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      Us Rah Par

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      Sep 8, 1998
      Well I dont know if you guys have done this post before. If so disregard it and I will delete it or something. Just wanted to know your guys opnion on your favourite singers. It will be great if you guys could right any interesting details about the person too. And multiple favourites will be great too!

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      Us Rah Par

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      Sep 8, 1998
      As for me, it has to be Junaid Jamshed, well actually Vital Signs. But they haven't come out with any thing lately. Junaid besides being an excellent vocalist, is a great person. Very friendly and real patriotic. You can check him out on his website www.junaidjamshed.com.pk

      A great interview too on the website. A must see!

      let me make a list of the other singers I like too:-

      1. Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
      2. Tina Sani
      3. Pathanay Khan
      4. Alamgir
      5. Junoon (well Actually Salman Ahmed only)
      6. Najam Sheraz
      7. Collage
      8. Madam Noor Jehna ( her old songs
      9. Nayara Noor
      10. Mehdi Hassan

      There are many more but these have to be the ones I listen to most often. So what in your guys opinion?

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      Senior Member

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      Jan 27, 2000

      Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is the best !

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      Magic Dust

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      Nov 20, 1999
      Definitely Junaid Jamshed, really poetic nature to all his songs.

      Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan will always always be a class musician.

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      Feb 17, 2000
      Definitely Junaid Jamshed, but I miss Vital Signs, I have heard that they are coming out with a new album but still nothing on it. But Junaid is yet again working on a solo Album. Ustad Nusrat is the greatest.

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      Senior Member

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      Feb 27, 1999
      Of course Junaid bhai and Vital Signs are and will be the best. So then my other favorite is Abrar Ul Haq and Fakr-e-Alam.
      Also that Hadiqa is pretty hot too.

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      Senior Member

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      Apr 22, 1999
      Mehdi Hassan
      Malika Pukhraj
      Noor Jahan (ghazals only)
      Nayra Noor
      Ghulam Ali
      Farida Khanam
      Adnan Sami Khan
      Hamid Ali Khan

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      Rad Drivel

      Lucid Chaotic's Avatar
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      Dec 31, 1969
      Ottawa - Canada
      Nayyara Noor
      Tina Sani
      Iqbal Bano
      Asad Amanat Ali
      Adnan Sami Khan

      For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining - and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction - Khalil Gibran

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      Feb 17, 2000
      I think these are the best vocalists there are in the world:-

      1. Habib Wali Muhammad
      2. Junaid Jamshed
      3. Pathanay Khan
      4. Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
      5. Abida Parween
      6. Muhammad Rafi
      7. Akhalque Ahmed
      8. Najam Shiraz
      9. Tina Sani
      10. Nayara Noor

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      Us Rah Par

      Join Date
      Sep 8, 1998
      If you guys are in the mood for listening to old songs that may bring some old memories, they have some good songs at http://www.hipakistan.com/melodies.html

      If you are looking for any MP3s, I have a good collection right now, around like 500 Pakistani old MP3s, if you need anything let me know and I will try to help you guys out.
      You can also message me at icq number 34400776

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      Junior Member

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      Feb 27, 2000
      Ali do you have these songs:

      Nayyara Noor-
      1. Rothey ho tum, tum ko keysey manaien piya.
      2. Guriya bool nee
      3. aey jazba-e-ishq
      4. kabhi hum khobasorut they

      Hum mustafa bee mustafa bee, mustfa bee hein!
      deen hamara deen-e-mohd...blah blah blah.

      Ghulam Ali:
      hangama hey kiyoun berpaa

      Nusrat Fateh Ali:
      Aey boa aees weyley keyna kharka-ya ?.

      Mehndi Hasan:
      Chaand meri zamien, phool meera watan.

      Rafi & Ayesha(Indian):
      Neeley neeley amber per...chand jub aa-aey.

      Thats it for now. I presume you know the
      method of putting the MP3's on the web,
      from where people can copy them, within
      7 days, for free, right ?. These sites are
      set up, just for this purpose in mind.

      Very nice of you to have all these songs.
      Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.


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      Feb 2, 2000
      Shezad Roy is my favourite Pakistani singer at the moment his songs are just ace. Junoon are also quite good.

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      Feb 2, 2000
      Shezad Roy is also a great singeras i said before as is Noor Jahan.

      [This message has been edited by libra (edited February 28, 2000).]

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      Dec 31, 1969
      Well I will not degrade any singer saying that this is the best and the rest is useless. In my opinion every singer sings and everyone has the potential. To be honest singer is nothing its the music composer who makes the singer best. Some singers compose their own music, its a plus point. I would rather like to catagorise it as the best song(s) from different singers. I liked diffrent songs from almost all singers solo and groups. Old singers are mostly solo and I would give them credit for producing the best music with limited musical tools and those songs are still popular whereas new groups are good but most of the music are composed usualy by the machines not man.

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      Dec 31, 1969
      Hopefully within next three months I shall be putting a new WEBSEVER and you can send me your collection of MP3s. My current SEVER is not accessible becuase of some problems with the router (I was playing with it and I dont know what have I done with it). I am not sorting it out because I am moving to Amesterdam in a months time.


    16. #16
      Us Rah Par

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      Sep 8, 1998
      yaar I have the AYE JAZBA e DIL by Nayara Noor, ROOTHEY HO TUM sung by Nayara.

      I have every Single UNFAK song ever sung. I have the chand meri zameen by Mehdi Hassan. I have Neelay Neelay Amber, but yaar that is sung by Kishore not Rafi yaar.

      I will put them on I drive soon, as I just killed my CD drive and my Writer I dont have the sCSI card for it, but I have noted down all your songs and also I will try to find the other songs you were talking about.

      Najim saheb let me know, I will give you all the songs, I would other people to share my collection, but just make sure that your site is non profitable and has something to do with Pakistan. Then I will be more than happy to share the Mp3s

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      Senior Member

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      Feb 12, 1999
      Surayi Multani – BaRay Baymurawat haiN yeh Husan Walay…..
      Alam Lohar
      Shoukat Ali
      Tasawar Khanum
      Rifat Kamal Pasha (they guy in my High School, man could he sing; He is not famous though)
      Tahira Sayyed

      And all the others mentioned above.

      I considered myself to be a pretty good material. My mom says I sing like Kishor Kumar, only difference being that of Zameen and Aasman.

    18. #18
      Us Rah Par

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      Sep 8, 1998
      Yaar NYA, sahi yad karaya aap nay! I forgot to mention Alam Lohar and Shukat Ali. Shaukat Ali also is one of the best singers in Pakistan, no doubt about it!

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