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      I would like to clarify if ALLAH actually prohibits women from fasting and praying during their menstrual cycle in Ramadan. Is there a specific verse in the Quran stating this? Or is this something which has been agreed by scholars.

      Most of my research states that women are only prohibited from intercourse and NOT fasting/ praying as commonly mistaken!?!

      I had never questioned the idea of women not fasting during Ramadan or not praying those month, but after the life1 thread, I am so confused.


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      Women are prohibit from praying during periods, and please note that they are not asked to repeat those prayers so I dont see any reason why the concern is there.

      Now if you cannot pray, your fast is not accepted anyways, so fasting is also prohibited by default, however you have to make up those fasts.
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      Allah has prohibited women from praying during periods because it's napaki and one can only offer namaz when he/she is paak and with wuzu.

      Similarly, Allah has prohibited women from fasting during periods because there must be some medical reason for it. Periods are quite painful & exhausting time for women and causes weakness & I don't think it would be easier for her to spend the day without food and water , it will only result in making her more weak.

      The above is my understanding. I will try to search some material on it and will post again.
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      Menstruation or Post Partum Bleeding
      In this case the woman has to break her fast and make it up later if it occurs during her fast and if it occurs after the fast is valid and she should not make intention to fast the next day. Because the Prophet (sall Allβhu’ alayhi wa sallam) said: “Is it not the case that when she gets her period, she does not pray or fast?” Saheeh al-Bukhaari (304).
      “When a woman sees the blood of her period or nifaas (post-partum bleeding), her fast becomes invalid even if that is one moment before sunset. If a woman feels that her period has started but no blood comes out until after sunset, her fast is still valid. If the bleeding of a woman who is menstruating or in nifaas ceases at night and she has the intention of fasting, then dawn comes before she does ghusl, the view of all the scholars is that her fast is valid.” Taken from Al-Fath (4/148). And I do not think this would apply to men as men usually do not go through menstruation cycles.
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      Can we read duas and recite the quraan as long as our hands are covered during our time of the month?
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      You can read dua but no quran
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      you read duas and do dhikr. All while sitting on your prayer mat. whenever it is time for Salah, and you cant pray, sit on ur janamaz and do dhikr.

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