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      Jan 28, 2002
      Someone I know asked me if I knew anything about Gulshan Esther. This is the first time I have come across her story. Her books are back in the 1980's, and hence her story must be earlier than that. Does any have any more background? Did her case make into the Pakistani Press at that time, etc. ?

      ************************************************** *******
      In the last week we interviewed Sister Gulshan Esther from Pakistan for Bible Believers' radio programs. She has a miraculous testimony. Born into a wealthy Muslim family, she was smitten with typhoid - then crippled by polio as a teenager.

      For many years, Sister Esther was dependent upon servants for her most basic needs. She was examined by the best doctors in Pakistan and London. Her father took her on a haj to Medina and Mecca. All to no avail. Studying the Koran, she learned a woman called Miriam, gave birth to a Healer called Jesus. So for three years she prayed in the Name of this Healer.

      Eventually Jesus answered her prayer, appeared in a vision accompanied by the Shekinah, and commanded her to arise and walk. When she tried to obey, the flesh manifested on her left side and for the first time in many years she was able to stand and walk. She gave her life to Jesus Christ, and has since suffered great persecution from family and friends for HIS Name. Her parents had both died by this time, and one of her brothers tried for thirty minutes to shoot her. And as she took her hands from over her eyes, she saw the hand of Jesus covering the barrel of his pistol. She saw the Lord raise her sister from the dead and has written two books, "The Torn Veil", and "Beyond the Veil", which are available in Christian bookstores.For the past twenty years, Sister Esther's traveled to different countries WITNESSING what JESUS has done in HER life. And what He HAS done for HER, He can do for YOU. Jesus Christ is the SAME, yesterday, and today, and forever. If you would like to have her testify in your church, her contact in Australia is 61-2-99805059. From Australia she will visit New Zealand, Fiji and the islands and be back in Britain mid-December. (2 Riverside Court, Longford Close, Oxford UK OX14NG, Tel. 01865 -242480).

      The following article is the transcript of a recent national radio broadcast.

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      I wouldn't believe this count, even if I was a Christian.

      Unfortunately, this sounds more like a saga from a Dragonball Z series!

      But to be fair, I suppose bullsh.. works in all Faiths and is a very big weapon for fundraising and propoganda.

      How many bullets do you think were used in the 30 minute continuous onslaught?

      She should be known as 'Gulshan Grover'. At least he dies in the bollywood movies, but keeps coming back as an even bigger villain in newer movies!

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      apparently, the additional stuff I have been able to find is that her tale is from the 1960's when Pakistan was a very different country. Her books are from the 1980's. I am a sceptic by nature, and hence don't believe everything. However, what is a fact is that she does exist and she does go around the world testifying to one and all. I just wish that Pakistan and Pakistanis were a little better organised so I could have gotten information from Pakistanis and not have to rely solely upon christian sources.

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      Old Lahori

      I can relate to your last sentence:

      ....I just wish that Pakistan and Pakistanis were a little better organised so I could have gotten information from Pakistanis and not have to rely solely upon christian sources.

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