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      Oct 7, 2006
      can anyone help me find that lady/parlour at bahadurabad which is famous for its mehndi? i think her name is tooba.. i m getting married in dec & want to get my mehndi done from there.. she does really nice mehndi.. plz reply asap..

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      Jan 2, 2006
      sorry ..i dunno
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      Jan 29, 2006
      Plano, TX
      Hey..i m very fimiliar wid this area in karachi..but umm i dunno NE tooba..

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      Jul 10, 2002
      I think you can check with Duplex on the Shaheed-e-Millat Road intersection b/w Bahadurabad and Tariq Road.

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      Oct 7, 2006
      @zainab: may be the gal's name is uroosa.. i said i m not sure abt her name.. do u know of any uroosa?

      @smooth guy: r u taking abt depilex? btw, depilex has moved to a place near naheed supermarket..

      P.S. : i m still waiting for replies..

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      Jul 10, 2002
      Yes, is that depilex? I heard about it as most of the family used to go there back home.

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      Aug 30, 2006
      with polar bears..
      the one that ive heard of and ive gotten my mehndi done from there for my cousin's wedding last time i was in pak... yeah i think the place was called uroos or smthn
      they do awesome mehndi... HOWEVER, the color doesn't come out that good.... atleast that was my experience

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      Oct 7, 2006
      @bhenjee: thanks alot pal... i have already found the place... got it booked for my mehndi also... i am all happy about it

      @ to all: thanks everyone else for their replies/comments.

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      Sep 4, 2007
      hey guys im looking for an artist who can apply indian style mehndi for my wedding.

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      Jul 4, 2007
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      Quote Originally Posted by laila106 View Post
      hey guys im looking for an artist who can apply indian style mehndi for my wedding.
      everyone in Karachi goes to Meena bazar in Karachi for mehndi.

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      Nov 16, 2003
      ^ not necessarily.

      My cousin did my mehndi -- she runs a whole parlor and her mehndi designs are quite popular, but I don't think they'd be classified as "Indian".

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      rabia rana's Avatar
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      Mar 2, 2006

      this work done by my Phuphu Jani ..............she is the best in my view.........not only 4 heena also in make up n beauty treatments............
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      guzar gay hain jo lamhay unhay baham kerday
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      Jun 16, 2008
      Hi... tell me where they put nice bridal menhdi! really nice one because i want good design with nice color... there any place around in karachi?

      do reply thanx

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      SHANAYLE's Avatar
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      Feb 24, 2008
      Mahrose at Tariq road n Meeena bazaar
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      Apr 1, 2006
      karachi mai tau her jaga u can find good mehendi walay
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      Mar 1, 2008
      Meena Bazaar sucks unless ur looking for big ugly designs. Mahrose is really good, they used to have a girl named Samia work there who then left and now does her own thing, thats who I have gotten for my mehndi which is on Aug 8. She does really really good mehndi specially if ur into the very bareek designs. Other than her, Uroosa has made a name for herself in Khi and many opt for her. Her prices are ridiculous according to paki standards, i went to go see her mehndi and anything decent was over 8k. The reason I didnt book with her was cuz she had ugly designs, her portfolio looked like it was from the '70s and just cuz someones made a name for themself doesnt mean they are the best in the field. shes known to have very bareek designs but i didnt see anything nice in her folio and she said she didnt have any new pics and i just couldnt agree to someone doing mehndi on me on crap from the 70's. other than that the beauty parlor Rose on zamzama has pretty good mehndi girls. if u want someone to come to ur house to do it, i suggest u either go to uroosa who lives near buhadrabad, samia who lives near doraji or ask the girls at Rose to come to ur house and u will pay them directly. if u go thru the parlor, u cant have them coem to ur home.
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      Jul 16, 2008
      chemelee baree sohnee mehndee lagandee see

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      May 30, 2008
      Quote Originally Posted by chameli_ki_saheli View Post
      chemelee baree sohnee mehndee lagandee see
      r u a jab we met fan..?

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