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  • Quixotic
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      Watch how a horde of buffalos, a pride of lions, and a crocodile fight over one animal.

      I'm like the whole library in Kemet with Annunaki genetics!

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      Ham whan hain jhan sy ham ko bhi hmari khabr nahi ati
      Zabrdast, Naqabily Yaqeen. Bychara Bachra Magar mach or Shyr donon khynch rahy thy magar waaqai "Jisy allah Rakhy osy kon chakhy" phew: Thanx 4 sharing this amazing video LKC
      PS: Bhynsy ny ju shyr ko hwa main uchal diya zabardast:biggthumb


      One more happy ending after 10 minuts mother was able to save her kid
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      Ham whan hain jhan sy ham ko bhi hmari khabr nahi ati
      Wow! This video is amazing too from Pakistan and Lion caught the boy this time(Insan ka bacha not bhainns ka)

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      It's the Circle of Life

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      The above posted video has become the biggest Video on Youtube

      BBC even wrote an article about it


      An amateur video of an amazing animal confrontation on the African savannah is fast becoming one of the biggest hits on video-sharing website YouTube.

      The footage first shows how several lions attack a group of buffalo, snatching a buffalo calf.

      As the lions wrestle with a calf by a watering hole, a crocodile joins in the battle, pouncing on the buffalo.

      The lions win the tug-of-war, but then the buffalo herd returns, chasing away the lions and freeing the calf.

      'Battle at Kruger'

      The eight-minute-long footage - filmed in South Africa's Kruger National Park - shows how a big buffalo from the herd gores one of the lions and tosses it in the air.

      The buffalo calf is then seen running away to rejoin the herd, while the lions are forced to retreat.

      It remains unclear if the calf survived the ordeal.

      Almost 9.5m people have already watched the video, dubbed the Battle at Kruger, which was filmed by US tourist Dave Budzinski while he was on a guided safari.

      The footage is the envy of professional wildlife snappers, who might be marvelling at Mr Budzinski's luck.

      He told ABC News that he used his video camera "once a year" and was not "adept at this sort of thing".

      "I'm not a camera person. I'm just lucky to have it!"

      His safari guide Frank Watts told ABC: "I have never seen anything like that in my life before".

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      Ham whan hain jhan sy ham ko bhi hmari khabr nahi ati
      Quote Originally Posted by Hum_Hain_Lajawab View Post
      It's the Circle of Life
      Ittifaq main barkat hy:whistling

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