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      Oct 9, 2000
      Have u guys heard the Supreme Ishq song?
      if you have not , u shudddd ..it is the ultimate awesome song ever made in Pakistan.

      The video is also reallly good..directed by Shoaib Mansoor...The song is more of a Qawwali sung by Riaz Ali Qadri and others...

      They show it on all the channels Indus vision, Indus Music, ARY Digital , Prime TV, PTV World ....

      do watch it .

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      Apr 25, 2001

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      Oct 9, 2000
      nahi sir.... aap ki awaaz itni achi kahan hai..http://www3.pak.org/gupshup/smilies/tongue.gif

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      PröƒêssÃ*ônÃ¥l Psÿçhó
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      Dec 7, 2001
      is it online anywhere?
      cuz i dont get those channels...

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      Oct 9, 2000
      no ..i dont think so ...i have searched for it a lot..but could not find it..

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      Jan 9, 2001
      Are you talking about teray ishq nachaya?
      I have OCD: Obsessive Cullens Disorder
      Bite Me! -- Please
      I like running with scissors...makes me feel dangerous

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      KidaaaaaaN PeepS

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      Apr 12, 2002
      which 1?????????

      CaN u GiVe Me DiReCtIoNs tO Ur hEaRt Im KiNdA lOsT iN uR eYeS!!!

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      Tere Ishq Nachia is an awesome track.
      Visually Shoiab's done a marvelous job.
      Singer Raiz Ali Qadri purly justified
      Baba Bulley Shah's Klam.

      However, don't insult Pyaar Bhray Do Sharmelay Nain, Tu Jo nehein hai, Sada
      hoon apney Pyaar ki, and many other classic
      by calling Tere Ishq Nachia the ultimate
      love song.

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      tipz, you can watch this song's video
      at www.pakistanvision.com

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      May 1, 2002
      The Video is available at KarachiUnderground.Com . Also if they have done an article to explain things happening in the video. If you you guys like I can post the article here.

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      Oct 9, 2000
      yes..its the nach thayya thayya one ...
      awesome song..
      i downloaded its video from www.karachiunderground.com but the qaulity sucks .... and mp3.. i could not find it on any site..

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      Jul 21, 2002
      mafi chahti hoon aghar kisi ko
      borra lage to.
      kiya koi yeh janta hay
      baba bulley shah ne yeh kalam kab aur kiyoon kaha...

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      May 1, 2002
      Karachi Underground does not claim or is held responsible for the views and explanations expressed by Omer Javed.

      The meaning of Ishq
      The famous and the most controversial video ISHQ directed by Shoaib Mansoor, Performed by Riaz Ali & Qadri brothers was an inspiration of the respected and famous Sufi Poet Baba Bulley Shah on Pakistan Television. Sponsored by a tea company this the first music video that made good use of digital artistry to shape the words of Baba Bulley Shah. Shoaib Mansoor created a mystical atmosphere and a bit of thrill and mystery to provide a view Sufism in todays modern generation of Pop.
      Nizam al-Din Awliya, this name has been repeatedly used in the song. After the death of Nizam al-Din Awliya who was a famous Sufi Scholar based in Delhi, Baba Bulley Shah had great respect for the leaders work as a preacher of Islam, to whose credit beautiful poetries belonged that narrated the indisputable creations and obsession towards Allah. Although Baba Bulley Shah used to write only Sufi poetry he dedicated a special passage of sadness and sorrow about how much he felt about his absence. Ishq is not only a Sufi poetry but also a dedicated poem written in Sufi manner for Nizam al-Din Awliya.

      A young man turning into a dervish is shown in the beginning of the video ISHQ who when falls deeply in love. But with whom the girl or Allah? Actually it is conveying a message that he is praising the girl and seeks her using the same style the one of Sufism as Dervish or more known to be in Pakistan Maleng while other people around him praise Allah and the a cluster of girls Carrying a long shawl created by joining up petals like Roses stitched together by thread and going to the Darbar of Nizam al-Din Awliya which has not been shown in the video. It is basically a mix of different forms of love. Some praise Allah, Some praise a Islamic Scholar (Peer Baba for respect) or others like the young man seeking the one he loves whose wish is granted by god when he becomes a Sufi at the end. Remember Sufism means having a communion with god where he may perform a Dua towards god for his wishes. A good example and a message set by Shoaib Mansoor.

      Remember the people sitting with large white piece of cloth covering their bodies, sitting on the ground, resting on one hand, they are Pakistani Dervish which are often seen at Darbars. They want to keep their eyes and ears away from the noise and images of the world around them that allows to concentrate on their seek for communion with God. Even the man playing Dhole is a Dervish (Maleng) too.

      As shown in the video girls also do dance at the Darbar of a "buzurg" OR "peer" Islamic scholar. In Pakistan we can often seen women at doorsteps of Darbar you may call them Sufi also most of these girls are virgin and hope not to create any links with the outer world of their worship.

      Similarly, there is also a message that even melangs in Pakistan and the original Sufis are still doing have some form similarities. Whirling around and even in some cases the melang speaks out words like "ishq nazara" "mast qalander" which are often heard in qawaalis. Sufis appear in the video, seen to be conveying a message that anyone can be a Sufi irrespective to the culture they may belong. Although they have a different approach and style towards performing their worship, in the end they desire only one thing, a sacred communion with god.

      Lastly the cup of tea is then again a sign of the tea company that it has sponsored the high budget Song.

      Written by Omer Javed.
      If you have any comments, objections or suggestion, then you can contact him on ustadjee@karachiunderground.com

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      Aug 11, 2001
      Planet Vulcan
      Its not just Shaoib Mansoor, its NCA -> National College of Arts which was behind this excellent video!!! Shoiab Mansoor and NCA students -> Winning Combination

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      May 21, 2002
      Yes it is a cool video...
      Though the cup of tea at the end has to go.....

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      Jul 14, 2000
      Anything by Shoaib mansoor has to be good and different!! He tries to introduse new talents and unique presentations..... thats what i like 'bout him

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      Mar 2, 2002

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      Oct 4, 2001
      under the ocean
      Saw the video.....an excellent song with amazing choreography

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