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      My relationship with my mother is strained - now it is more strained than a few disagreements here and there. It much much more deeper than just a quarrel.

      I do not want to share all the details here.

      But what I do want to know is - is there there a dua I can read for myself to control my upsettness/anger/tears/frustration when talking to her?

      Is there a dua I can pray for her that brings about good changes in her?

      Is there a dua to improve family ties? my relationship with her and I also worry alot about her relationship with my father - sometimes i feel he is getting so much reward for his sabr but in this life I hate to see his health effected due to stress.

      I know how islam tells us to not even say uff to our parents and the importance of mothers and how much we should love and respect them but as i said its not a few simple quarrels its not even fighting to be honest its more to do with my mothers disatisfaction with everything and everyone in her life - she constantly critises us all - including my dad and we are never good enough for her...

      please help me

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      Yes, Sura-e-Taghabun,

      recite it and do dua for the love and harmony in the family.

      Best time is before fajr, then after fajr, then after duhr and so on ..

      if not then most convenient would be after Isha (which is technically before fajr time)

      Start with once a day, one recitation and do dua. Recommended way is to phoonko some water after that and use the same water to goondho ataa or make food for the family.
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      Recommended by someone who heared it from a very well known aalim. I dont know the reference till any Sahaba or Nabi
      It is only Quran-e-kareem and Darood

      1) surah jumma - 3 times
      2) ayat number 63, surah anfaal, (wa allafa baiyna quloobihim...) - 7 times
      3) darood shareef - 11 times

      if you check the translation of the ayah mentioned at number 2, this itself is a dua for this purpose
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      بين خوف و رجا
      One thing that i know is very effective in addition to above 2 aamal by TLK and aceones is doing a khatam of any darood shareef for 100,000 times. believe me it is very effective , i have some first hand experiances

      http://www.paklinks.com/gs/gupshup-c...umdolilah.html (Alhumdolilah) see this for example.

      We are not to judge whether our parents are correct or not, all we have to do is NOT to respond to them in rude manner. Just practice this and you will see miracles happen inshallah.
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      Peace inspiron,

      Dua: "Ya Allah! Mein teri raza k liyeh 'flan banday' ke pass jata hoon, to us ko hidyat dy or uskay dil mein narmi paida farma or Mujeh mazeed sabr or tahamul atta farma,"

      I read this dua.
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      so sorry to hear about your situation. i really hope things get better for you inshallah.

      i love to read Ayat al Karima (La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Min Az Zaalimeen) basically meaning for allah talah swt to take you out of the darkness and to show you the light.

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