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      Hello all. Assalamalikum,

      I would like to know and discuss what specifically is stated in Quran regarding Zina (adultary) and consumption of alcohol in the light of the news item posted below.
      If at all there are strict guidelines/declarations(which I know exist ) then how come a man on such a responsible post dish out such statements.

      Sack and punish the FSC adviser: MMA

      PESHAWAR: Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) members demanded in the NWFP Assembly on Friday that a legal adviser of the Federal Sharia Court be sacked because he said there was no punishment for drinking liquor and committing Zina in Holy Quran.

      “Tufail Hashmi should be removed from this important post and punished as he refuses to accept Hudood in Quran with regard to liquor and Zina,” said MMA’s Pir Muhammad Khan while tabling his adjournment motion in the house.

      Quoting an Urdu newspaper report published on January 5, the MMA MPA said Mr Hashmi had written in his book and later said at its (the book’s) launch that there was no mention of Hadd (punishment) about sharaab (liquor) and Zina in the Quran. “This book is against the teachings of Islam as the author has presented wrong arguments and thus it should be confiscated and legal action taken,” said Mr Khan.

      Deputy Speaker Ikramullah Shahid, MMA, said that professors and doctors giving their opinion on Hudood had become a fashion these days. Mr Shahid said Dr Tufail Hashmi was a retired professor and had talked against Hudood.

      “We ask the federal government to remove him from this important post,” demanded the deputy speaker.

      MMA’s Maulana Mujahid said the Hudood about liquor and Zina existed in the Quran and could not be denied by any Muslim. “This advisor must be punished under Islamic laws,” he demanded.

      But the MMA’s angry stand on the issue did not appeal to all the members of the parliament. “You (MMA) talk of Quran and Hadith but does your government (MMA government) make decisions in the light of Islamic teachings?” sarcastically questioned Bashir Ahmed Bilour, parliamentary leader of the Awami National Party (ANP).

      The http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default...-1-2005_pg7_36

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      Bu Abdullah


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      read the first few verses of Surah Al-Noor for punishment of Zina....
      no punishment for drinking has been mentioned in Quran, but it has been prohibited....

      P.S. Quran is not the only source of Islamic Shariah....

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      "legal adviser of the Federal Sharia Court "

      ^ It is technically not any decision making post(like justice or chief justice). So the MNA making hue and cry is useless exercise...

      The punishment for zina is most definately mentioned in the quran. There is no doubt about that.

      Regarding the accusation, the conclussion can be drawn only after reading the book.

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      IMO Pork and Drinking do not cause social issues, but zina does and hence the punishment . If you read Surah Noor it also talks about 4 witnesses etc when it comes to Zina before the prescribed punishment plus It's easy to brush of a person 'being drunk' or a 'pork eater' than an adulterer.
      It's interesting to see that Quraan also mentions that the zina doers marry each other. Tthat is ----if they are alive after the punishment.
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