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      Aug 11, 2006
      At Noori's do they have bridal wear?

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      Dec 24, 2006
      My aunt recently started her own business and she is doing quite well. She owns a beautiful boutique in the Forum Mall in Clifton, Karachi. Her name is Nudrat I think her boutique is called Designs by Nudrat, not too sure.

      Her clothes are sure to blow you away, I'm not saying that just because she's my aunt, they truly are beautiful dresses. I will try and scan her brochure and post it on here. I can't post URL's because this forum has some rule about posting 25 posts before you can post URLs...weird. anyways if you really want, i could send you pictures of some of her dresses. my email address is sunkiss55@gmail.com hope you find the right dress though, but if it's worth anything everyone and their mother knows that the BEST shaadi jorahs are made in lahore...if you can you should DEFINITELY try and make a trip there.
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      Aug 15, 2006
      okplease show me now

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      Jan 1, 2008
      Karanchi.. city of lights ;)
      Hello everyone.. Am new here.. i have searched this forum alot.. i came across lots of bridal pics.. n yes there is one topic in which a girl has talked abt shops n markets of lahore.. price range n everything.

      i've started this topic to talk abt shops in karachi.. markets as well.. the price range.. etc..

      plz give me names of good shops in karachi and price range as well..

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      Mar 3, 2006
      Yes if someone could do that it would be sooo helpful!

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      Apr 4, 2007
      Ummm... ok I know a little; when I get more info I will post here InshAllah (if i remember )

      - For the BEST shoes in karachi; hands down, Zamzama is the place to go. Prices start from Rs. 750-850, and onwards.

      -EBH sometimes has nice stuff but I find it too paindoo, aur waise bhi... everything in EBH and every other shoe shop has ilke 3 inches of heels, and the largest size u get is like a 7/8.

      - Gulf is good for shoes as well I guess... I bought a chappal from there; the kind u wear to someone's house costed me Rs150!!! and that was about 1.5 years back

      - For good Karha'i/ kaam; Paapoush is a good place, also there is this place called KDA market near Gulshan! This place has the most amazing kaam! Handmade bead work, for example for really "naazuk" kaam on the gulla, aasteen and daamun costed about Rs. 900 around a year back. I am serious girls; this place has some really prettey stuff.

      - For ready-made clothing; Tariq Road (hands down). I HATE HYDERI!!!!
      We bought some really nice stuff from the shops there... material turned out to good (flowy type), zabardast bead work on the gulla, and aasteen. The best part is that most of these shops would alter the suit for you within 24 hours as long as u take a size with you! It was quoted from Rs 2300 but my bargaining helped me get it for Rs 15/1600 :YES!:

      - Capital Market in Sadar has gorgeous stuff... the kind of collection a bride needs for all those dawats post marriage! You can get jaw-dropping shalwar kamiz for any range... but about 4 years back; my cousin bought some for Rs 12000.

      - Rabi centre of Tariq Road also has some of the stuff that would go well in jeheiz! however, most of these are unstitched (which i guess is a good thing). Bought stuff that was Rs3800, but bought it for R2 2500

      ok, thats all i can think of right now... ab aur loug share kareiN... mujhe bhi advise chahye hai

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      Sep 26, 2006
      Seems like hell to me
      My aunt got her designed by manish malhotra about a few years back and she paid like 3-4 lakh for just one shaadi ka dress :S

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      Nov 16, 2003
      There's a boutique in Defense called Barka (run by Shahina auntie) -- spelling may be wrong. But all my jahez was made from there and some of my bari. Very nice pretty kaam and stitching, etc.

      My wedding clothes were made by a Safia auntie. Not sure what her boutique is called.

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      Apr 4, 2007
      ^ Sahar; if u dont mind my asking; how much does a nicely worked shalwar kamiz cost from Barka?

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      Jan 9, 2007
      Toronto, Canada
      yeah my mom has gotten stuff from barkha before and its really pretty... lucky girl, sahar!

      From: http://niralimagazine.com/2007/06/sh...ental-style/4/

      Markets and Shopping Areas

      Ashiana, Clifton
      This market—a bridal favorite—offers a gorgeous selection of fabrics for tailoring.

      Empress Market, Saddar
      Karachi’s central business district is full of fabric, kaam and tailor shops.

      Kahkashan Market, Clifton
      This is the place to go for any kind of kaam you can imagine. Bring a close-up picture from a magazine, and the artisans here will replicate it. An economical way to get beautiful bridal clothes without the designer markup. But take a local—dealing with the shopkeepers isn’t always easy.

      The Forum Mall, Clifton
      A modern mall in upscale Clifton area of the city with a wide variety of shops including jewelry, handicrafts, clothing and shoes. You’ll find reasonably-priced bangles, costume jewelry and the like.

      Gulf Towers, Clifton
      One-stop shopping for reasonably-priced bangles, dupattas, parandas and other mish-mash.

      Park Towers Shopping Mall, Clifton
      Karachi’s premier shopping mall with up-market boutiques and jewelry stores.

      Tariq Road
      Another popular shopping in area in Karachi, you’ll find several shopping centers including Dolmen Centre, Dolmen Mall, Shalimar Centre, Rabi Centre, Dubai Mall, Tariq Centre. Some stores carry ready-made ensembles, but you’ll find kaam karigars and tailors, also.

      Bridal Wear
      This gigantic store offers bridal and party wear that “borrows” from top designers. Order from anywhere in the world.
      28-C, 5th Commercial Street, Khayaban-e-Badadr, Phase V, Defence, Karachi, 75500, Pakistan
      9221 534 1401, 02, 03 & 04

      Body Focus Museum
      What started as a casualwear line as involved into a boutique with denim casuals; pret a porter cottons; Knitwear; Hand block printed pure silks; Classic evening and occasional bridal wear
      38-C-6 Off Main Shahrae-Faisal Karachi 75400 Pakistan
      Tel: (92-21)452-5631 FAX: (92-21)4529870

      The Designers
      This outlet carries bridal and partywear from high-end designers such as HSY, Karma and others. If you’re in Karachi and want access to Lahore’s designers, this is the place. Perfect also for those in a rush—you’ll find ready-made ensembles, as well.

      Main Zamzama Blvd.
      DHA, Karachi
      92 21 586 1915, 92 21 537 0126

      Hilal Silk Palace
      The most beautiful fabrics you can find–but they come at a price.

      Zaibunissa Street, Saddar

      Jabeen’s House of Wedding
      Mid-market bridal wear.
      Shop #1,Sasi Centre,Tariq RoadP.E.C.H.S

      Men’s Wear

      MM Alam Road is the home of many designers, including for all menswear.
      Amir Adnan
      Designer synonymous with men’s wedding fashion. He is widely credited for re-introducing the sherwani into modern fashion. Famous clients include both Indian and Pakistani heads of state.
      Shop A-12, Park Towers Mall, Clifton
      Tel: 9221 5832661
      Shop G-100, Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road
      Tel: 9221 4381613
      Shop 14, Plot 14-D, Sky Garden Apartments
      Tipu Sultan Road, KDA
      Tel: 9221 4313056
      Shop 2, 14-C, Zamzama Lane 5
      Defense Phase-V
      Tel: 9221 5861875
      Shop 313, Block-Z, Commercial Area
      Defense Housing Authority
      Tel: 9242 5896441-42

      Deepak Perwani
      Men’s and women’s designer best known for stylish groomswear.
      Shop 0-1, 16-C, Zamzama Commercial Lane #4
      DHA, Karachi
      92 21 587 7371
      Gr 8a, Ground Floor
      Park Towers
      Clifton, Karachi
      92 21 582 4625

      Junaid Jamshed
      Former Vital Signs singer’s boutique known for men’s wear.
      16C, 2nd Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase V, Defence
      Ph: 5834904

      Fine Jewelry

      Formerly known as Sayegh and Co., these high-end jewelers carry the work of numerous talented designers. Feeling extra wealthy? Check out their “Nur” collection—each piece is completely unique and will never be replicated.
      Shop # 64 & 65
      Regent Plaza Hotel
      92 21 5670752
      92 21 5670763

      Meena Jewellers
      Reliable jewelers in Saddar.
      Parr Zaibunnisa Street, Saddar
      Ph: 522305

      Chhotani Jewellers
      One of Karachi’s oldest and most famous jewelers. They specialize in oriental gold ornaments, made to order.
      Zaib-Un-Nisa Street, Saddar, Karachi 74400.
      9221- 514-775, 567-1021

      Crescent Jewellers
      Very expensive but beautiful selection. Find everything you can imagine, from gaudy to elegant.
      31/34, Bliss Shopping Centre, Zaibunnisa Street,Saddar
      Ph: 522785, 527750

      Karat Jewellers
      They will copy anything you show them to a tee. They carry a line of traditional, ethnic, contemporary jewelry.
      Karachi Marriott
      92 21 111 22 33 44
      92 21 568 0111

      Private Collection
      Exclusive, beautiful diamond jewelry imported from Italy.
      Karachi Marriott
      568 0175

      Bangles, Bindis, Henna and Other Miscellaneous Wedding Goods

      Bori Bazar
      Cave-like shops are stacked to their ceilings with excellent pieces of embroidery, hand prints and other goods.

      Uzma Market
      An alternative to Bori if you don’t want to venture to the center of the city.
      DHA, Clifton

      Also see this thread for a listing of designers and their info -- http://www.paklinks.com/gs/showthread.php?t=270617 (karachi designers - contact info)
      Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.
      - Nehru

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      Quote Originally Posted by Sahar02 View Post
      There's a boutique in Defense called Barka (run by Shahina auntie) -- spelling may be wrong. But all my jahez was made from there and some of my bari. Very nice pretty kaam and stitching, etc.

      My wedding clothes were made by a Safia auntie. Not sure what her boutique is called.

      Safia auntie..in Lahore?? her boutique is called Kundan..

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      Aug 15, 2006
      you can also try going to the Designers on main zamzama blvd. in clifton

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      senorita miembro

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      Jul 6, 2004
      I've heard the ready made stuff u get in lahore is alot more expensive in karachi. no doubt pretty things r made in karachi but i've only seen eh stuff.
      The grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.

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      Quote Originally Posted by chanda_kh View Post
      Safia auntie..in Lahore?? her boutique is called Kundan..

      Pinks -- honestly, I don't know. But I'll check and find out.

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      Apr 4, 2007
      ^ JAK in advance

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      Nov 16, 2003
      I haven't found the prices, but here's the contact info for Barkha
      Shahina Zubairi
      3-C, Sunset Commercial Street #01,
      Phase-IV, D.H.A, Karachi.
      (# 5885743 Cell# 0300-8245912

      Found here:
      or: http://bizpromobureau.com/Fashion%20Boutiques.pdf

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      Aug 3, 2006
      i always shop at tariq road, gulf, shamama ore ........i once went to zamzama and i didnt liked it .....i will say if u want cheap chappaζs and stuff go to gulf....and like nafees sandals its tariq road i bought some nice sandals with big nags and motis at metro once.....i juustt loov shopping in karachii

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      magic lamp
      this thread is now the ultimate guide to shopping in karachi :AID:
      ~ amoureux ~

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