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      Jan 25, 1999
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      Assalaamu 'alaikum,

      I asked this question a few days back, but was told to post it in this forum:

      Does anybody have any suggestions for good Pakistani dramas? I have some old ones at home, but i've gone through them.

      I don't mind if they're old or new, as long as they're descent. oh, and also, can you please be kind enough to give a short description to what kind of drama it is. For example, comedy, serious, romance, thriller, mystery etc.

      Some of the ones i've seen a long time ago, i can't remember their names, but the ones i recall are:

      Dhoop Kinary
      Nadaan Nadia
      Sanyaarei Dil (i think) - about the army.

      well, that's about it.

      I'll be most grateful for your responses.

      kindest regards

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      Salaam sabah jee,

      thanks for your earlier response to this thread on the other forum. Agar aap ke khyaal mei aur be hain, bata deejeeyei gah


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      May 20, 1999
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      hmmmmmmm!! let me see..

      Dhooan, it has always been one of my fav. dramas of all times, PTV repeated it thrice and I never missed it (Quetta)
      Dhoop kinaray old one.. marina khan and Rahat kazmi (Karachi)
      Guest house - funny (islamabad)
      Karobi or Karobiyan not sure. Samina and Usman peerzada. (peshawar)

      More later.

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      Hasnain ji
      i posted the names of some good new ones in ur earlier thread but i guess u didnt get them so here they are again
      mind u i dont have time for dramas but i watch only the good ones plus its easy to sit and watch three cassettes at once rather then waiting for another week for the episode..

      ok so here are the names of some of the really good ones .....

      Paranda .......
      saira khan, maria wasti and a bunch of others; excellent story but its recorded onto five cassettes

      Panchwaan Mausam.....
      there is kadwani and others i am not good at names; quite glamerous but another excellent story ....its a must see

      chandioo, and others; another good story however it covers two cassettes ..

      Andherey Darechay....
      seemi zaidi, kadwani, and other good ones
      many episodes but another good one

      Hum bhi wohi tum bhi wohi
      i dont know the cast names
      but good story kinda humour, kinda good..

      komal rizvi, lol many more good ones
      nice one, excellent story, if u liked chand girhan u will love this one too

      if i remember others i will post them too so far i can only recall the ones i most recently watched

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      Ya Shah Naqshband Imdad Kun!

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      Hmmmm..let me think,

      Ankahi -M. Khan or Shehnaz shaikh--old one--romantic ..excellent.

      Dhoop Kinaarey--M. Khan--medical romance!

      Marvi--superb drama about feudal/modern clash of cultures and women's oppression cum love story; brilliant--MAHNOOR "kya baat hai! " Balouch, Ghazala Siddiqui...

      Babar - Babar Ali, and many others! Historical drama about the founder of the Mughal Dynasty. Superb.

      Alpha BRavo Charlie--brilliant drama about life and love in the PAkistani Army. Shot on location and starring real soldiers as actors! Dir. by Shuaib Mansoor.

      Yeh Zindagi--MAHNOOR again with Qaisar Khan and Humayoon Saeed and,...I can't recall his name! Brilliant romantic/social drama about impotence and it's taboo in our society.

      Hum Bhi wohi, tum bhi wohi--model Sadia Imam ( )and Shakeel--romantic comedy. quite lighthearted but excellent!

      Ghulaam Gardish --Abid Ali, Amina Haqq, Iffat Raheem (two gorgeous models--this is a new trend to put the top models in PTV dramas
      )...brilliant social drama about a Sufi Shaykh [Abid Ali] and the problems he faces with his modernised close family and biradari/politics. One of the very best.

      Shab Daig --tragic comedy about the consequences of a person who is ashamed of his culture; Ali Ijaz stars Very funny and poignant.

      Awaazein ---excellent drama about the problems of Pakistanis living in the West. Shot mostly in London. Huma Nawaab....many stars.

      ChoTi si duniya -- quite old comdey about an anglicised Pakistani who returns to his village in Sindh. Very very funny but relevant at the same time.

      UDaan--the life and loves of PIA aircrew members; big budget--shot all over the world!
      Resham makes an appearance as a bride...

      Ghalib/Mirza Ghalib in America --two dramas about the great poet; the first a serious biographical/musical the second a great comedy and social commentary--Ghalib comes back from Jannat to help an ABCD!! Mohammad QAvi Khan as Ghalib in both!

      Aashiyana -- good drama about the problems of the domestic problems of a v. rich daughter...stars the gorgeous Seemi Zaidi :0

      There's another romantic triangle drama with Seemi Zaidi and Mohsin Khan about what happens when a younger brother marries his elder brother's former mehbooba....

      hope this helps


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      Ya Shah Naqshband Imdad Kun!

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      Oh yeh, Hasnain ji ,

      this you HAVE to watch:

      Aik Mohabbat, Sau Afsaanay --dramatisation of the famous short stories by Ashfaq Ahmed; each play [story] is about an hour long--absolutely top class with all the top actors making appearances; all the stories deal with a certain aspect of love. BRILLIANT.

      Nadia --aap dramoN ke baare mein kaafi baa-zauq lagtee hain It's a pity our religious viewpoints are so different!!!

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      Dec 9, 1998
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      Asif ji
      i dont know the meaning of bazook but if it means that i am quite educated in the drama dept then thanks

      as for our point of views ....well they arent differnt the problem is that u speak from ur own experiences and i speak from my own ......though we do are the believers of Islam and thats the thing that only matters
      btw its nice to have an intelligent discussion with u cause i always enjoy ur topics ......

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      Feb 24, 1999
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      Aashiyana - Cute drama

      Des Perdais - Bohur dinooN ba'd kisi khad tak realistic drama banaya gaya hai PK se bahir pakistaniyooN pe

      Doosra Aasman - zaberdast acting (Abid Ali, Asad)

      Manzilein -

      Bandhan - Funny


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      did any one see AJAIB KHANA, from KArachi...
      the best darama
      w salam

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      Hasnain.....mmmmm.....well! I think ASIF SAHIB has listed all the good drams for your attention.....but there is one really old Drama based on novel written by Fatima-Surriya-Bajiya..."AFSHANN...named after the heroine of the novel….it is a classic….and encapsulate almost every aspect of our culture…it is a story of a family….full of love, jealousy and sacrifice for each other. You'll be very lucky if you get a copy of that over here.

      ASIF JI for your attention…..Iffat Raheem top model…I know she really looks gorgeous on screen….but if you ever have a chance to look at her from the front don't blame your eyes……one thing I don't understand about you guys….your standard of beauty are so weird. Khair app ki app hi janaiN http://www.pak.org/gupshup/biggrin.gif

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      thank you everyone for replying. You were all most helpful

      kindest regards