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      Feb 12, 1999
      We might have played with this before, but here it is again. I have often wondered, as I am sure many other must have as well, why perform a Khatna on a newborn boy? To me it seems graceless and barbaric and it is yet to be determined if it has any hygienic or health significance.

      Khatna = to circumcise, or a ritual of surgically removing (or pushing back) the foreskin of penis.

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      Feb 23, 2000
      Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
      We might have played with this before,

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      I'm sorry, its just funny the way you put it.

      Yes, its a fard for all muslim males to be circumsized

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      Feb 10, 1999
      I 've had same things about khatnas in my mind .. but once i asked a cousin of mine who was in the medical college at tha time ..what he explaned to me i am writing down but I am not very authentic about the truth but i think they woulfd be true.
      WHile enjaculation during a wet dream or during masturbation, the sperms stick to the front part of Penis can not be washed completely, so there is a hygenic pproblem there and this may result in fungus and other diseases like these.
      And iother wat he told was that during tthe act of cotion the male enjoys more agar us kay khatnas hoa hain...

      these were the points....

      Rest in peace
      P.S I may be right .. i may be wrong but i dio not mean any offence to anyne...

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      Jun 10, 1999
      Yar NYA you have to sharp your pencil before you can use it.


      I am out....

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      Dec 28, 1998
      Yes it is hygienic....The incidence of melignancies is extremely rare for ppl with circumcisions....more over there are certain conditions that develop due to infections of foreskin, ( Unhygienic conditions breed infection)..so its more or less established that khatna is beneficial....
      Its not just nocturnal emiisions that are problem, after all how often does that happen in a normal adult male, more of an issue is sweat and shed skin that harbours infection....There is no evidence for your second reason..i.e increased sensation...
      Having said that....Not everything that is beneficial is mandatory...(If we go by that logic , every individual should get the Appendix removed too)..it would still be interesting to know if islam has made it mandatory...my understanding is that it is..

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      i've heard arguments for and against circumcision. Novae, isnt it also true that the incidence of malignancies on the glans is extremely low? so low that the reduction in risk due to being circumcised hardly improves your chances? (something like from 0.001% to 0.002% ) there is a higher risk that if the circumcision isnt carried out skillfully, you might end up deformed for life. is it true that being circumcised leads to higher risks of keratinization and loss of sensitivity? regarding smegma and shed skin, wouldnt it be enough for an uncut person to withdraw the foreskin and clean the glans daily? i guess a cut penis does look neater than an uncut one
      Simple ain't easy.

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      Mar 12, 1999
      Sharpening a pencil b4 use!!!

      On a lighter note, when we were in college, someone wrote a sheyr in one of the toilet

      ye hamari badnasibi houway aikbar khatnay
      agar bar bar hotay tou buhat noukdar houta

      after few days someone added the following admonishment

      ye tumhari khushnasibi houway aikbar khatnay
      agar bar bar houtay tou maidan saaf houta

      I am told Prophet Abraham performed his own circumcion at the age of 75. Oouch!!!

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