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      We all know that there are many ayas in Quran that can be used for different and specific purposes But I have heard long time ago that there is ayat in Quran which is somewhat superior to other or Allah likes it more than others.That ayat or group of ayats called Ism e azam and there are many theories about it.Some scholars says that nobody knows it But Allah and prophet(SAW) and others claim that ayat ul qursi is ism e azam but none of these theories are without doubt.I am wondering if any of you knows more about ism e azam.
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      Ayat Kareem is one of the frequently mentioned to contain ism-e-azam. It was recited by Prophet Yunis when in difficulty. Theres a few others but I'll have to get back to you.

      From what I heard Ism-e-Azam contains 'hidden' names of Allah (swt). To be honest I don't even know if this topic is authentic, mentioned by the Prophet (saw) or not as there is great virtue in mentioning any ayat.
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      two hadith to be getting on with...

      -- Anas (r) relates that he was sitting with Allah's Messenger (saw) when a man performed prayer (salah) and then supplicated:

      "O Allah, I ask You by virtue of the fact that all praise is due to You, there is none worthy of worship save You, Who shows favour and beneficence, the Originator of the heavens and the earth. O Lord of Majesty and Splendour, O Living One, O Eternal One." (Allahumma Inni As-aluka Bianna Lakal Hamd La Ilaha Illa Anta al Mannan Badiussamawati wal Ard Ya Dhal Jalali wal Ikram Ya Hayy Ya Qayyum)

      The Prophet (saw) remarked: "He has supplicated Allah using His Greatest Name (Ism al Azeem), when supplicated with He answers and when asked by He gives."

      (Abu Dawud 1490, al Tirmidhi 3621 "gharib but has other routes", al Nasai 1291, Ibn Majah 3881, Sahih Ibn Hibban 894 "sahih", al Hakim 1810 "sahih")

      -- Buraydah (r) reports that Allah's Messenger (saw) heard a man saying:

      "O Allah, I ask Thee, I testify that indeed You are Allah, there is none worthy of worship save You, the One, He to Whom men repair, Who has not begotten, and has not been begotten, and to Whom no one is equal." (Allahumma Inni As-aluka Inni Ashadu Annaka Anta Allah La Ilaha Illa Anta al Ahad al Samad Alladhi Lam Ya Lid Wa Lam Yulad Wa Lam Yakun Lahu Kufuwan Ahad)

      Allah's Messenger (saw) said: "You have supplicated Allah by the Name [in another narration: "by the Ism al Azam"] which when asked by He gives, and when supplicated by He answers.

      (Abu Dawud 1488, al Tirmidhi 3551 "hasan gharib", Ibn Majah 3880, Sahih Ibn Hibban 892 "sahih", al Hakim 1812 "sahih")

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      So you meant that those men recited those words without knowing that they were reciting ism e azam until prophet (saw) give them authentication and said they actually they are saying ism e azam.Though, Ism e azam mentioned in second Hadith is no doubt very venerable zikar but I am not sure wether it really is ism e azam.
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      ^ given that one view is that the Ism al Azam is in fact the name 'Allah' itself (this is al Tahawi's (d. 321H) preferred opinion if i recall) it goes without saying therefore that the Ism al Azam would appear in countless supplications whether the suppliant realised it was the Ism al Azam or not until it was pointed out

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      right.So there are more than one ism e azams.I didn't kow that.I have heard that there is one ism e azam which is dearer to Allah.
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      Ibn Hajr (d. 852H) in Fath al Bari (commentary on Sahih al Bukhari) gives over a dozen opinions/possibilities on what the Ism al Azam is

      al Mubarakafuri (d. 1353H) in Tuhfa al Ahwadi (commentary on Sunan al Tirmidhi) says there are some forty sayings on this

      some examples and combinations are


      all of Allah's names are Ism al Azam

      al Hayy al Qayyum

      La Ilaha Illa Huwa al Hayy al Qayyum

      Verse 21:87

      Hu (He)

      Allahu al Rahman al Rahim

      al Rahman al Rahim al Hayy al Qayyum

      al Hannan al Mannan Badiussamawati wal Ard Dhal Jalali wal Ikram al Hayy al Qayyum

      Badiussamawati wal Ard Dhal Jalali wal Ikram

      Dhal Jalali wal Ikram


      La Ilaha Illa Allah (kalimah al tawhid)

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      Thanks very much guppy for sharing them and bringing them to my knowledge.
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      though i haven't looking into the matter in any great depth... it seems, and Allah knows best, that the issue relating to Ism al Azam is similar to the myriad of opinions on the meanings behind the various combinations of Arabic letters that begin some of the Qur'anic surahs (alif laam meem etc.)... we have clues, but no one specific answer...

      Say: "Call upon Allah, or call upon al Rahman: by whatever name you call upon Him (it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names." (Qur'an 17:110)

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      Salamz to all,
      I dont think so that any AYAH is ISM-E-AZAM.
      Because, Ism means NAME
      and AZAM means GREAT
      now it simply shows and described about the names of ALLAH for example,KARIM.
      AZEEM,JABBAR etc.

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      Asalam-u- Alikum !

      Bismillah ir Rahman Nir Raheem

      Hamidann _wamusalliyan_wamusaliman

      Inshallah, Allah permitted me to share my open views to all which would like me to add my comments after reading several books and sitting with few suifa ikram that, Ism-em-azam is not so simple to get One Single Name of our Highness and use it. I would like to share One worked example and One with own understanding:

      Just like the first Word of Holy Quran "Alif Laam Meem" has several controversies to understand its meaning and no one satisfied as yet to make prove a point. Also no one can get its hidden coding because, as the generations develops its research results reached to one level ahead so on so forth.
      If I say "Alif Laam Meem" includes 99 Names of Allah Subahna Tala then one can ask how can you say ?

      Worked Example will say:
      Take the most generic Name commonly used to call our Highness "ALLAH"
      According to ABJAD its numeric value is 66.
      How ? ALLAH in arabic is composed of Alif+Laam+Laam+Ha
      Alif = 1 + Laam = 30 + Laam = 30 + Ha=5
      ALLAH = 66.................................Just like Bismillah Ir Rahman Nr Raheem = 786

      If you take Allah = 66 and multiply with number of alphabets in Alif Laam Meem that is 3
      Results are 66x3=198
      Now divide 198 by 2 (189/2 = 99)
      The final result 99 is achieved only due to the first statement in Sura Al-Baqarah stands with Alif Laam Meem. Who is saying such a beautiful word ? Allah Subanahu Tala.
      Therefore Alif Laam Meem (Ism-e-Bateen) is a single name of all of His composition 99 names revealed in only 3-letters (Ism-e-zaher)
      How many Ism-e-Zahir ? Total 99 names called Asma-e-hasna.

      My Conclusion:
      If there are 99 Asm-e-zahra then there are Asm-e-bateen, one like Alif Laam Meem. Which Allah embedded all 99-names as in 3-single letters at the beginning of Holy Quran. Then all Huroof-e-Muqatat also in the same chain of miracles. Subhan Allah.

      Why don't we start using all Huroof-e-Muqatat in our dua to get success ? You pay nothing to get it, its all in our Holy Quran in the beginning of various Suras. Let us try and see the results first.

      For our own understanding the following few of my views to get Ism-e-azam:

      Without hard work you get nothing, all the resources are available to start with if you understand the thoughts. "WORDS ARE THE TOOLS OF THOUGHT" how beautiful words you use, so beautiful results you gain.

      My name first letter start with ARABIC letter Ayeen.....If I call my wife noor-e-ayeen I feel very humble and proud. Unless she obeys my instruction in the light of Sunna. Same thing applies here. Ism-e-azam is Allah's favorable, he turn humble and proud.
      Allah subahna tala embedded his codes in our body, few are visible (zahir) and few hidden (bateen)
      Examples of Zahira Codes :
      1-Look at nose it bears with 2- nostrils which are in shape of arabic word ALLAH
      2-Look at ears openings there are 2- projections shaped of arabic word ALLAH
      3-Look deep in your mouth there is small tongue hanging upside down shaped ALLAH
      4-Take 1-hand fold first finger to touch its thumb like letter Ha in arabic the other 3-fingers stands upside. What it showing look carefully ......It turn into arabic name as Allah. Same for other hand too.
      5-When men go in SAJDA its shape is same as Allah

      Exapmle of Bateen Codes:
      Similar to Alif Laam Meem is a bateen code holding 99 names in it, Allah subhana Tala embedded Bateen Codes only in humankind in his/her QAMIR (Mud = Miti). Because, his Highness said humankind is Ashraf-ul-Maqluqat in all maqluq kinds. It proved all maqulqat bow there heads on Adam Alaisalam except Shaitan lainati.
      Ashraf-ul-Maqluqat = Human Being we contain wisdom, power of decision, education, Aqal, Faham....etc. Why ? to obey his commandments which is "La i la ha ill lal lah" thats what is in our Qamir hidden inside as bateen code.
      Then he sent "Muhammad ur Rasool Allah" to provide us the key to open the door for secrets.

      Why all Maqluqat bow their head to Adam Alaisalam ? He contained bateen codes ?
      Yes, they saw Allah code all over
      We as children of Adam Alaisalam holding same code in our body. We also given a beautiful name after birth. With that particular name is beloved to represent his/her codes to Allah Subhana Tala.
      Why to represent such codes to Allah ?
      To beg forgiveness Maqfirat and make all our jaiz needs successful.
      How to represent such codes to Allah ?
      Again, all resources are available to you, look at them......if you stand on Sharia with taqwa then you are not like a simple thrown piece of glass in this world, imagine if you polished yourself and work hard in the ocean of Rahama. One of the sides you holding Holy Quran other side you holding Sunna all instructions are crystal clear obey them don't miss single Faraz, sunnat,witar,zikir-ulllah "Laila ha Illallah"....etc nothing zahira for surroundings, it must be only for Allah as in daily routine life, all such mixed ingredients with practice starts giving energy to your hidden codes inside body and they start illuminating inside. This is common method to polish own self. Once a piece of glass turned into a magnifying glass, that magnifying glass can burn anything only and only if Allah subhana tala put His Tagaliyat on it. Once we show our hard work then Allah except it and reward Inshallah.

      Inshallah not only Ism-e-azam but also we can get things which never seen or known to human kind. Thats what Sufia Ikram did in this world and reached to a stages where we can't even imagine.

      There are various types of sources available in books to find Ism-e-azam in islamic way. Its depending upon your investigation. We can not force to get only Ism-e-azam many failures I have read. Use our own personality and shine our own hidden codes in daily practice, rest is Inshalla in Allah's will to reward and you receive good news.

      Before working hard, few things to work out. Keep our self clean all times, No bad feelings for others in your heart for any thing, Make tuba and ask for forgiveness, try always in wudu, don't miss single leisure breath without Durood Pak, start to end and in between all prayers read durood pak, sleep early and wakeup most earlier in mornings, don't stop feeding others, try to help others, take care of sick people, add others in dua for maqfira. Any one single good deed can turn your life in success. Never miss any opportunity in leisure without zikir ullah "La i la ha ill lal lah" Inshallah you will get it soon.

      Note: I ask forgiveness with all readers who read above my own experiences, which I wrote to share with you, not to hurt anyone or not to comment anyone who disagree or agree with me. It was my own view to understand such an interesting topics, so I shared with all of you. May Allah forgive me. Add such topics to use our thoughts in future.

      Requesting for dua-e-maqfira.

      Allah Hafiz

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