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      Jul 18, 2005
      I've just found out that the above shop based in Alam Rock, Birmingham is the UK outlet of Khan Variety in Pindi. Has anyone had any expereince in ordering the Birmingham outlet?

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      Aug 2, 2004
      my mum gets most of our stuff from Khan variety in Pindi and she said that one of the guys said that the stuff they send to the birmingham branch is no wear the same quality as the stuff they sell in Pakistan,. I've been past it a couple of times but i havent ventured in, to be honest i didnt really like the stuff in the window, it was quite garish.

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      Jul 18, 2005
      Thanks brummiebird, that's interesting to know. I was thining of paying Rivaaj a visit but I'll twice about it now. I guess in Pak, you can get better quality and cheaper prices....

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      Aug 22, 2008
      The shop on alum rock road is owned by khan variety of pakistan,so it would be stupid of them to provide clothes of a bad quality.Revaaj by Khan Variety provides exactly the same product and quality as pakistan.you are only questioning the shop as it is pakistani owned but if we were a bristish owned shop it wouldnt concren you.
      brummie bird your mum shops from there and if she came into the alum rock shop she would find exactly the same stock here,also you shouldnt judge a book by its cover,as you may not like the stock in the window but mite find some thing inside that you like.

      p.s i know this as i run the alum rock shop.

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      Aug 2, 2004
      wooooooow hang on, all i was doing was offering an opinion and there really isnt any need to get narky about things. I was only repeating what was said to my mother in pakistan. We have always shopped at Khan variety and we've been their customers for over 10 years now, they produced all of my wedding clothes and subsequent clothes for both of my bhabis and there work in pakistan is gorgeous.

      Please do not put words in my mouth, i was NOT commenting on the fact that the clothes are from Pakistan or that the shop is owned by Pakistanies , in fact stuff from Pakistan is pretty amazing.
      To be honest i'd stop taking things so personally and unfortunately not all the stuff in a shop is going to appeal to everybody. I personally didnt like the suit in the window on the day that i went past but there probably were clothes inside that i might have liked,

      It might be an idea to post some of the outfits available in the shop to enable fellow guppuns to make up their own minds.

      good luck with the business

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