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      Feb 20, 2003
      North-East, (U.K.)
      Actress Afreen Baig found strangled

      * Police looking for absent servant couple
      * Missing jewellery possible ruse for planned murder

      Staff Report

      KARACHI: Actress and drama producer, Afreen Baig, the sister-in-law of the late pop singer Nazia Hassan, was found strangled in her home Thursday evening, police said.

      “Afreen Baig was found dead in her bungalow in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer of Phase V of the Defence Housing Authority,” a police official told Daily Times.

      According to police, they found Ms Baig, who was in her mid-30s, in the bathtub of the bathroom.

      She was strangled before being put in the bathtub, police said.

      Welts on her hands and feet showed she had been tied with rope, said doctors at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre who conducted the autopsy.


      Ms Baig’s small son, who is autistic, was at home at the time of the crime. Police are looking for Ms Baig’s servant Dhani Bux and his wife Zubaida, who were absent from the house.

      Valuables, including gold ornaments, were missing. A family friend, whose name police did not disclose, alerted the police after he found the house locked from inside. He paid the visit because Ms Baig’s husband, drama director Farooq Mengal, had called him from Islamabad after no one at home answered his phone calls.

      The doctors also sent viscera of the body to the lab for further lab tests.

      A police investigator, however, said there were indications the robbery might be a pretext for planned murder. Whoever killed her “stole the valuables to misguide the police,” he added.

      The police also found the deceased’s minor son from the house who was reportedly in the state of shock. No police officer was available for an official comment on the crime, important members of the department having turned their mobile phones off.

      Ms Baig was the sister of Nazia Hassan’s husband Ishtiaq Baig. Her other brother, Ikhtiar Baig, was a National Assembly candidate of the Pakistan People’s Party in the last general elections.

      An award-winning directress: Afreen Baig had already two trophies of the prestigious Lux Style Awards, which she won for her serials in 2001 and 2002. She was the lady who introduced the culture of having pop artistes sing the title songs of her productions.

      Afreen was the wife of another famous director Farooq Mengal. Both had formed an intimate relationship on the sets of ‘Anarkali.’ They had known each before ‘Anarkali,’ since both had worked in several productions before.

      Afreen was said to be the youngest of all siblings. While officially it could not be ascertained, but family sources said the family had altogether six brothers and sisters. Afreen had been into showbiz since 1988 when she first appeared for a Qasim Jalali programme, ‘Yes sir, no sir.’

      She made headlines, however, many years later when she reappeared on the silver screen, but this time as a director. She made her directorial debut, under the banner of Afreen Baig Productions, with ‘Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Mein.’

      Ms Baig hired the services of pop star Faakhir for the title song. Faakhir’s song was the hit of the entire country, then and the drama did fairly well, also. It was a great breakthrough for Afreen whose venture was later nominated for the Lux Style Awards.

      Not only did Ms Baig win the award in the ‘Best Drama Serial’ award category, she followed up her success the next year with a similar hit, ‘Chandni Raatein.’


      i'm shocked and gutted to hear this news, i've always admired her talent and how she put her talent into good use. A great loss for the pak industry, she was 36 years old? and some home wrecker killed her.

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      Oct 23, 2003
      OH God this is really Sad!!!!

      Innal lillahe wa inna elahi raja'oon

      May Allah swt keep us all safe!

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      Nov 15, 2002
      Innal lillahe wa inna elahi raja'oon

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      extremely sad... people are sick

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      I'm no mystery!
      just another face


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      Feb 19, 2004
      Innal lillahe wa inna elahi raja'oon

      How Sad !!
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      Jun 2, 2003
      i still havent been able to recall who she was...
      may Allah bless her soul.
      thye Dawn report on her said she was an actress too...which dramas did she satr in...?
      and was she Nazia Hasan's husband's sister? Nazia's husband's family has been said to be a bit on the evil side...so the media has always said and media i quote...

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      I know i'm sexy...

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      Oct 14, 2000
      i have no words. I sometimes feel i,ve had enough of this crap world. This could happen to anyone living anywhere. pathetic. how can people be so heartless? no ones safe. makes me more angry than sad.

      inna lillah e wa inna illaihe rajion.

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      Sep 11, 2003
      Roop nagar, Prem Gali, Kholi # 420
      why would some one do this to her? sounds suspecious to me.
      may god rest her soul in peace.
      Tu bhi villain ban sakta tha, "BILLA" ban sakta tha.....

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      Apr 29, 2004
      Originally posted by KAKA-ATOM-BUM:
      i have no words. I sometimes feel i,ve had enough of this crap world. This could happen to anyone living anywhere. pathetic. how can people be so heartless? no ones safe. makes me more angry than sad.

      inna lillah e wa inna illaihe rajion.

      she was very talented no doubt

      i was shocked to read this in the paper today

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      *Subha ki pehli Kiran*


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      Oct 11, 2000
      deep blue sea
      That's so sad.

      inna lilahi wa inna elaihi rajioon...
      Save Pakistan.

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      ~Aks khusbo hoon, behkarnay say na rokay koi~

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      Oct 18, 2002
      oh this is a really sad n shocking .. :O ..

      Innallillahewainnaelahiraja'oon .. Allah unkay saray gunah maaf karay .. Ameen .. ..

      she was really talented .. i have seen chandni raatein and khabhi khabhi pyar mein .. she was a very good director and producer .. :'( ..

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      Jun 3, 2004
      above the heavens
      yand y'all know that she was 'nand' of nazia hassan too !

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      *~*Devils @ttitude*~*

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      Dec 9, 2003
      inna lillah e wa inna illaihe rajion.
      I'm sweet like honey, but sting like a bee!

      It is better to be hated for what you are, then to be loved for what you are not...

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      Oct 8, 2004
      Innal lillahe wa inna elahi raja'oon

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      *aNkHoN ki ChAmAk*

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      May 23, 2003
      God Bless her soul!
      *c h a m k e e l i * a n k h e i n*

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      Oct 24, 2003
      Very sad to hear she was very young to die.
      Innal lillahe wa inna elahi raja'oon

      Ya Nabi Salaam Alaika Ya Rasool Salaam Alaika Ya Habib Salaam Alaika.

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      Apr 21, 2004
      here's the latest update on her murder..apparently her own husband had her murdered...thats just sick....I feel sorry for her kids...


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      Feb 20, 2003
      North-East, (U.K.)
      how sick can yu get greedy lil begger,needs to go and sort himself out......so sad though she was so young

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