction of humanity. Had Allah planned other than freewill for you the mankind, He could have programmed you all to be united needing no revealed guidance.

10] It is He Who rains down water from the height so that you drink from it and with it He brings about greenery for pasturing of your cattle.

11] With it He also brings forth for you crops, olives, date-palms, grapes and every kind of fruit. Surely there is a proof in all this for those who observe these things with care.

12] He has subjected to your service the night and the day, the sun and the moon and likewise the stars also serve you due to His set out universal plan, surely therein are a variety of lessons for people who would learn to be sensible.

13] In the earth He has evolved things of different colours, surely there is a lesson in this for those who would observe and reflect.

14] It is He Who has subjected the sea to your service so that you may eat fresh meat therefrom and that you may bring out of it ornaments to wear. Moreover you see that ships plough their course through it. He has brought about all this so that you seek prosperity as per His program and thereby you become a human community that is worth the name.

15] He brought about highlands and lowlands on the earth so that you could live on the earth in case it does away with you and He also evolved rivers and roads, and so that you could find your way around He brought forth

16] landmarks and the stars for your guidance.

17] Is He Who has originated all this then like the one who cannot originate a thing, why don’t you reflect the implications of that for learn to understand things?

18] His provision is in such abundance that even if you decided to use all of the provisions of Allah, you will never be able to go through them all because Allah has secured all the needs and wants of mankind by way of His blissful program.

19] That is how Allah makes obvious your motives regarding each other regardless you expose them to each other yourselves or you try to hide them from each other by way of your own actions.

20] Those rulers other than Allah upon whom the ignorant ones rely have created nothing at all and even themselves have been propped up by their subjects.

21] They are themselves powerless having no control over their own lives, that is why they have no idea how the nations rise to power.

22] Be aware therefore that your ruler is only one and those who commit not to working for peace according to His set out end goal for mankind their minds refrain from learning about it out of their arrogance.

23] Allah surely makes obvious in time the truth behind whatever falsehood they promote as true and beneficial and whatever truth they try to cover up to inflict harm on mankind by the results of their own actions and that is because He does not approve those who try to influence mankind for the wrong reasons.

24] That is why if they are asked, what has been revealed by your Lord? They say, fictitious stories about the ancients.

25] It is for this reason they bear full responsibility for bringing about situations and circumstances whereby revolts in time becomes inevitable and that is why they bear responsibility for painful suffering and destruction of those whom they mislead due to their stupidity. Alas! How stressfully painful is the result of their such irresponsible behaviour.

26] Surely chiefs and priests of nations before them also conspired against Our program but Allah shook off their make belief based social systems, structures and practices to benefit themselves at the expense of their masses by the very foundation and the whole institution fell apart resulting in their own destruction crushing them under its own weight, that is how the results of their own actions came upon them from where they did not even suspect because they thought they had everything worked out and under control.

27] That is how on the day of uprising He leaves such people to face humiliation they bring upon themselves and people ask them, where are those rulers whom you assigned rulership in My kingdom instead of abiding by My rule concerning whom you used to wage wars on those whom we sent with Our guidance? Those who have been given the program as a mission say, today there is only gloom and doom for those who opposed Allah's guidance.

28] Those whom Our missionaries come to stop while they are inflicting harm and destruction upon their own people offer false justification to them saying, we are not doing anything wrong. They are replied, not at all rather Allah has made it obvious to us what you are doing even to your own people.

29) Now suffer the consequences by ending up in hell of your own making. In fact, terrible will be the state in which the influential people will find themselves in.

30] On the other hand when those who do what is proper are asked by others, what has been sent by your Lord? They say, that which is beneficial for us to better the world. Goodness is the result for actions of such people in this world and the state of existence yet to come will be even better. How splendid will be the state of existence of those who do what is proper.

31] Blissful kingdoms they will enter wherein will flow rivers of all things of their needs and desires. That is how Allah rewards such people as a result of their own actions,

32] Those whom Our missionaries come to rescue but find them doing good for their own people say, you have accomplished peace and security for yourselves therefore enter the blissful kingdom you have created for yourselves by your own hard work.

33) So are these opposers of Our program waiting for Our missionaries to come and rescue them from the situation they have got themselves into or are they waiting for the law of consequences as set by your Lord to come to pass? If they are waiting for consequences of their harmful and destructive actions against their own people then so did those who destroyed themselves before them. It was not Allah who inflicted them with injustice but that they themselves inflicted harm and destruction upon each other instead of living like good united human family.

34] That is how in the end the destructive results of their deeds overtook them by surprise and the very idea of uprising at which they mocked hemmed them in. That is how their environmental pot exploded when it reached beyond its boiling point.

35) Those who live by rules of others than Allah whom they impose upon themselves say, had Allah not destined us to abide by rule of any other than Him then neither we nor our forefathers would have done that nor we would have forbidden anything other than what he did. Such excuses were put forth also by those who perished before them. However responsibility upon Our messengers is only to convey Our message clearly.

36] No doubt We raised a messenger in every nation saying, serve the set out goal of Allah alone and let not the forces that lead away from His program take control of you. After making that clear Allah left people to guide themselves or be of those who face the results of their own harmful and destructive actions. So travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who denied each other their God given rights to provision thereby opposed Our program for them.

37] No matter how eager you may be for their guidance Allah does not guide those who choose to go their own way and that is why such people are beyond any help by anyone.

38] They swear by Allah their strongest oaths saying, Allah will never raise the down trodden people to dignified life? Nay, rather He will and it is a promise He has made binding upon Himself though most among the mankind do not learn His program to understand how He is going to do that.

39] He will fulfil His promise so that He demonstrates to them the truth of His program about which they dispute in order to make it obvious to the mankind that the opposers of His program are liars indeed.

40) As for raising down trodden to dignity, when We intend to do anything as per Our program, We need only initiate the process as Our expressed will and it comes about.

41] Therefore those who migrate mentally and physically for the program of Allah after suffering victimization at the hands of the rulers and the priests We will certainly bless them with a kingdom of their own so the reward to come could be much greater if they could realise it.

42] Such are the ones who face sensibly the ills inflicted upon them with steadfast courage and put their trust in the set out laws of their Lord working hard to change things for the better as per Our guidance.

43] Behold, We never sent any messengers to people before you but they were people full of courage whom We inspired with Our program. Ask those who strive hard to spread the message if you the people are not aware of it already.

44] We sent them with clear goals and guidelines as are in the Zaboor. Likewise We have sent to you the people this program so that you may explain it clearly to the rest of mankind as to what has been sent for them so that they may think it through thoroughly.

45] So do those who oppose Our program and conspire against it feel secure that Allah will not debase them as a result of their own harmful and destructive actions against each other or let them reach the painful suffering from the sources they do not even anticipate?

46] Or that He may catch them in some self created trouble in the course of their journey that leaves them no way for their escape?

47] Or that He may find them in trouble even after alerting them about the danger? By alerting you about all these dangers your Lord intends to benefit you by means of His blissful program for you.

48] Why don’t they observe things carefully which Allah has evolved as to how Allah secures them in their existence, purpose and function protecting them in every way against failure because they are subjected to laws set by of Allah which they follow faithfully.

49] That is how due to laws of Allah exists and functions all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth from the least significant of the creatures to the most significant of the creatures and they do not disregard His set out laws.

50] They follow the course of action their Lord has set upon them to govern their behaviour and that is how they fulfil what they are programmed to do.

51] That is why Allah has advised that you the mankind should not live by two different standards by two different rulers because the truth is He alone is the one who has the right to sovereignty in this kingdom. Therefore it is fulfilling of My program alone that you should be concerned about.

52] Behold, to Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth and to Him belongs the constitution for the benefit of the humanity that is lasting, will you then rather abide by rule of other than Allah?

53] Whatever blessings you enjoy are from Allah so when you are in trouble upon His laws you should rely for help to free yourselves.

54] Even though it is He alone who frees you from troubles yet no sooner you are relieved that some people from among you run to their self-imposed rulers instead of abiding by rule of their Lord

55] as if to show their contempt for the favours that We bestowed upon them. Please yourselves as you see fit but soon you will come to know the results of your make belief based actions against Our program.

56] They freely set aside a portion of what We have provided for them for their self imposed rulers and priests about whose tricks to rob them they know nothing. About the program of Allah! You the rulers and the priests will certainly be questioned as to lies you fabricate against it.

57] They will be questioned because they attribute the program of Allah with such baseless foundations of which His majesty is free because they go along with whatever comes to their minds.

58] It is because whenever the blissful program is announced to any of the nations’ ruling and priestly elite regarding the well being of the masses in the communities, the leadership becomes entangled in derailing its given sense of direction out of spite,

59] hiding its harmful and destructive motives from its people due to blissful program with which it is blessed, asking itself whether it should go along with it unwillingly or bury it in the dust. Beware! Destructive is the decision they make about the blissful program of Allah.

60] To those who do not commit to working for peace according to Our given guidelines for the better end goal applies the similitude of a people who harm and destroy themselves whereas example of people who follow blissful program of Allah is dignified because He is the ruler Who is full of wisdom.

61] If Allah were to let people with such harmful and destructive mindset and attitude face the results of their actions against His guidance instantly, He would not have left even a single one of them on the earth but He gave them respite for amending their ways within an appointed time period. So when their appointed time is over they can neither stay beyond that for a moment nor can they go a moment before it. When the pot of harm and destruction boils over it explodes taking away with it all those involved in it unless any repent and reform.

62] They attribute to Allah partners in His sovereignty by setting up themselves as rulers other than Him which they hate for themselves because they rather have all they can without sharing it with anyone that is how they attribute lies to themselves with their own tongues ensuring good thing in life for themselves. Let there be no doubt that by doing so the only thing they bring about for themselves is hell of hatred against themselves that consumes them before others.

63] By this testimony of Allah it is obvious that We sent messengers before you to other nations as well but their harmful and destructive leadership made their actions look good to them so they opposed Our program, such leadership is their role model even today so they are bound to end up in painful suffering.

64] We have not revealed this book to you but for the set purpose that you clearly explain to them everything over which they divide and go to wars. This book is a blissful program for the people who would commit to working for peace.

65] It is like the water that Allah sends down from the height whereby He gives life to the land after it has been dead likewise it brings about lively nations. Surely in this there is a lesson for those who would observe things to draw sense.

66] There is a lesson for you in cattle to think about. We give you to drink by means of processes that take place in their bodies between what they digest and the way it becomes blood and pure milk, pleasant for those who would drink it.

67] Likewise processes take place in the fruits of the date-palm and the grapes from which you derive drinks and wholesome food, certainly therein is a lesson to think about for those who would use their sense to learn and benefit.

68] The same is true in case of bees, your Lord programmed the bees to build their hives in elevated places, in the trees and in anything which people build for them.

69) Moreover partake of every kind of fruit and follow the smooth ways of your Lord. From the processes in its body comes forth a syrup of different colours that contains a healing property for mankind. Certainly in this there is a lesson for those who would think as to how it all exists, functions and fulfils its purpose.

70] Likewise Allah brings you about and thereafter He lets you fulfil your full potential and that is how He lets some of you the people live from birth till they grow old knowing nothing after having known much. That is why Allah makes known to you He has set up laws to govern all affairs.

71] That is because Allah gifts some of you more than others with abilities for production and distribution of things of need and desire for whole of the mankind. Yet some of those who have gathered more of the provision do not share it with those for whom they have been made responsible in case they become their equals in that respect. By doing so, are they not stifling progress and prosperity for mankind for which Allah bestowed His program?

72] That is the reason Allah raises supporters for you from your own kind and raises for you through your mates children and grandchildren whereby He provides you with provisions that are beneficial. Will they still continue working for rifts and wars between mankind on basis of their make beliefs thus keep the benefits of the blessing of Allah from reaching those having the rights from Allah to get them

73] and take on other rulers than Allah to serve them who have no power to provide them with anything for sustenance from the heavens and the earth nor can they ever have any power to do so?

74] Therefore invent not rivals of Allah. Allah makes all this obvious for you the mankind because otherwise you could not know.

75] Allah gives you an example of a person who is disabled (become old or sick etc) so he has no power to do anything for himself or others and a person whom We have given the ability to exploit beneficial provision from Us and he freely uses it to benefit personally as well as to benefit the community, should both of these be treated the same way or should the able one provide the needed care for the disabled? Remember, to decide such matters sovereignty only belongs to Allah alone yet most of them bother not to learn to understand things.

76] Allah gives you another example of two people, one of them is like a baby (or born disabled etc) and has no ability to do anything so he is a burden on his supporter and no matter what he cannot do anything to benefit himself. Should he be treated the same way as the one fully capable of looking after himself? This is why only such as command fair and compassionate treatment of each other are the one who are on the path that is proper and firmly fixed.

77] It is because Allah alone makes obvious what is to happen in the future in the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. If people refuse to live by rule of Allah then the occurrence of the moment of uprising will be automatic like the twinkling of an eye or things related to it because Allah has set up laws to govern affairs relating all things.

78] That is how Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers knowing nothing but He gave you sense of hearing and sense of sight as well as intelligence so that you develop in to a human worth the name.

79] Do they not see the birds that wing their flight in the air towards the height, who holds them up but set laws of Allah by way of a set mechanism? Surely therein are lessons for people who would commit to working for peace.

80] So that Allah brings about for you through your set up institutions peaceful existence whereby He brings about for you bundles of blissful things for covering all your needs and wants so that you make period of your life journey easier through them for as long as you stay without diversion there from because without such cultivation life will be like a barren land so find ways to inherit things that make life worthwhile for a set period of time.

81] Allah has provided you with things for your safety and security out of what he has evolved. He has enabled you to make rooms for yourselves among influential people like you make resorts in the mountains and He has enabled you to make plans to cover yourselves from getting harmed just like you make garments to protect yourselves from temperature variations like you make coats of armour to protect yourselves during wars amongst yourselves. All because He wants to grant His blessings to you in full therefore you should become of those who commit to live in peace.

82] O messenger, if they still pay no due attention to your mission then grieve not because your duty is only to convey Our message clearly.

83] They should attain blessings of Allah in full by implementing His program but instead they are prevent this from happening because most of them oppose Our program for them.

84] Do they realize what will happen during the period of time when We will raise landslide support from every nation for Our program? Then the opposers of Our program the chiefs and the priests along with their supporters will not be able to put forward any proper justification for what they do nor will they be able to receive any personal favours in private from each other.

85] That is how at the time of uprising the undue exploiters of humanity will face the retribution by their victims, it will not be easy for them to go through with it nor will they be granted any delay or respite.

86] Moreover at the time when those who live by rule of other than that of Allah will see their self appointed rulers other than Allah they will say, our Lord! Here are the rulers we set up ourselves by whose laws we used to live our lives instead of Yours. At this their self appointed rulers will toss their statement back at them saying, you are liars!

87] They will openly submit to sovereignty of Allah that day because their self appointed rulers will leave them in utter chaos.

88] As for those who oppose and debar others from the roadmap of Allah, We will let them suffer the consequences of their action in form of suffering upon suffering till they give up their way of life or perish because they cause rifts and wars between mankind.

89] That is why in time We will raise landslide support for Our program against this harmful and destructive leadership of chiefs and priests from their own people everywhere and likewise We will raise you the people against your own community leadership because that is the reason We have sent for you the Quran to explain everything necessary in detail to all people as a guidance towards blissful program thereby a good news for those who would commit to this program that leads to peace.

90] Allah commands justice and compassion based fair dealing for all individuals and all nations with all the interdependent human community and He forbids all such ideas and actions by anyone against any other individual or community that bring gloom and doom on a person or a community, actions that cause harm and destruction to mankind out of lawless behaviour of people against each other. He admonishes you so that you may take heed and build the better world together like a good family.

91] Therefore fulfil the constitutional obligations of Allah as you have agreed to abide by them and breach not the agreements regarding each other after you have agreed to uphold them because you have put your trust in goals and guidelines of Allah and Allah makes results of all that you do evident for all to see.

92] Do not be like a gathering of people that talks people into forming a strong network of community but then lets it disintegrate itself into fragments through make beliefs thereby negligence of obligations towards each other. Therefore take not your mutual agreements as means for deceiving each other so that one party may take undue advantage of the other because Allah bids you to put effort in fulfilling your responsibility. Otherwise on the day of uprising He will certainly make evident the results of your actions in form of rifts and divisions.

93] Had it served plan of Allah He could have gathered all of you all into one nation but He lets stray whoever so chooses and He guides whoever make effort to attain it. However you will certainly be made to face the results of all that you do.

94] So never enter agreements to deceive each other so that you do not end up back into chaos after being firmly fixed on the foundation of Our program and taste the harm and destruction as a result of your actions for not doing what is good for mankind and debarring others from the program of Allah thereby ending up in hell of your own making.

95] Do not exchange the program of Allah that is good for the whole human community for your personal gains at the expense of rest of your humanity. Certainly result of your united actions based on program of Allah is much more beneficial than your personal gain for your individual selves if you could learn to understand this.

96] Whatever is your personal gain for yourself as an individual at the expense of the community will be lost but whatever you gain according to program of Allah for the good of the mankind will last. We will certainly reward those who are hard working and courageous according to the noblest of their deeds as per Our program.

97] Whoever does anything that is good for the mankind whether the leadership or the supporting masses provided the party is doing it out of commitment to peace We will surely grant such a people new life, a life that is worth living and that is how We will reward such people according to the best of their deeds.

98] Therefore when you read The Quran read it for seeking the life of peace and security for mankind through guidance of Allah in order to ensure protection for the masses against the conspiracies of the harmful and destructive leadership that tries to take away people from the path of Allah.

99] Surely the harmful and destructive leadership has no power over those who commit to working for peace because they put their trust in universal laws of their Lord.

100] It has power only over those who let it take over them and they are those who commit to live by rule of others than Allah.

101] That is why when We let a people free of its influence change one standard for living with a better standard that Allah makes obvious for mankind through that which He has revealed they say to them, you people are just lying. But the fact is most of them do not bother to learn to find out which standard is good or bad for them or why.

102] Say, this standard has been sent for freeing humanity from harm and destruction by your Lord as a set purpose to give solid foundation to those committed to working for peace through this guidance as well as a manifesto of prosperity for those who would commit themselves to working for peace in future.

103] We should also make obvious for people what the opponents say about Our program that it is a teaching by an ordinary human being. However the ordinary human being they attribute this to can never put together words in such a uniquely structured and uniquely distinct way whereas this message is in a language uniquely structured and uniquely distinct demonstrably beyond human creation.

104] Yet after having all this information those who still fail to commit to working for peace according to guidelines of Allah, He does not enforce His program upon them so they are left to their own choices to end up in painful suffering.

105] The fact is, those who do not commit to working for peace according to guidelines of Allah it is they who invent harmful and destructive ideologies, system, structures and practices because they are the ones who deny Our set out rights to others regarding Our provisions for them.

106] Because who can work against guidelines of Allah after really committing to working for peace unless one is forced the while his mind remains committed to working for peace? That is because any people who willingly open up to working against guidelines of Allah will move away from blissful program of Allah so they will end up in terrible suffering.

107] This is because such people love short term personal gains at the expense of long term gains for the human community therefore Allah guides not such people as work against His mission.

108] These are the ones whose faculties of thinking and whose abilities of heeding disciplines and whose capabilities of being able to see things for what they really are Allah finds untapped yet they themselves are neglectful of the consequences for their such behaviour.

109] There is no doubt that if they continue neglecting the use of their abilities this way then they will end up in an irreversible loss.

110] It is because your Lord only supports people who are constantly on the move ideologically or physically or both the ways after they go through hard work that is why they struggle through steadfastly and that is how your Lord thereby leads them to security by means of His program for blissful life for them.

111] During that period of time every person will only demand what one needs for oneself and everyone will be given the task whatever one can do and none of the people will be put through hardship of forced labour in vain.

112] Allah points out to you as an example a township which enjoyed peace and prosperity receiving its provisions in abundance from everywhere in every way yet in time it ended up neglecting its progress according to blissful program of Allah and as result Allah made its residents taste the consequences of their own doings and that is how they ended up in poverty and thereby insecurity.

113] A messenger was sent to them from among themselves but they denied him so they were found caught up in terrible painful suffering because they inflicting harm and destruction upon each other.

114] Therefore remember this and participate only in lawful things that Allah has provided you with for the good of the mankind, that is how by proper use of blissful program of Allah you should show each other that you have become a worthy people if you really claim to abide by rule of His Majesty.

115] ) He has surely strictly forbidden for you the followers of the Quran getting involved in things like ill-gotten gains/destruction, bloodshed, pig-philosophy, exploitation or greed based economy and all that is done outside the constitution of Allah. In case one is dragged into such a chaotic situation or circumstance whereby one is forced to get involved in such things but commits to getting out of this situation and means no harm to others nor rebellion against Our rule upon such people there is no blame because Allah is surely protector of mankind through His blissful program.

116] So you should never declare with your tongues falsely that this is lawful and that is unlawful in order to attribute false things to Allah because those who attribute falsehood to Allah will never prosper.

117] Short lived will be their joy because in time they will end up in painful suffering.

118] To the Jews We forbade things which We have already told you about and it were not We who imposed the nonsense hardships upon them but they imposed those hardships upon themselves out of their own make beliefs due to ignorance and arrogance.

119] That is because your Lord is surely with those who do anything wrong out of ignorance and then turn to His program after that and mend themselves in accordance to that, your Lord is there for them even after that in order to protect them through His blissful program.

120] Such a people were community of Abraham indeed, an upright nation because it was not of those like nations who abide by rule of any other than Allah.

121] It always used blissful program of Allah properly that is why He chose it as an example to point it out for others because He guided it to the path that is straight and firmly founded.

122 ] We gave it a good life in this world because till the end it remained of those who mend rifts and defects according to Our guidelines properly.

123] And now We have revealed to you the people Our will saying, follow the way of Abraham the upright one, he was not of those who live by rules of others than Allah.

124] As for staying put, it was ordained for those who differed about it. That is why your Lord decided the matter between them about which they fought over at the time of their uprising against each other.

125] Therefore invite people to the way of your Lord through rules of wisdom and advice that is beneficial for them, so reason with them in the most courteous manner because that is how your Lord will make obvious who has strayed from His program and so that He makes obvious who is abiding by His guidance.

126] That is how you should pursue people to win them over to your ideology as they pursue you to win you over to their ideology that is how you should show courage and wisdom and be top most of those with courage and wisdom.

127] So show courage because your confidence cannot be but due to wisdom of Allah, so worry not about them and distress not yourself due to their plots and tricks,

128] for Allah is with those who remain consistent with His program such as do good for humanity.